WQ Archive - 2016 April 24 - present


Light Source P'taah, January 30, 2019

You know, this transformation of the consciousness of humanity is not about you struggling to be spiritual. It is not about struggling to be good. You are already grand and powerful spiritual beings. This is about being the grandest truth of who you really are.


Light Source P'taah, December 19, 2018

It would be very good if you would say this under the flow of the crystalline structure of water. It would be very good because it is magnifying. And you would say: “From the Goddess/God of my being I give forth the thanks for the Love that I am, for the love in my life, for the love that surrounds me. Thank you. Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and for the miracle of life that I see reflected all about me. Thank you for this gift of life. Thank you for this perfect body, my health, my well-being, thank you.  Thank you for the abundance that I am and the abundance I see reflected all about me. Thank you for the riches and richness of my life and thank you for the river of money, which flows to me and through me. Thank you. Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of wondrous possibilities and probabilities. Thank you. Thank you for the beauty and harmony. Thank you for the peace and the tranquility. Thank you for the wonderment. Thank you for the joy. Thank you for the laughter and the play. And thank you for the privilege of serving and sharing the gift that I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Light Source P'taah, December 9, 2018

That is another interesting thing to note that many of you say, “Oh, I wish I was creative.” Well, ALL of you are, of course, so extraordinarily creative. You’re all creative geniuses and if you doubt that, it is only to look at your world because you co-create every part of it  - all of it, all of it.


Light Source P'taah, December 4, 2018

The more that you focus on the wondrousness of abundance and allow the flow, then indeed so you immediately start to experience this flow in your life. And the more you pay attention in your day-to-days to that flow and say ’Thank you’ as you are witnessing and taking part in this flow, so indeed more and more and more you are in your own power of creativity.


Light Source P'taah, November 25, 2018

So we have devised the beautiful Morning Song to remind you, each one of you, of the most expanded truth of who you are. And we say to you as well as dealing with the emotional issues which keep you separate from the actual knowing of joy, of love, of all wondrousness in your day-to-day life, by also focusing by saying the Morning Song each day - and it does not matter, of course, whether you say it in the morning or evening or all day, all day! In fact, we would be very happy if you would go about your day-to-days saying ‘Thank you’ throughout your day!


Light Source P'taah, October 21, 2018

So you do indeed do know, at least sometimes in your life, what it feels like to have an abundance of love and an abundance of health and well-being, an abundance of joy, of beauty and harmony, of adventure, of laughter, of play, etcetera, etcetera. It is not that any of these things are foreign to you.


Light Source P'taah, October 14, 2018

So one of the ways that you may change this idea that you exist in lack is that you look at really what is the greatest truth in your life. And the greatest truth in your life is that you know about Love, you are Love. Love is the glue, Love is another name for Goddess/God.


Light Source P'taah, October 7, 2018

Most of you have been brought up to focus on what is NOT. In other words, you are focused upon the negative aspects of lack rather than the allowance of the beauty and flow of the abundance of all wondrousness. And as a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation, you deserve all wondrousness simply because you exist as an extension of the Mind of Goddess/God and because you are the creators of your life.


Light Source P'taah, September 30, 2018

You, each one of you in the humanities, create your own reality by the thought, the belief, the idea, which is enwrapped in the emotion that these beliefs inspire. In other words, as you have a belief about yourself and about the reality about your world outside, so indeed this brings up a feeling and the feeling is the energy which is the power behind the creations of your world, your life, your day-to-day living.


Light Source P'taah, September 23, 2018

Everything as it is, is perfect, but that does not mean that you cannot change what is perfect.  All is perfect, you see? So it is to look at your judgments are about being what you are. It is quite a tricky business, but, as you really look and as you explore your fears and as you explore your desires, then you choose - “What is it that I truly desire for myself?”


Light Source P'taah, September 16, 2018

We would suggest to you that you would perhaps write down what is good and what is not good, in your terms, about your body staying as it is and what is good and not good about transforming it. It is really not about what you would call a ‘diet’ as such and what that would mean. It is about the end result. Diet is just the way you see to get to an end result. But do you really want the end result?  Are you worthy of being beautiful, and, beloved, are you really beautiful now?


