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June 21, 2010 - Jan 8, 2012



Light Source P'taah  January 8, 2012

Who you are is worthy of all things, else you would not be here.  All abundance, all love, all joy.  You are worthy of it all because who you are, indeed, is a glorious facet of Creation.  


Light Source P'taah  January 1, 2012

So it is that you may unfold into your own knowing. You do not have to go to one more seminar, listen to one more talk, read another word. You do not have to struggle any more. You may simply relax into who you are and allow the unfoldment.  


Light Source P'taah December 25, 2011

You may say that whatever it is that you resist, persists.  And if you do not align it, it persists and persists and persists.  Well that is all right, but it becomes very boring indeed, does it not?


Light Source P'taah December 18, 2011

But you see, there is nothing about you that you can get rid of. The energy that you expend to ‘get rid of’ something actually draws it to you. That is what occurs when you are afraid of something. There is so much energy expended in the fear that the universe says, “Oh, good…this is lots of energy here…we’ll push some more this way.”  You see how it works?  


Light Source P'taah December 11, 2011

Now is the time to wake up, humanity! Within each and every one of you, whether you admit it or not, there is an intense yearning of the heart to be whole. Many of you feel that you do not belong here. You do not fit in. You have had enough of the pain, and not knowing what to do about it, you have rushed off to do release work, to push it away, push it down, push it up, anything to get rid of it all, hmm?!


Light Source P'taah December 4, 2011

You have been taught not to use your imagination, not to trust your feelings.  You have been taught that life was not meant to be easy. It is a grand struggle and you must work very hard to be successful.  But you see, the bottom line is that you are successful.  You are Gods and Goddesses playing this great game called ‘Human Life Now’!  So, Grand Masters, I salute you indeed! 


Light Source P'taah November 27, 2011

It is pretty funny, you know. Here you all are, racing to try and get where you already are when all you have to do is relax into it, to allow it.  Take your head off, hmm?  Take off your head and put it somewhere else.  Your logical mind, which is wonderful, indeed, is to be your servant. You are not to be its slave.


Light Source P'taah November 20, 2011

Who you are is awesome! You are grand and beautiful multidimensional spiritual beings who have created yourselves for the experience of this dimension of reality. And you have forgotten. Well, that is all right. It is all part of the game, the forgetting. Even the pain, even what you consider to be 'death', it is all part of the grand game, just so that you know that you are God.


Light Source P'taah November 13, 2011

Well you know, now is that time of the changing.  Why is it, do you think, that you have birthed yourself here and now?  This is a most wondrous time, hmm?  A time of an end to one great cycle and the beginning of a new one.  And so you have birthed yourself here to become the watchers and the keepers, to assist the earth, and most of all, to assist yourselves to know who you are."


Light Source P'taah November 6, 2011 

You know, you are all so terrified of feeling that you will go to any lengths and create such wonderful diversions so you do not have to feel.  And you are so clever at it, I am in awe! Well, you see, what creates your universe is your thoughts, your imagination embraced and empowered by emotion.  So is it any surprise that you become diseased of the body with all of this pain from eons of time locked in?


Light Source P'taah October 30, 2011                       

So that is called the grand and wondrous transmutation of agony to ecstasy. And you know, beloved peoples, that is the bottom line for everything. Everybody is so busy scrambling, hustling and bustling to find enlightenment, to be ‘Ascended Masters,’ and you are looking for it all ‘out there’. Well, you know there is nothing 'out there', nothing. It is all in here. That is what you will discover.


Light Source P'taah October 23, 2011 

That you are a reflection of divinity is the most powerful universal truth. There is another catch. You cannot do it. You can simply allow it to occur. You cannot DO it. And thusly it is that you understand that you truly are a human BEING and not the human DOING which you are all of the time that you are awake!


Light Source P'taah October 16, 2011

Once you can align the judgment, then beloved peoples, it is to say that even the judgment that created the pain is part of creation.  It is also part of God, else it would not exist.  And in this fashion, all is aligned and the judgment, you may say, dissolves in on itself, merged with the energy. 


