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Light Source P'taah, May 1, 2016
You know, any physical diseasement is manifested in physicality from that which be emotional dis-easement. It would behoove you well to look at the areas of your life that show forth un-embracement, that is areas of your life that are controlled by fear. Areas that have been affected by pain, and we are speaking of emotional pain here because there is nothing brought forth in your physicality that is not simply a result of emotional trauma and fear and the judgment which has not been resolved.
Light Source P'taah, April 24, 2016
We would say to you, beloved ones, do what makes your heart sing. For as long as you are enchained in fear of stepping forth, for as long as you make your choices based on fear, then indeed you will not bring forth the joy and play and excitement in your life. Step forth grandly and do what makes your heart sing because when you are in that excitement, when you are in the joy of doing what makes your heart sing, then indeed you are totally focused in the Now. Whilst you are in that excitement, you are being all that you can be in that Now. When you are being all that you can be, all of the energetic channels are open to allow you to access the more of who you are so that you find in your day-to-day lives that your choice points come from that which is of joy, of fulfillment to bring more wondrousness into your life.
Light Source P'taah, April 17, 2016
How often is it that you speak forth, “Oh look what I have created in my life--I have just run into somebody’s car! How could I do that? I have created it because blah, blah, blah.” And then you create something absolutely wondrous, and you say, “Oh, was that not really good luck!” Good luck? Goddesses and gods do not have luck. They create it all! The more you are in your power, the more powerful you are! The more you put stuff outside of you, the less powerful you are. You create it all absolutely. You deserve it all absolutely. And your life, every part of your life, shows you who you think you are!  Can you see that? Your life shows you who you think you are! That is how you know what needs attention. 
Light Source P'taah, April 10, 2016
And mind your verbiage. How many times a day do you say ‘but’ which is just another word for ‘no’, hmm?  How many times a day do you say words without thinking of what they really mean that reinforce the idea of lack? It is quite extraordinary if you would take note of it. If somebody says to you, “How are you today?” what do you say? “Not bad,” hmm?  Do you see how you do it so very often? How you feel that you should not tell the world that you are really wondrous and successful and abundant.  You feel guilty if you have anything that somebody else does not.
Light Source P'taah, April 3, 2016
Where you have ideas and beliefs that restrict you, you know those old patterns, look at the old beliefs that you have carried with you all of your life. Once you have identified them, then indeed, when you catch yourself in the old pattern you may simply stop and deal with the fear that this lack evokes. Because much of your lack, whether it is money or joy or of ease and flow, much of the lack you experience even when you are saying your ‘thank yous’ or doing your visualizations or whatever it is that you do, really have to do with your old limited beliefs that have no part in the life of sovereign beings. These are learned things. These are things that you have brought with you as you have grown.
Light Source P'taah, March 27, 2016
How many of you would like to experience more love in your life?  How about more health and vitality? What about more abundance of money and joy? Well then, think about this. There are none of you who have never experienced any of that, so you all know what it feels like …to have love and joy and fun and adventure and riches, money. The way that you begin to open yourselves to create more abundance in your life is to really focus and be in the feeling of abundance. That means that the more you are being abundant, the more you will draw to you the vibratory frequency which matches the feeling that you have. Is this sensible? By saying ‘thank you’ for what is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for everything wondrous in your life.  Thank you for everything wondrous that you can even imagine because if you can imagine it, truly it is, even if you have not manifested it into your physical reality right now. Abundance is not something you go out to get! And it works, does it not?
Light Source P'taah, March 20, 2016
You are so extraordinarily powerful, you know. If you ever doubt that power, just look at what you have created thus far! Even if you do not like it, it is very extraordinary, is it not? If you take the judgment away from it, you can say this is a God in action, can you not, even if you do not like what you are creating. And if you do not like it, then we suggest it is time for change, to be in the focus of more abundance of everything. 
Light Source P'taah, March 13, 2016
So you can only transform what you own in the Now moment whilst you are in the feeling of the fear. And that fear, of course, is anything that does not feel like love. You can only transform it by the absolute embracement. (Pauses) It is all a choice. You have a choice Now how you will be. Even that which is the old patterning, the addictions and the phobias, you have created it and you may re-create it. You may re-create it.  
Light Source Ptaah, March 6, 2016
And the fourth key is you can only transform by the absolute embracement of the fear of the e-motion. Pushing it away and trying to overcome it does not work.  It just keeps coming back to haunt you. The embracement, the allowance, in a way the surrender to who you really are, is the solution. (Speaking more softly) You are powerful gods and goddesses. You are eternal. You are not going to die when you feel something, although sometimes you are terrified that you will. But you do not, do you? 
Light Source P'taah, February 21, 2016
The third key is that you can only transform whilst you are in the e-motion of the fear. Why? Because that is your power-source of your creations, the e-motion. The intellect does not do it. Look at your life. If you could have done it just by changing your mind, your life would be different! Think of the last time you really got angry and lost your temper! All of that intellectual knowing about masterhood flew straight out the window, eh! Once the e-motions got in there, the intellect was a lost cause. Well, that is perfectly as it should be, of course. So, that e-motion, in your belly, in your solar plexus, that is the power-source of your creations. 
Light Source P'taah, February 1, 2016
The second key is that you can only transform in the Now moment. This Now is your absolute point of sovereignty. You are sovereign beings. You have created your life, everything. You have created it all and within the master game plan, you have absolute free choice. You can only choose Now how it will be for you. The past is done, the future you create out of the choices Now. In this choice Now, you will change past and future, hmm? 
Light Source P'taah, January 25, 2016
The first step, of course, is that you cannot transform what you do not own. If there is any facet of you, any thought, any idea, any action, any situation that you cannot not only say, “I created it,” but also acknowledge, “This is who I am,” you cannot change it. You can only transform what you can absolutely own. When you do not own, you cannot be in your power and are forever a victim, forever power-less. The first step to transformation is to say, “This is who I am and this is what I have created.” And in that knowing that indeed it is you who have created it, then if you do not like it, you may re-create it because you are the Gods and Goddesses playing this game.