Light Source P'taah, September 9, 2018

It is a matter of transforming the belief that your body, your physical body mass, is entirely resultant on what is ingested. It is also about looking at your fears and what you see as the advantages of the way things are now -- the fears that keep the weight there and the advantages of keeping it there, as it is. Solidity, and a presence perhaps. So in a way, it is what do you choose?


Light Source P'taah, September 2, 2018

For most of you the idea of diet is very firmly entrenched and it is the only way that you think you can change your body. That is because diets coincide, they are co-creative, with a huge consciousness block of your society, a mass of energy that holds to this belief. And so this is a very easy one for all of you to tap into because your beliefs, supported by this mass of energy and consciousness, makes it very easy for you to operate within this.


Light Source P'taah, August 26, 2018

The same applies, for example, when you feel you must go on a diet. Then what you do is you say, “Oh my goodness, now I have to be in this regime. Now I have to be in deprivation. Now it is going to be so hard and so boring,” etc.  Whereas when you can be in the joy and the excitement of being kind to the body and creating beauty and harmony within the cellular structure of the body and in the form of the body, then indeed all of that which is associated with this becomes a joy and kind of exciting as you imagine the results of it being pleasing to you. 


Light Source P'taah, August 19, 2018

You know your entire life is really creative simply so you can discover more about joy and love, more about ‘thank you’, more about being in the beauty and harmony. Love is the truth of you and that is all you desire to find, and love is part of beauty and harmony, is it not? So where it is that you are not finding beauty and harmony or joy or peace or excitement or fascination, it is usually due to a misperception about the activity, and a misperception about who you are in that activity.


Light Source P'taah, August 12, 2018

Just sit there and feel your sacred space for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine the beauty and harmony of this clearness of your sacred space. How does that feel? You see, it is always choice, but very often choices are made out of some kind of misperception of the greater reality. And that is why that which is called ‘work’ often becomes something which is boring, which is ho-hum, which is not exciting. When you change the perception of it, it suddenly becomes a joy and a sacred thing to go forth and to be all of who you can possibly be in whatever activity you are engaged in.


Light Source P'taah, August 5, 2018

You know, what you really do desire in your heart is to live in a space of beauty and harmony. Your space is a sacred thing and it is also conscious. As you give forth the thanks to this space, to your home, to the walls, to the space around you, as you say thank you for the beauty and harmony, then indeed it excites the frequency that you are. It is a very beautiful resonance. And in this way, it becomes a joy to keep it in this way. So it need not be, “Oh my, I must bestir myself to do this work called ‘clean up’.”  It then becomes a kind of sacred and joyous activity to create more beauty and harmony wherever you see it and to create the space so that you may put more beauty in.


Light Source P'taah, July 29, 2018

You know, the embracement is just the allowance that prevents the resistance that creates the pain and fear. It is the resistance that perpetuates the undesired emotion so when you can embrace it, what you are doing first of all is acknowledging instead of hiding. Allowing and embracing instead of resisting or pushing away, so then you have created the space to transform the frequency.


Light Source P'taah, July 22, 2018

Every time you have an emotional reaction to something, that is the choice-point, the choice-point to grow, to change and transform the reality. When you are always stuck in your futures, you kind of miss the moment.


Light Source P'taah, July 8, 2018

When you feel rage, that is only about powerlessness, the terror of powerlessness. That is all right. Just be still and embrace the baby one who is afraid of not being able to be enough. Never forget that everything is a co-creation. And when you truly come to understand that there are no victims, much of that rage will dissipate and you will have compassion for those who choose the very strange reality called victim. But also know that in many cases, that which is violence may also be a choice-point to precipitate change within the so-called victim.