Light Source P'taah October 9, 2011 

You know the passion, the intensity of the feeling, is so powerful that when the judgment is aligned, it is simply energy without a label. But the power of it will shoot it through your heart and through your crown and in that instant, you will know ecstasy.  You will know oneness.  You will know non-separation.  You will know, indeed, that who you are is a reflection of Divinity.


Light Source P'taah October 2, 2011

You created the situation, absolutely, that you may know you are god.  You created it to align it, to transmute it. So it is then, and this is the difficult bit, to bless the peoples who have co-created the situation with you.  To give thanks. To bless the situation itself.  

So how do you align the judgment? Well, first, when you take responsibility that you have created it, know why you have created it.  


Light Source P'taah September 25, 2011

Now let us understand about the pain.  Pain is created by judgment. Judgment puts a lock on the energy.  It cannot move.  As we have said before, you feel it as a physical feeling within the belly.  You may imagine that the pain is like a claw holding the energy in your belly.


Light Source P'taah September 18, 2011

Emotion, as we have said, is simply energy. When you are full of laughter and joy, that energy moves through the body.  And when you are feeling love for that which is a child or your mate, the birds and flowers, etc., when you are feeling intense and passionate love, indeed, that energy has a free flow because there is no judgment there.


Light Source P'taah September 11, 2011

So, how do you do this miracle called transmutation? 

Well, the first step in this magical procedure is to take responsibility.  ‘I did it!’  It is not so difficult when you get used to saying it.  ‘I did it!  I created it absolutely.’

That’s the easy bit, hmm?


Light Source P'taah September 4, 2011

So you create your reality absolutely.  It is your responsibility.  Well, you know, even when something you judge to be terrible occurs and you say, “Well, I sure as hell did not create this,”  but the truth is, you did.  It is called a co-creation, indeed.  And a grand one.


Light Source P'taah August 28, 2011

We have said that your belief structures create your universe, and so they do.  You create your universe absolutely.  You create your own reality moment by moment, even your physical body.  You create it, hold it together, recreate it microsecond by microsecond.  It is not really as solid as you would believe, even those glorious cells called ‘fat’!  Not solid.


Light Source P'taah August 21, 2011

You know, the truth is that it is all right if you die. Everybody is so terrified of dying. Well, indeed, death is only the beginning of a new adventure. However would it not be very nice to begin that new adventure knowing that you are gods and goddesses?


Light Source P'taah August 14, 2011

The jewel is you because every one of you is a unique, splendid facet of the jewel of creation. 

So if you do not learn a lesson, so it is that you will recreate and recreate and recreate situations which will ignite exactly the same feeling until you get it. 

And if you do not get it, you will die. 


Light Source P'taah August 7, 2011

The reason you have come here in this life, in this timing, is so that you may understand that you are God/Goddess/All-That-Is.  Is that not simple?

You have come here to know that you are God. So if every experience that you draw to you is not an experience of love and of joy, there is a judgment in there and you have drawn that experience so you may discover the jewel within it.  And the jewel is you.  


Light Source P'taah July 31, 2011

It would be a wondrous thing for each of you to examine the belief structures that you hold. Look at your life and see where it is that you are holding on to beliefs that reinforce the pain. Pain is completely unnecessary.  Pain is judgment.

Within your structure of beliefs, you think you understand judgment, but we will tell you this.  Everything outside of you is a mirror to show you who you think you are.


Light Source P'taah July 24, 2011

Pain is cumulative. Year after year after year, you store up pain. And what occurs is that you die. You may say that every death, or almost every death, is a suicide because you do not die of physical ailment in truth. What you die of is a broken heart. 

Your body, your physical body, was in fact designed to last thousands of years. It does not wear out. It breaks down because of the emotional body.


Light Source P'taah July 17, 2011

Pain is a judgment of the energy, of the feeling. When you are birthed and you come into these belief structures, it creates a blockage in the emotional body.  And so what occurs is that the pain, the pain that you first understood as a babe, accumulates. Just because you forget a situation that was most painful for you, the emotional body does not forget.  And in a way neither does the physical body.