Light Source P'taah, January 17, 2016
The fear.  How many times in this week have you made choices and decisions that were not made or based upon the fear? How many choices and decisions were made out of the spontaneous, joyous adventure of life? Not many, hmm?  Not many. Can you imagine for one moment how it would be to make every choice and decision based on joy? Exciting, eh? (Pauses) You cannot get rid of the fear; not ever can you get rid of it. You can transform it, but you cannot get rid of anything. So, in the next four weeks we will remind you again of the four keys of transformation.
Light Source P'taah, January 10, 2016
So you may say in the agenda for finding more fulfillment, the first thing is to learn more about loving who you are and how to love who you are and how to transform the fear that you live in which keeps you separate from the absolute knowing of love.  The knowing of love, not as an intellectual concept, but as a reality
Light Source P'taah, January 03, 2016
Nothing is outside of you. You may create for yourselves wondrous reflections, beautiful people who love you very dearly. In fact, you may indeed create beautiful people who would die for you. But do you know something?  If you do not love and honor and respect who you are as a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation, you really cannot very well accept the unconditional love of somebody else. Is that not an interesting thought? 
Light Source P'taah, December 27, 2015
Loving yourself absolutely and unconditionally is what you would call quite a tall order for beings who have been brought up to believe that even loving who you are is a sin! (Pauses) To be accused of selfishness is a very dismal thing in your world, is it not? You are selfish! Well, beloved ones, if you are not selfish, who else is going to look after you? If you are not concerned with your own well-beingness, who else is going to live for you, going to die for you? Who else can show you the honor, the respect, the love that you require for your own fulfillment?
Light Source P'taah, December 20, 2015
The most difficult part of it all for you is when you realize that there truly is nothing outside of you but a story and that the being that is requiring the love is you. And if you want to get into Enlightenment, then indeed it is simply to say that Enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally. 
Light Source P'taah, December 13, 2015
So love is the truth of you. Every atom, every molecule, every cell of your body only exists in that resonance of love. Because of the fear that you live with in your consciousness, you very often feel separate from love. But that separation absolutely is an illusion because you could not exist without this glue, without this reality of love. So everything that occurs in your life, every situation, every person that you draw to you, everything, is just another opportunity to learn more about the truth of you which is love. There is nothing else. 
Light Source P'taah, December 6, 2015
What is this stuff, this love? Well, it is the glue that holds the universe together. Love, this life force, what is it? It is Goddess/God is what it is. Love is just another name for Goddess/God, All-That-Is, this glue, this creative force, without which there are no multi-verses and certainly no humanities.
Light Source P'taah, November 29, 2015
So you are on this journey of self-discovery. There is no destination because you do not end anywhere. You are eternal beings. The point of the journey is the journey. Does that make sense to you? The point of the journey is simply the journey. You are not going anywhere. What you are learning is simply that everything that you create is just another opportunity to know more about love! To know more about love because that is the truth of you! 
Light Source P'taah, November 22, 2015
The reason you do not remember all of these lifetimes is to maintain the integrity of this e-motional experience. All of it is happening Now. So this enlightenment that you are all chasing after, you are already Grand, Enlightened Masters. You already exist in every dimension of reality unto the Void of Creation itself, all of the pasts and all of the futures, hmm? All of it Now 
Light Source P'taah, November 15, 2015
And the other thing is that all of these lifetimes, all of your past lives and your future lives, are all occurring now! Of course this is sometimes quite a little much to get your mind around, and the truth is you do not need to understand how it works. But when you can accept that it really does work like that, that you are experiencing them all, all of these lifetimes, simultaneously, then indeed you really get a handle on the fact that you are eternal. You do not just get one shot at it
Light Source P'taah, November 8, 2015
How many of you are really looking at Enlightenment as a way to escape pain and fear? Bad luck. There is no escape. You cannot run away from pain and fear. It does not work. Is Enlightenment something you envisage for your future if you are really good and if you do the right thing? If you are much more spiritual than you are now? If that is your belief and you are working hard at being spiritual, remember that there is nothing about you which is not spiritual. There is nothing about you which is not perfect. There is nothing about you which is not wondrous, eternal beingness in your beingness as an Extension of the Mind of Creation.
Light Source P'taah, November 1, 2015
Well that is all right, you know, but it is not necessary! Lack is not necessary. You did not really come here with a contract to experience lack. You came here with a contract to have an e-motional experience so you might as well make it a jolly good one, with abundance of all wondrousness. Why not?  After all, you are the Gods and Goddesses playing this wondrous and most exciting game.
Light Source P'taah, October 25, 2015
So, if you want to know the areas of your life that require a little attention, just look at your life! There it is all laid out for you. When you can see in your life what you are creating, time after time it is the same old pattern of lack. And that is not just the money, but rather lack of love, lack of joy, lack of beauty and harmony, lack of play, lack of ease and flow, lack of excitement and adventure, hmm? How many of you find lack? Lack of a little bit of this or a little bit of that, eh? 
Light Source P'taah, October 18, 2015
Another very important law of the universe is that whatever you resist, persists absolutely. And whatever you focus upon, you draw to you, one way or another. So if you spend you life focusing on the negative aspects and on the lack and on the fear, then what you draw to you, because it is that feeling which is the Creative Force, is that you draw to you situations and peoples which match that vibrational frequency.
Light Source P'taah, October 4, 2015
Of course, if it is wondrous, then that is very fine because you simply go with the flow of that love and joy and laughter and play and excitement and passion. But if what comes forth is not love or joy, then what has been the modus operandi?  It is simply that you would try and overcome that fear or that bad feeling or to run away from it or to do anything but feel it. 
Light Source P'taah, September 27, 2015
By the emotional experience, you may understand that the emotion, the feelings about your life, are the most important thing about your life. How does it feel? That is how you create it, by the idea and the belief, and from the feelings that those ideas and beliefs evoke. That is very straightforward, hmm?  As you go about your day-to-days, in your dramas, in your extraordinary scenarios, it is very easy for you to get so caught up in the story that you do not deal with the feelings. Indeed nobody teaches you how to deal with the feelings. 
Light Source P'taah, September 20, 2015