Light Source P'taah, June 25, 2018

You know, beloveds, when you encounter opposing views, simply honor that as their right. The thing is, it is not your point of view and your truth is your truth. If you feel anger and rage, it is only about the terror of being powerless and that is why the world is at war. It is about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Just be still and embrace this baby-one who has become so afraid of not being able to be enough.


Light Source P'taah, June 17, 2018

You can only be who you are. You can only come to know who you are if you are being the truth of your self at any moment. So, no matter what practices you find yourself drawn to, it is you who is exploring them, you who is garnering the knowledge, you who is having that experience. And your experience will always be different to anybody else’s experience. And so you can only benefit when you are being who you are. Also be kind in the process of the experiences so you can see how they really are for you, not how they are supposed to be.


Light Source P'taah, June 10, 2018

Also be in allowance when your weather is not conducive to being in the joy of being outdoors, then allow yourself to be in the comfort of indoors and say thank you for that possibility. And then when the sun shines and you think, “Oh this would be lovely to go and get some fresh air and to stretch the body a little,” then do so. Become more aware of what the body really desires. And again, in moderation. Gently.


Light Source P'taah, June 3, 2018

Moderation, beloveds, moderation is the best possible way. And moderation It is not self-punishment. It means to enjoy absolutely everything but enjoy it all in moderation. Listen to your body to tell you when it has had enough and say thank you. And the moment that you feel guilty or you are in fear about what you put into your mouth, indeed you have undone the joy, you have undone the thank you. Enlighten your food so it may enlighten your body.


Light Source P'taah, May 27, 2018

Some exercises for simply loving and allowing the body to be are very good. And those are day by day things that are looking at the body and the miracle that indeed it is and looking at how the body responds to your beliefs about it. Every time you make a statement that loves your body, you are being kind to it. Every time you say, “Thank you for the miracle of life that you are,” you are being kind to it. Every time you say that your body indeed has its own wondrous integrity and how it is in the moment is perfect, then indeed you are being kind to the body. When you are going for a walk – and, beloveds, that is all you need to do – it is to be in the joy of the body’s activity.


Light Source P'taah, May 20, 2018

It is important that you love your body as it is. And that is a difficult one because your society is so driven about what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. So there is that kind of body imaging. And if your body does not suit the image then your body cannot be beautiful. And if you think it is not beautiful then usually it is also not healthy. The other thing is that you all figure that what is good for the body is almost likened unto a punishment, something that must be done. And so you take any excuse not to do, hmmm?


Light Source P'taah, May 13, 2018

If there is the desire for communication with a loved one who has departed, it is simply to say in the hypnagogic state that it is the desire of your heart to have communication with the beloved grandmother or mother, father, whoever it is. And if you would simply put that forward before you sleep, very often that will initiate a dreamtime communication. You could also state that you desire to have total rememberance of that. Or it may be that when you are relaxing and going about your day, as grandmother comes to mind, simply be open and aware, because sometimes the communication occurs in an unexpected way


Light Source P'taah, May 6, 2018

You connect with your loved ones who have gone before through the feeling. That is the how of it, usually. There can also be a kind of conversation, where you are in the feeling and you speak forth. And you may indeed hear the voice in conversation and sometimes it is more in dreamtime. There are no limits to how. And the when of it is usually unexpected.


Light Source P'taah, April 29, 2018

You know, not always but very often you do spend many lifetimes playing within your familiar group because they are your nearest and dearest outside of this realm.  And so you do tend to play the game within a grouping but you are always extending that grouping as well. In each lifetime you may certainly make totally new connections, which of course are really not new but in terms of how you relate. So that in one lifetime, somebody may be an acquaintance, in another lifetime they may hold a much closer relationship, or indeed some not at all.


Light Source P'taah, April 22, 2018

When you die, you exit this time-space-continuum in a certain way to go back to the Void. And then from there comes the choice. But of course, the tricky part is knowing that the choices are already made and the other lifetimes are already occurring. And that is a difficult one to wrap one's consciousness around! 