Light Source P'taah July 10, 2011

The emotional body…  That which is your physical body is a mirror of your emotional body.  When the physical body is not functioning very well, then you may look at what is happening with the emotional body. There is nothing, no diseasement of the body, which does not originate as a diseasement of the emotional body.  


Light Source P'taah July 3, 2011

We say that the powerhouse is emotion and emotion is energy. You are in truth a body of energy.  Your cellular structure is energy and your spiritual structure is energy.  

So if you have this boundless, limitless energy at your disposal, it would behoove you well to understand how it works, eh? Else it would be like giving a babe a motorcar and expecting it to drive. 

Well, most of you are not driving very well!


Light Source P'taah June 26, 2011

What the universe understands, beloved peoples, is your heart, not your mind.  And where it is that the mind, the thoughts, are empowered by emotion, then indeed it is a powerful tool.  

Thought and imagination, powered by the emotion of passion, is a power greater than anything you can name on your planet, including what is called atomic bomb.  That is how powerful you are.  


Light Source P'taah June 19, 2011

So if you are living in fear, if you are living without abundance, and you feel you are truly not worthy of all wondrousness of the universe, then that is exactly what you bring forth in your life.  

It is all very well to do your affirmations. To say, “I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am abundant,” etc., etc. But unless you truly know that you are, what you are doing is sending out mixed signals into the multiverses.


Light Source P'taah June 12, 2011

What many of you do not truly understand is that as you think your thoughts, they do not stay in your head.  They are like radio waves broadcast into the universe, and the universe, or Creation, does not judge good or bad.  For the universe, everything simply Is.  So when you are putting out your thoughts, the universe says, “Oh, that is very good.  That is where the energy is going.  We will give you more of that!” 


Light Source P'taah June 5, 2011

While the old thought patterns have been carried with you from childhood, many of you have been playing with new concepts. You are proving to yourself that it does not have to be the way that you thought it had to be.  However one of the beliefs you all really seem to be stuck on is the one about unworthy.  You do not really deserve anything very much. And you know, as you believe that you do not deserve, so it is. 


Light Source P'taah May 29, 2011

Think of all the things you think about money.  It’s never there when you want it. You have to work very hard for it. It does not grow on trees. 

Another good one says that you cannot be spiritual if you have money. Spiritual people are not concerned with money!

Do you see how these beliefs can drive your life?  


Light Source P'taah May 22, 2011

You have beliefs about money.  For many of you, money is a very illusive entity.  And you know, you may say that in truth the money is an entity because you have created it thusly.  


Light Source P'taah May 15, 2011

One of the major beliefs that you all carry is that you are not worthy.  And you know that is one of the major power ploys of what is called your religion -- that who you are from the moment of your birthing is guilty and sinful.  Well, you know, as you believe it, so it is that you draw to you circumstances to reinforce that belief.


Light Source P'taah May 1, 2011

Your beliefs are so much part of the fabric of who you are that you do not even understand them to be beliefs about reality.  But if you are going along in your day-to-day life and suddenly the wheels fall off, ask yourself, “What is it that I believe about this situation?  What do I believe about myself?” 

And if you would write them all down,  positive and negative, you will be very amazed at some of the funny beliefs that you carry.


Light Source P'taah April 24, 2011

So you tap into the collective consciousness of your gender.  You also tap into the collective consciousness of your family, your society, your race, your religion, of your country and ultimately the surrounding resonance is that called humanity on your planet. 

This is how it is that many of you, most of you, all of you – we would not want to be selective here – are carrying with you beliefs which no longer serve you.


Light Source P'taah April 17, 2011

Let us speak about your belief structures, that which is called the nitty gritty of your reality.  Well, your belief structures, you know, do not have anything much to do with reality. 

As you birth yourself into this life, automatically you tap into the morphogenetic resonance or collective consciousness about you.  You tap into the collect consciousness of your gender and all the memories of every man and or every woman who has ever been birthed. 


Light Source P'taah April 10, 2011

Your dream is the dream of your species for the last 50,000 years. You are it. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? But you know what? It is all a story! Because all you have is right now and how does it feel? And in this Now you have a choice -- love or fear. That is it, love or fear, which you may translate to be abundance or lack!  Simple. Oh, sometimes not so easy but very simple. 