When we say that you are really here for the emotional experience, you may understand that the emotion, the feelings about your life, are the most important thing about your life. How does it feel? That is how you create it, by the idea and the belief, and from the feelings that those ideas and beliefs evoke. That is very straightforward, hmm? 
Light Source P'taah, September 13, 2015
You are the central sun of your universe. There is nothing outside of you. There is nothing outside of you but a story that brings up a feeling.  The reason you birth yourself in this reality, in this time-frame, in this Now, in every now and every lifetime, in every situation, is simply for the emotional intensity of that life. You are not here to learn to be masters, unless you choose it. You are not here to change the world. You are not here to do anything except have an extraordinary emotional experience.  That you may indeed garner wisdom and that you may indeed be of support and nurturing and healing to your fellow men is all very wondrous. You are really here for the emotional experience. 
Light Source P'taah, September 6, 2015
You know, the power that you are, the power that you contain within you to transform not only your day-to-day life but also to transform your world is awesome. Of course, to affect this transformation, it is necessary to have as the foundation of your life the knowing of certain fundamental and universal laws. The first one is that you create it all. You create your own reality absolutely. You create your own reality from an idea, a belief, a thought, and from the emotion that that idea, belief and thought evokes.
Light Source P'taah, August 30, 2015
We remind you that if you can imagine something, it IS. And in your society particularly, imagination has taken a terrible beating and has been invalidated. Without your imagination, you would not have your world. That is how powerful you are. If you can imagine it, it IS. There is nothing which is not valid. Your thoughts do not live in your heads. They do not start or end there. Your memories do not live in your head. And you do not reside very much in your bodies. Just remember that your thoughts are powerful, powerful  waves of energy. They are universal—multi-versal indeed.
Light Source P'taah, August 23, 2015
So when you get into all of this New Age business of having to align your body to your light body and do this and do that, we say to you, well that is wondrous fun you know. And for those of you who have been very busy struggling with this for years, we say to you, how has it transformed your day-to-day life? It is all good fun but it does not bring you home. Loving who you are absolutely brings you home. Loving who you are absolutely does all the aligning that is necessary! Keep it simple. Go and play those games if you want but know, just know love is the only thing. There is nothing else. 
Light Source P'taah, August 16, 2015
We would say this to you, that which you would term ascension in a way is nothing more than your ability to manipulate matter including the matter of your physical embodiment. That means that you have more choice. That which you would term enlightenment is an inclusion of ascension because enlightenment or the step into that place of being termed fourth dimension indeed means that you do have that ability to manipulate matter including your own embodiment. It does not mean that you will not have an embodiment. And all of that is a simple result of loving who you are absolutely! There is nothing to do!
Light Source P'taah, August 9, 2015
We are often asked about Ascension, but you see that which you term to be fourth density and that which you term to be Enlightenment is not going to be the end of your physical experience! Many of you confuse Ascension. You don’t really know what it means when you say the word and it is also with Enlightenment. You have a concept of what it may be but we tell you in every way it is so far beyond your wildest imaginings that you are going to have a wondrous surprise.
Light Source P'taah, August 2, 2015
The truth is anything which is not of love is the fear of the baby girl or boy who lives within you who is afraid that she/he is not worthy. And whatever is negative in your life, the bottom line comes down to that fear. So as you can go about your day-to-days and when something brings forth a feeling which is not love then be still, go to that feeling. Allow the feeling to be and embrace that baby girl or boy. Love that baby one absolutely so it can grow into the Goddess/God Light and unfold to become the Goddess/God. Because that is your truth!  
Light Source P'taah, July 26, 2015
So every time you judge yourself or really whenever you judge someone or something outside of yourself negatively, it comes down to a judgment about you, about who you are. So when you can be in loving allowance of every facet of you which you judge to be negative, which you judge to be not enough, then you can change it all.
Light Source P'taah, July 19, 2015
You know, beloveds, you have no trouble allowing what is joyous and wonderful. We want you to allow that which you judge to be dreadful! You understand? When everything is going along smoothly or when you are in that place of joy, of happiness, of laughter, there is no negative judgment and so the energy, the emotion, flows through your embodiment and it creates a state of well-beingness. The moment something occurs that you judge to be bad, painful or fearful, your energy centers shut down and that emotion has nowhere to go. It is locked. Now when you live in a state of pain and fear, eventually your physical embodiment will store that energy and create diseasement and then you will die of it if it is not dealt with. It is not to deal with the physical but rather the emotional.
Light Source P'taah, July 12, 2015
You all want to go home, but what does ‘go home’ mean? What does it REALLY mean to be home? To be home is to be in that place of non-separation and it is not a place you go, it is a state of being. And it is about love and this is the start of loving who you are absolutely. There is no other way, my beloveds. It starts and finishes with you. And nobody out there can do it for you. I cannot do it for you. As much as I love you absolutely, I cannot do it nor would I desire to do it. It is YOUR wondrous experience. Do you understand?
Light Source P'taah, July 5 2015
We have been asked if the children are pained if their parents choose to separate. Well indeed, most probably. On the other hand they are also pained when they stay together unhappily. You see, you all come from dysfunctional families one way or another, mmm? So it is not to be on what is called a guilt trip about any of this stuff but to recognize it for what it is. All of you grow in fear and pain from the time of your birthing. You are birthed into pain which you cannot escape, but which you can transform. 
Light Source P'taah, June 28, 2015
But again we ask you to look at the larger picture of you. You are eternal beings. Death is an illusion. Every experience is valid. However, it is that you desire to have the most fulfilling and wondrous benign experience. And we say that when pain has created a situation where you all want to escape then that is not so wondrous. But the truth is you all want to escape one way or another. And you all have extraordinary ways of doing it. And indeed in this new religion called New Age many had grand ideas that the space brothers and sisters would come and carry you off as your earth explodes into nothingness. That you want to attain enlightenment to escape the pain of Now. That you want to be gone from this plane and its pain. We say to you, you cannot escape. (softly) You cannot escape. When you love ‘here’ absolutely and when you do not desire to escape, that is when you will create the change. Remember whatever you resist will persist absolutely. All right, beloved peoples?
Light Source P'taah, June 21, 2015
Now some of the chemicals that you humanities use are more destructive to your physical embodiment than others. We remind that many of your cultures have used chemical changement to consciousness for all of your history, as rights of passage, etcetera. As a learning tool, if you like, to rip apart the fabric of consciousness. However, we say to you that in general, it does not work as a lasting transformation but may give glimpses of other truths. And so it may be very consciousness-expanding in that fashion to say that that which you have considered reality may not be reality at all. That there is something else, that there are other ways of looking at things. It is just that some of these chemicals will do some damage. 
Light Source P'taah, June 14, 2015
Let us speak also of not only what is termed psychedelics but that which is chemical abuse. First it is to understand that the children are brought to this way of being from pain. It is an escape and it is not to judge that but to have compassion. All of you have what you judge to be different kinds of strengths and weakness. In the larger terms it is only another experience and it is not for you to judge how anybody would come to their own place of enlightenment, whether it be at the end of a needle or indeed at the bottom of a bottle or any other wondrous way of entertainment that you find. So first it is to say look at the pain.
Light Source P'taah, June 7, 2015
The building block of existence is love. Love is another name for God/Goddess, All That Is. What makes you ONE is the God/Goddessness of you and that God/Goddess energy of you is in every molecule of your world. It is not only that which be of nature because there is not anything which is not of nature really. There is not an atom or molecule or subatomic particle in your universe that is not who you ARE, and the children should be taught to love and honor and respect their beingness. Because, my beloved ones, when you love, honor and respect every facet of your own beingness how can it be any other way outside of you? 
Light Source P'taah, May 31, 2015
You see all of you have grown to be victims. That is how you have been taught. That is your society. Your whole society is based on victimhood. Look at your relationship with your government, mm? You are all victims of your government, etcetera. So the children, if they grow with these concepts of sovereignty and power and responsibility, then indeed they do not have so much to unlearn. And you all know what I mean here indeed, eh? And remind the children that everything they see is a reflection to them. Point out that which be the wondrousness of nature that they may know this indeed is a reflection, that they may be taught or reminded that they are not separate from anything or anybody.
Light Source P'taah, May 24, 2015
In your dealings with the children we remind you of that which is most basic. There are several precepts which are very strong in your society which do not benefit your children very well. One of those is competition. And really your society is founded upon that which is your perception of success and failure. In truth there is no such thing. It would be more beneficial for the children to grow with the concept of co-operation rather than competition, that the children be taught how powerful they are from the beginning so that they may take responsibility. 
Light Source P'taah, May 17, 2015
This day we will talk about the children of your time. Indeed it is most wondrous that the babes coming forth very often have a greater capability of knowing. What that really means is simply that the veil of forgetfulness has not quite been fully pulled down. And that is not always so but it is very often. You may find that the children indeed are the grandest teachers of all in your society if you will allow them to be so. 
Light Source P'taah, May 10, 2015
And so indeed use the love. It is the most wondrous medicine. But also we say to you, it is always, always to not be attached to an outcome. Because each of you is a grand sovereign being; each of you has your own choices; each of you has your own timing. And when you are attached to an outcome, you are living in your future. Does that make sense to you, my beloveds?  
Light Source P'taah, May 3, 2015
We say to you when the healer comes forth, what is effective is that from the God Light or Goddess Light of you, you send forth that energy termed love to touch the God/Goddess Light of somebody else, which is a reinforcement, a reminder for well-beingness. It is up to the other to use it or not. Do you understand? All you can do is to love absolutely and it is very effective. And when a patient is surrounded by love and surrounded by the idea of wellness, then indeed it is most beneficial.
Light Source P'taah, April 26, 2015
Now, there are many healing methodologies which you use which are more or less effective, depending on your beliefs about them. And we say that all of it is valid, although some of you would say this kind of medicine is good and this kind of medicine is bad; this kind of healer is all right and this one is not. The truth of it is, it does not matter what methodology you use really. That which is the greatest healer is love. And certainly you may give a kind of physical relief to people who are in pain.
Light Source P'taah, April 19, 2015
You know, my beloveds, all of you desire one way or another to be healers. And we say to you that each of you are grand and sovereign beings and each of you makes choices. And you make the choice in your life and bring forth that which be your physical diseasements from that which is emotional diseasement. Now the embodiment may be healed, but for permanent healing to take place, the emotional diseasement must be addressed or else it will manifest itself in some other fashion because the cause of it has not been transformed. You understand?
Light Source P'taah, April 12, 2015
The feelings, that is what it is all about. How does it FEEL? And every facet is valid. You have never made a wrong choice, never had a wrong thought, never made a wrong decision. Not ever in your whole life. You are grand spiritual entities playing this grand game called Life and whatever you choose, it is simply for the experience of it. No right or wrong. You are Gods and Goddesses. How can it be right or wrong? It simply is. Keep it simple my beloved ones. Keep it simple. All right? 
Light Source P'taah, April 5, 2015
You get caught up in the hurley-burley of your day-to-days and you forget your truths. You get caught up in the dramas. You are very, very happy to be distracted from your feelings because there is an innate fear within you that if you go to the feelings you will die of the pain of it! Well, the truth is, you will die if you do not go to the feelings.
Light Source P'taah, March 29, 2015
When something is fear-based, when someone says, “If you do not do it this way, you are going to miss the boat,” then you may say, “I honor your sovereign right to your truth but you see this is not my truth.” When you know that you are worthy of all wondrousness simply because you exist, then indeed you are very far along the road to knowing. If you were not worthy of it all you would not exist. Remind yourself of this daily, because you do forget. 
Light Source P'taah, March 22, 2015
You know what is truth. When you hear that which is truth, your whole being cries “Yes!” That is how you know truth. When somebody comes forth and tells you these grand things and the do’s and the don'ts and the shoulds and should nots, simply ask yourself how does it feel? And if it feels warm and if it feels expanded and if it feels limitless then you may say “Yes! That is my truth now.” Of course your truth may change tomorrow indeed. And it certainly will as you expand and as you grow and so indeed will your truth expand and grow.