Light Source P'taah April 3, 2011

You can only recognize your own truth, beloved ones. You know that you are powerful Gods and Goddesses. You know that you can change the reality. And you absolutely know that love is the truth of you and that in the embracement of the fear, you transcend the polarities to become all that you could possibly dream of being. 


Light Source P'taah March 27, 2011

No matter what victims you are or how you have grown up to believe that you have been victims of something, anything, the truth is your Goddess/God-self, the knowing of the sovereignty and the power, is not lost to you. That is why when we speak forth to you, you say, “Yes, this is my truth. I know this,” no matter how far what we say to you might have been from your upbringing.


Light Source P'taah March 20, 2011

In all of it, you really are the Gods and Goddesses. Deep within you, no matter how hidden it is, is the absolute knowing that you create it all and that you can change it. No matter what victims you are or how you have grown up to believe that you have been victims of anything, the truth is your Goddess/God-self, the knowing of your sovereignty and power, is not lost to you, is never lost to you.


Light Source P'taah March 13, 2011

You know, when you birth yourselves, you choose your family, your race, your country, your socio-economic situation and you form a kind of master game plan. Those are the major possibilities that may occur, including parents dying, the separation of divorce or other catastrophes. So all of it is a co-creation and you are a victim of nothing. 


Light Source P'taah March 6, 2011

All of the wisdom and all of the knowing is contained within you and the power to change the consciousness of humanity rests with you. Not because the world needs saving or humanity needs saving because you are gods.  But simply as you come to love the more of who you are, all of who you are, everything about you, so indeed you are a flame igniting the consciousness of all of the worlds, all of the Earths. You are separate from nothing and no one. That is how powerful you are.


Light Source P'taah February 27, 2011

There is nothing outside of you, even that which be I.  

You have created that which be I. You have drawn us forth to remind you of your greatest truth and to remind you that we are one, that that which be I and that which be you are not separate. 


Light Source P'taah February 20, 2011

The baby boy or girl that lives within you runs your life. He or she is terrified that you are not worthy, knows that you are powerless, knows that love equals pain and truly knows that the world that you exist in is a hostile, very dangerous place. (Pauses)  This beloved babe who has forgotten the truth of you is the key to your transformation. 


Light Source P'taah February 13, 2011

Everything in your life is only about learning to absolutely love that little facet of you, that tiny portion of you --  that baby you who has forgotten that you truly are a perfect, eternal expression of Source. 


Light Source P'taah February 6, 2011

What about all this business of enlightenment? You are already enlightened beings. The way that you create transformation in your own life is by embracing the fear and loving who you are absolutely. There isn’t anything else!  It is certainly not an intellectual exercise. All of it, all of it, is only about love.  


Light Source P'taah January 30, 2011

The grander story is yes, indeed you have created yourself in this time frame to take part in the most extraordinary transformation in the consciousness of humanity. You are indeed in what the old prophecies call the ‘End Time’.  

But, my beloved ones, you do not have 'a future'. You only have Now. And how you are and what you are and what you feel right now is what you will create your future, your tomorrows, with. 

This is it.


Light Source P'taah January 23, 2011

All this is supposed to be good fun, you know. It is not about being good. It is about being the truth of you. It is not about trying to be spiritual, because there is nothing about you which is not spiritual. It is not about some pie in the sky. It is about your life now. And it is not about any stories of anything outside of you. 


Light Source P'taah January 16, 2011

The more you are in your power, the more powerful you are. The more you put stuff outside of you, the less powerful you are. 

You create it all absolutely. You deserve it all absolutely. And your life, every part of your life, shows you who you think you are.  Can you see that? Your life shows you who you think you are! That is how you know what needs attention. 


Light Source P'taah January 9, 2011

How often do you who are involved in this new way of thinking say, “Oh look what I have created in my life. I have just run into somebody’s car. How could I do that? I have created it because blah, blah, blah.” 