Light Source P'taah, March 15, 2015
You will not know it all. You will never know it all, not even when you get to the eleventy-fourth dimension. But what you will know is your own perfection. And in the joy of that perfection, in that place of non-separate beingness, you will be in a constant state of expansion—more and more bliss, more and more joy, more and more play. Well my advice is, start now! Don’t wait! Don’t wait to be happy until all the bits are fixed or you are dooming yourselves to a very long, very, very unhappy life. Even though it may not really be long, it will feel long indeed!
Light Source P'taah, March 8, 2015
You are all perfect NOW, not when all the bits are fixed. There is nothing to fix. Your idea of perfection is some kind of finished article. Well, you see nothing is finished, not even God. And you are not finished and when you find yourselves in that place of grander transformation termed fourth density, many of you have an idea that then it will all be perfect. You will all be finished and there is nothing else that you must do. Well we say to you, there is not an end to your expansion. You are limitless beings - limitless. And you will not know it ALL when you come into your state of being termed fourth dimension. 
Light Source P'taah, March 1, 2015
Life was not meant to be heartache and pain. Life was not meant to be struggle. And you know you have such belief structures about all of this stuff, beliefs that you do not even know that you hold. You believe that you must struggle for anything to be worthwhile. You must work hard, that you are not seen to be worthy if you are not working and struggling. You see? What other creations do thusly? None that we have observed in your reality. Other creations know that they are indeed perfect eternal creations, that there is nothing to fix. 
Light Source P'taah, February 22, 2015
All of you say to us. ”P’taah, what is our mission in life? Why are we here?” We say to you, you have created yourselves here in this lifetime for the grandest mission of all, and that is to know who you truly are. To come to know the grand truth of you—that you are in every moment a Perfect Eternal Jewel in the Crown of Divinity. That is your truth and everything else is just a story. 
Light Source P'taah, February 15, 2015
You create your reality from the thought empowered by the e-motion, energy in motion. And it is in the emotion that you will create the change that you desire! That is physics--energy, energy, energy. That is what you are. You are a conglomeration of energy. What is your universe comprised of? Energy. All of your physical reality is coalesced energy. And by your energy you will change the world and more importantly, you will change your lives to have lives of love, of joy, of laughter, of play. That is why you are here! There are no ‘should’s.’ There is nothing that you are “‘supposed’ to be doing. 
Light Source P'taah, February 8, 2015
When you can look at the discordance, the violence, the sorrow, the pain; when you can look outside of you and whatever is not love and acknowledge that it is simply the product of somebody’s frightened baby girl or boy who does not know, it will change your world. But first it is to do it for you. And you have a choice in every moment how you will perceive your life, how you will perceive your perceived reality. You see? And whatever the story out there, bring it back to the feeling. Bring it back to the feeling. That is your barometer. Bring it back to the feeling because that is your powerhouse. 
Light Source P'taah, February 1, 2015
In the NOW you may transform it ALL! How? By simply having the love and compassion within you for you who did not know. And the more love and the more compassion you can have for who you are, the faster you will transform your lives. Because as you can have the love and compassion for you, then indeed, how can it be any other way ‘out there’? 
Light Source P'taah, January 25, 2015
You cannot transform what you do not OWN my beloveds! It is you who create it all one way or another. I know that when you look at your life, you think “How could I have done it thusly?” And you often feel shame and anger that you have created what you have in your life. We say to you, always, always you have done it the only way you have known how. When you will acknowledge that you truly have no past and you have no future you only have NOW, then indeed you will know that in the NOW you may transform it ALL. In the NOW you may transform it ALL! 
Light Source P'taah, January 18, 2015
Nobody has created anything where you are a victim. You have never been a victim. Nobody has ever been a victim, unless you allow it. We are saying that you do it consciously. Until you will take absolute responsibility for your co-creation of EVERY situation in your life, you will not affect the transformation. 
Light Source P'taah, January 11, 2015
You have inherited your beliefs in many ways. From your birthing you were birthed into a situation of fear and a belief structure. In all of your lifetimes you have known fear and that love equals pain. You are not isolated and it is quite extraordinary that each one of you feels absolutely isolated even where there is grand love between you. Within the breast of you, you still feel alone. Well, the truth is you have never been separate from anything or anybody. Again, what keeps you in that feeling of separation is that little fear. So whatever is occurring in your world, whatever it is that you are in lack of, it is to bring it back to the feeling, whatever that feeling is. 
Light Source P'taah, January 4, 2015
You create your reality from your beliefs about reality, from your perception of who you are and who you are in relation to your perceived exterior reality. For as long as you believe that you do not live in a safe universe, so it will be. For as long as you believe love equals pain, so it will be. That is a grand truth and you know you do believe love equals pain. That has been your experience and you have inherited it.
Light Source P'taah, December 28, 2014
And when you come down to it, whatever that judgment is outside of you, it comes down to a little fear about who you are. And you know, my beloved ones, it is such a tiny thing. It is so small. It is simply that baby boy or girl who has never learned that he or she is worthy of all wondrousness, that he or she lives in an absolutely safe universe. You know the universe supports you absolutely as much as you will allow it. 
Light Source P'taah, December 21, 2014
So when you have these negative judgments come forth, bless them absolutely and be still and look at what is underneath that judgment. It truly is a divine tool and when you bless it, something extraordinary occurs. It is not there any more as you bless it. As you embrace the fact of negative judgment, you are immediately creating transformation. Does that make sense to you? By the embracement, by the blessing, by the thanks, you transform that judgment. 
Light Source P'taah, December 14, 2014
The other barometer you have is your negative judgments. Now you all know that you should not judge negatively. You should not! And as you know that you should not, so indeed you have great judgment about the judgment. That is what is termed to be a double bind and the more you struggle not to, the more you do. That is a law of the universe. What you resist, persists absolutely, um? So we say to you, whenever you find yourself in negative judgment about something or someone outside of yourself—when you catch yourself—STOP and bless it absolutely. Because these negative judgments are your divine tool. You know when you are in that negative judgement. “Ah ha!” you may say “there is a little something in here that needs attention”. Because you all know that whatever it is out THERE is only a reflection to you of what it is in HERE (points to heart).
Light Source P'taah, December 7, 2014

Then something occurs outside of you that you indeed have great negative judgment about and all of the energy centers close up and you experience feelings of grand discomfort and even pain which will soon translate into physical pain and diseasement. 

So how do you transform all of this, especially when it is feeling utterly overwhelming? Well, first it is to pay attention to ‘How does it feel?’ because that is your barometer. It is by your feelings that you know what is occurring for you. 

Light Source P'taah, November 30, 2014
All of this is very familiar to you, indeed. So it is as you go about your day to days to pay attention to what is going on within you. You see when your life is reflecting to you peace and harmony and laughter, joy—dare I say love?—there is no judgment. It is feeling wondrous, and in that moment of wondrousness, the energy flows and you create the next NOW from that place of joy.
Light Source P'taah, November 23, 2014
You see, my beloved ones, there is nothing outside of you but a reflection, a mirror. And whatever your focus is, so you will see the mirror. When you focus on fear, violence, discordancy, when you listen to other people tell you about reality, tell you that you do not live in a safe universe, tell you that you must do thus and thus to be safe, so indeed you create grand drama. You tap into all of this. It becomes part of the fabric of your belief structure and then it is exactly what you create because you indeed create it all, hmm? 
Light Source P'taah, November 16, 2014
Beloved ones, you are so attached to the fear. It is so much a part of your persona that very often you do not see beyond it. You create the scenarios and the universe supports you absolutely in these scenarios to show you that what you believe is true. Well that’s a pretty pickle, eh? What a wondrous game you play! And you are so busy looking outside around you, everywhere but within, to create the transformation that you all desire..
Light Source P'taah, November 9, 2014
You have no future. You have no future – only Now. And when you are stumbling along with what is called your “sack full of yesterdays,” there is not a lot of Now in there. When you are so desperate for this moment to finish so that you can get to the next one because this one is not enough, what do you think is occurring? Neither is the next one enough or the next one after that. That is why we say forth to you that, as you are busy trying to get somewhere else, you stop right here. That’s how it worksYou do not allow yourself time. You see, the manner in which you judge yourself is that belief structure that says, “If you are not busy and you are not productive, you are not worthy.” So, you are hustling and bustling to be productive--whatever that means to you--because if you do not, you are judged, absolutely.
Light Source P'taah, November 2, 2014
Play rings through the cellular structure of your body. Indeed it makes you feel light and then it is a springboard for the next moment – for being in joy, for being in allowance, being in the Now moment and simply allowing your life to happen. Simple? Simple. So it is a matter of honoring who you are, a matter of nurturing who you are, to identify that which is called “makes a thing hard” and go and play at whatever it is. You may call it work but if you are calling it work, then indeed there is not much play there. It is certainly wondrous, however, if what you do in your day to days is really ringing with the essence of you totally in joy!
Light Source P'taah, October 19, 2014
When did you last go and play? When you play and when you are in joy, so it is that your cellular body starts to ring with it. Why do you think that is? You know, it is not simply that you are not thinking about your day to days. It is, indeed, that when you are truly playing, you are absolutely in the Now moment. It is that every Now moment is called the springboard for the next Now moment. So, if your Now moments are totally enthralled with that which is called laughter and play, you have no past and no future. You are simply there, being – human being.
Light Source P'taah, October 12, 2014
Let us look at dis-easement. What are you looking for when the body is showing forth the mirror? Well, you can ask, “What am I forced to do with this illness and what is it that I am not able to do ?” It may be that you are not treating yourself very well, not nurturing. Now, the nurturing, very often, simply means taking time for yourself—time for reflection, quiet time, rest time, time for loving, time for playing. When you do not, it can be a judgment of the self. Does that ring a bell for you?
Light Source P'taah, October 5, 2014
As you are coming to love who you are, as you are coming to know that who you are, indeed, is a facet of Divinity, so it is that you are not living in fear and you may be  vulnerable, with everything embraced into the God-Light of who you are. In that vulnerability, beloved people, is the greatest Goddess power. That which is of any gender is coming to know that which is called Goddess power. Even that which is called woman has, for these eons of time, only really known about operating with masculine power. So it is not only for the men to come into the knowing of the Goddess, it is for all of you because the Goddess is that which is vulnerability. It is a nurturing of self. It is the embracement of all facets of who you are and this knowing, the power, is very different for you all. 
Light Source P'taah, September 28, 2014
Remember, beloved ones, that that which  you perceive as discomfort is called resistance. But you know, when you are trying to get rid of, let go of, release, indeed what occurs is the universe says, “Oh, there is much energy going forth here! Let us give it more!” and there you are stuck. So it is absolutely essential to embrace it. To “give up” means to be vulnerable, to know that, in truth, you live in a safe universe and nothing can harm you.
Light Source P'taah, September 21, 2014
You know, beloved ones, it is a great honor to be among you, to share what is called “energy of heart” with you. You think this might be a one-way street? I am not simply here just for your pleasure, you know. I am not here to help you ascend. I am not here to save you. You are grand and wondrous beings and can do it very well on your own. I am here for what is called my pleasure, indeed. Simply for the joy of it. Are you here for the joy of it or is it because you are desperate to be somewhere else? Well that is all right. There is no judgment here, you know. You are all perfect blooms and I love you.
Light Source P'taah, September 14, 2014
But there is another way and now you are coming to know that there is another way. We are only here to remind you of what it is that you absolutely know. What we desire you to know is the simplicity of it – simplicity. And that is that you are, in every Now moment, wondrous and grand multidimensional beings, sovereign Masters, indeed!
Light Source P'taah, September 7, 2014
There is no need for you to die when you do, you know. That which are your physical bodies are designed to last thousands of years. They do not just wear out, but your physical embodiment is an absolute mirror to you of your emotional body. An absolute mirror to show you who you are, because you will not listen. Because those belief structures that you really, in most part, do not know that you have, rule your life. So, when it is that that which is the greater part of you is trying to tell you, “Stop; listen. There is another way.” You do not and you die. Well, that is all right, hmm? It is all grand illusion.