And then you do something, you create something, absolutely wondrous and you say, “Oh, was that not really good luck!” Good luck? Goddesses and gods do not have luck. They create it all! 


Light Source P'taah January 2, 2011

Mind your verbiage. How many times a day do you say ‘but’ which is just another word for ‘no’, hmm?  "But I…"

How many times a day do you say words without thinking of what they really mean that reinforce the idea of lack? It is quite extraordinary if you would take note of it. If somebody says to you, “How are you today?” what do you say? “Not bad,” hmm?  

Do you see how you do it so very often? How you feel that you should not tell the world that you are really wondrous and successful and abundant.  You feel guilty if you have anything that somebody else does not. 


Light Source P'taah December 26, 2010

Where you have ideas and beliefs that restrict you, look at the old beliefs that you have carried with you all of your life. Once you have identified them, then indeed, when you catch yourself in the old pattern, you may simply stop and deal with the fear that this lack evokes. 

Because much of the lack you experience, whether it is about money or joy or of ease and flow, even when you are saying your ‘thank yous’ or doing your visualizations or whatever else it is that you do, really has to do with your old limited beliefs.

These beliefs have no part in the life of sovereign beings. These are learned things. These are things that you have brought with you as you have grown.

Does this make sense?


Light Source P'taah December 19, 2010

How many of you would like to experience more love in your life?  How about more health and vitality? What about more abundance of money and joy? 

Well then, think about this. There are none of you who have never experienced any of that, so you all know what it feels like to have love and joy and fun and adventure and riches, money. 

The way that you begin to open yourselves to create more abundance in your life is to really focus and be in the feeling of abundance. That means that the more you are being abundant, the more you will draw to you the vibratory frequency which matches the feeling that you have. Is this sensible? 

Being abundant means saying ‘thank you’ for what is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for everything wondrous in your life.  

Thank you for everything wondrous that you can even imagine because if you can imagine it, truly it is, even if you have not manifested it into your physical reality right now. Abundance is not something you go out to get! 


And it works, does it not?


Light Source P'taah December 12, 2010

You are so extraordinarily powerful, you know. 

If you ever doubt that power, just look at what you have created thus far! Even if you do not like it, it is very extraordinary, is it not? 

 If you take the judgment away from it, you can say this is a god in action, can you not, even if you do not like what you are creating. 

And if you do not like it, then we suggest it is time for change, to be in the focus of more abundance of everything. 


Light Source P'taah December 5, 2010

So you can only transform what you own, in the Now moment, whilst you are in the feeling of the fear.  And that fear, of course, is anything that does not feel like love.

You can only transform it by the absolute embracement. 

It is all a choice. You have a choice now how you will be. Even that which is the old patterning -- the addictions and the phobias -- you have created it and you may re-create it. 

(Softly) You may re-create it. 


Light Source P'taah November 21, 2010

And the fourth key is you can only transform by the absolute embracement of the feeling, of the fear, of the e-motion. Pushing it away and trying to overcome it does not work.  It just keeps coming back to haunt you, just when you think you got it right, hmm!

The embracement, the allowance, in a way the surrender to who you really are. 

It  is all right. (Speaking more softly) You are powerful gods and goddesses. You are eternal. You are not going to die when you feel something, although sometimes you are terrified that you will.  But you do not, do you?  


Light Source P'taah November 14, 2010

The third key is that you can only transform the fear whilst you are in the e-motion of it. 

Why? Because that is your power-source of your creations, the e-motion.  The intellect does not do it. 

Look at your life.  If you could have done it just by changing your mind, your life would be different! Think of the last time you really got angry and lost your temper! All of that intellectual knowing about masterhood flew straight out the window! Once the e-motions got in there, the intellect was a lost cause.  Well, that is perfectly as it should be, of course. 

So, the e-motion -- in your belly, in your solar plexus -- that is the power-source of your creations. 


Light Source P'taah November 7, 2010

The second key is that you can only transform in the Now moment.  

This Now is your absolute point of sovereignty. You are sovereign beings. You have created your life, everything. You have created it all and within the master game plan, you have absolute free choice.  



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