Light Source P'taah, August 31, 2014
There is no difference between you and that which is called the most beautiful flower. What is the difference? We all came from the same place! How can there be difference? The difference is in the pain. The difference is in the pain of your unworthiness. The difference is in your anguish. The difference is that you die of a broken heart. 
Light Source P'taah, August 24, 2014
Now we think, for many of you, that it would behoove you well to look at that which is called the “bottom line beliefs” that keep you from that knowledge of your own Divinity. Look at your society. Look at what you call your religion and look at what it tells you about yourself. Well, the first is that really you are unlovable because you are really sinful. And do you know, beloved people, even when you are very enlightened and know intellectually that it is all nonsense--that you are sinful and unlovable and not worthy--that is what you know here in your heart. That you are not worthy. You are not worthy of loving.
Light Source P'taah, August 17, 2014
You know, you all look very perfect to me. It is that as I see you, I see all of you and indeed, you may say, all of the dimensions of you. And the only difference between you and that which be I is simply that I know who I am. Do you realize that that difference is merely a spider web away from who you are? It is that which you may imagine to be a gossamer veil separating you and your own knowledge of your own Divinity. 
Light Source P'taah, August 10, 2014
Who you are at this moment is perfection. Perfection. Who you are is a jewel called a facet of God/Goddess, All-That-Is, else you would not be here. Do you know you have never made a wrong decision? You have never had a thought which was being judged by that which is called the God/Goddess, All-That-Is. You have truly never had a wrong action. All of those things that you thought about yourself in your quietest moments, it is only your judgment. There is no judgment out here. None. No judgment out here. Who you are is perfection unto infinity and who you are, indeed, is truly not separated from anybody, anything and, certainly, not from what you understand to be God. That is very good news, indeed, hmm? 
Light Source P'taah, August 3, 2014
So powerful are you when you come into the true acknowledgement of who you are, the total embracement of the self exactly as it is at this moment. As you can embrace that which is called the judgment of who you are, really, then that is the greatest single step you may take into your own sovereignty.
Light Source P'taah, July 27, 2014
You are so powerful! The power that you have within you is greater than anything that you could imagine, greater than anything that you know on your planet. That is who you are! That is who you are Now, at this moment. Powerful, powerful beings. What you do every moment of your time is called creating and using the power. You are creating and re-creating that which is your body every microsecond of your time. Look at your life, look at what you have created. Whether you like it or whether you do not, you have created it all. We would say that is fairly awesome power. Hmm?
Light Source P'taah, July 20, 2014
It behooves you to be understanding what you are putting out there because that which are called the thoughts in the head, unfortunately for you, many of the times do not stay there but travel forth into the universe and even unto the multiverses. That is how powerful you are. 
Light Source P'taah, July 13, 2014
How do you identify the beliefs that no longer serve you? Well, it’s very simple. As you are going about your day to days and the wheels are falling off, you may be very sure that there is something there for you to look at. “What do I believe about this situation?” And you’ll be very surprised. Some of these belief structures are buried so deep within you, that you do not know that you have them.
But you know, you may thank them and say, “Indeed, my belief structures are quite wonderful because they have gotten me here.” Then it is to embrace them and to allow them to merge with you, in the knowing that they no longer serve. As you try to push them away—and many of these deep beliefs are emotional content—as you try to push them away, because the universe supports you absolutely, it says, “Indeed, there is much energy being put forth here so let us give it more!” 
Light Source P'taah, July 06, 2014
Can you imagine your life with no more struggle? No more trying to be somebody else, somewhere else? Well, you know that which is called your ‘social consciousness’ would say, “You are totally without any sense of responsibility.” See the judgment around that one?! 
What is responsibility? How would it be if responsibility were ‘responding with joy’ every moment of your time?’ How would it be for you to identify your belief structures that keep you where you are and to say, “Indeed, I ordered them but really it is a load of baggage I am carrying around which I have absolutely no use for anymore.” Does this sound like freedom? Well, we think it does, you know. It sounds like freedom. And all that is required is the intent to become whole and to love who you are.
Light Source P'taah, June 29, 2014
So if you are running to escape what is in the Now, do you know what occurs? Nothing—no thing. Because you live in a universe of polarity. It is always the opposite. As you are striving and struggling and working for expansion of knowledge— to be somewhere else, to connect with your space brothers, to be off this world, to be transcended /ascended, to be anywhere but here—here is exactly where you are going to stay. It is called, really, a grand cosmic joke. So what is the answer? Well you know, beloved peoples, it is so simple. It is called 'give up!' Nothing could be more simple than that. Give up! No more struggle!
Light Source P'taah, June 22, 2014
Look at your life. How you love to hook into the stories. Now, you know that is all right and it is very exciting, but it is to know that all of the knowledge that you are desperately searching for ‘out there’ is right here. All of you desperate to get to some other place because this one is not enough, simply a reflection of that which is your judgment of yourselves not being enough.
Light Source P'taah, June 15, 2014
If we were to lay out for you what, in fact, you truly are in the reality of it, and if we are speaking of that which be your lifetimes occurring simultaneously and that which is called every facet of your soul energy expressing itself with validity and integrity in all the dimensions of reality, and even in this what is called lifetime, you are living parallel lives. There is not one Earth, there are many Earths, each valid, each occupying the same space. Hmm?  Well then, it becomes really confusing. It is another story to hook into. 
Light Source P'taah, June 8, 2014
So, what is the point of all of this? What is the point of it? Certainly freedom, certainly sovereignty, joy. There is only one purpose and that is for you to know that you are separate from no one and nothing. You are not separate beings.
Light Source P'taah, June 1, 2014
I do not see any victims here. What I see are total human beings. Total. That which is called the sum of all of your experiences and that which is called the sum of all the lifetimes, in the understanding that they are all occurring simultaneously. 

Light Source P'taah, May 25, 2014

What do you believe about yourselves? What do you believe about reality? And do you know that the belief you have about reality, in the larger picture, has nothing to do with reality at all because it is only perception? The larger reality is that you are God, what is called “God smelling the rose.” You are indeed a jewel, a facet of Creation, multifaceted, to be sure, and you will not own the belief. You do not know, very often, what those beliefs are. When you do not understand that that is a mirror of this, you are a victim of life. Well, it is simply not so.


Light Source P'taah, May 18, 2014

We would remind you, in truth, that what we speak is of utmost simplicity.  The simplicity is there is nothing outside you but a mirror to show you who you are.  That is it—nothing. And it is not only to show what are called the “bad bits.” It is also the mirror to show you how wonderful you are. 


Light Source P'taah, May 11, 2014

Now, as if that was not enough, there is also that rather ticklish little problem called your belief structures. What do you believe about yourselves? Because what you believe about yourselves and about your reality is exactly what you create. You have heard it all before, hmm? Well, you know you have heard it all before and the wheels are still falling off!


Light Source P'taah, May 4, 2014

You see, dear ones, what you are really desiring is called “sovereignty.”  It’s freedom so that you may live your lives expressing joy and laughter. That you may dance through your life, hmm?  Well, you know, it simply will not occur if you do not address what it is that is holding you where you are


Light Source P'taah, April 27, 2014

You know that which is the pain is cumulative from the time of your birthing. You lock it away inside of your emotional body and because there is no separation, it gives forth expression in your physical body and ultimately you die.  Well, that is all right, you know.  This is a viable choice and after all It is only a transformation. That is all it is. 


Light Source P'taah, April 20, 2014

Everybody is very busy focusing on love. That is wonderful because truly love is the glue that holds the multiverses together. However, dear ones, what do you truly know about love because for you, deep in the recesses of your being, love equals pain and that pain keeps you where you are. 


Light Source P'taah, April 13, 2014

Beloved people, out there are many stories--very fascinating, much knowledge.  Do you know that what you really love is to get hooked into the story so that you do not have to know who you are. Well, why are you here, really?  You came to know your own God Light, to come to know that you truly are God/Goddess All-That-Is, expressing in this dimension of reality.  It is so that you address every emotional issue that keeps you from that knowing. And do you know that you will do anything so that you do not have to feel the pain of it?


Light Source P'taah, March 30, 2014
Now everybody is saying, “Why am I here? What is my plan?” People who are involved in that which is called “New Age,” in the expansion of consciousness, indeed want to know, “What am I supposed to do?  What is my role in that which is to come?” Well, it is very simple. Your “role” is simply to know who you are.
Light Source P'taah, March 23, 2014
So it is that you have chosen what you may call the master game plan of this creation called “life in this density.” You have chosen that which is your race, that which are parents and family, that which is your society, your country, etc.  Now it is, certainly, that in your other lifetimes you are experiencing other genders, other races, etc., etc. When you understand that, in truth, it is all occurring Now, so it is that you may, indeed, tap into what it is you are here for, the major issues that you have come to address.

Light Source P'taah, March 16, 2014

There are many of you who, in your explorations—really, explorations of the self— are tapping into what is called other dimensions of you. Maybe, other times, you are forgetting that that is who you are. You are Grand Spiritual Masters, in truth. Who you be, you may say, lives in all the dimensions of reality at the same time. You have simply forgotten. But it is certainly fortunate that you would remember that you have chosen to be here in this dimensional reality--your choice. Your choice because you are Sovereign Masters, indeed.

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