Light Source P'taah, April 15, 2018

You know, sometimes books of fantasy like Education of Oversoul Seven can be a very wondrous way to explain the inexplicable. Because, truly one cannot explain to the logical third-dimensional mind how it happens, because in the logical mind everything must be in a box. And of course other dimensional realities do not exist in the framework of the box, so it becomes very difficult to portray a reality in a way that is not confined, that does not conform to even the physics of third-dimensional material reality. So we would say that writings like this are a most wondrous way to kind of portray the limitlessness of life after death or life in the realm beyond this one. Of course, there are many, many realms beyond this one, but when speaking of the steps that occur before and after life, we would say this is a very good representation. 


Light Source P'taah, April 8, 2018

We suggest that each day you remind yourself of what you really do have and say a most heartfelt thank you! Also, when you are looking for ways that you may manifest a flow of money, look into the direction of the heart, of the interest, the fascination, the passion and start thinking outside the box!


Light Source P'taah, April 1, 2018

When you look back over these last years and see how you have moved, it is very exciting. And of course, when you get caught up in the fear, you forget what you have accomplished. You forget how wondrous is the creation that you have wrought. You do not have to focus on the fear about tomorrow. Just remind yourself that you create the tomorrow out of the beingness today and so you create the tomorrows that you desire.


Light Source P'taah, March 25, 2018

Live Now, beloveds. You see, the truth is that the fear is never about the moment. It is always a projection into the future. So when you can bring yourself back into the present moment and say, “How is it for me right in this moment? What am I lacking?” And the truth is, nothing. And in a way, you know all of this, however, it is our joy to remind you.


Light Source P'taah, March 18, 2018

We have said very often that it is not for you to try and induce anything really, love or fear, but to allow whatever it is simply to manifest that you may be in the moment. You need not struggle to get to a place where you THINK you can be in the moment.  In terms of the ‘fear-business’  we would suggest saying, “Sometimes I become afraid, and that is all right and in that moment I will deal with it. In the meantime I will have lots of fun.”


Light Source P'taah, March 11, 2018

To fall back into the fear is to compound the stress. You know, the fear is an exponential growth. The more you worry, the more it is and the more it is, the more you worry. Actually a little bit like love, hmm?


Light Source P'taah, March 4, 2018

When you really make time each day to touch that heart center, one of the ways that assists is by beginning in that quiet time by saying the Thank You’s. And the other thing is to look on this not as a discipline, as something that you must do, but rather to have it as something that you would look forward to each day. So it does not matter what time of day but that you would set aside a little time. For your benefit, preferably it would be a time before you become caught up in the stress, mmm?


Light Source P'taah, February 25, 2018

You know, my beloveds, it is to your benefit if you would allow some time each day to be in the stillness, to touch that place within you that does not know fear. What occurs is that in the busy-ness of everyday life, you become caught up in the stories of having to accomplish certain things by a certain time. You then are in fear that you will not succeed and so you put your own greater beingness on hold. You say, “Well, I do not have time today but tomorrow I will be still, to nurture myself, to remind myself who I really am." And that is quite valid, except that what occurs is that you get a drop in energy and get caught up in the stories of success and failure and unfortunately get further and further off-center and the heart closes down.


Light Source P'taah, February 19, 2018

We would also say to you, if ever you desire to leave a relationship, ask yourself who you are taking with you when you leave. And the answer is when you leave, you are taking you with you and really it is you who creates the reality. So if it is that you desire change, then it is for you each to take responsibility for yourself, for your own beingness, and thus you may create a relationship of much long duration, much joy and much fulfillment. Responsibility. That is first rule of life, you know. Take responsibility. 


Light Source P'taah, February 11, 2018

Now, we have said this many times, and people have said to us, this all sounds very selfish.  Well, it is.  But we say where the relationship is based on love, on honor and respect, and each person taking responsibility for own feelings and thoughts, then indeed, it does not have to create discord, does not have to create chaos, does not have to even create separation.


Light Source P'taah, February 4, 2018

You know any problems in relationships are not with partner, hmm? Because partner is usually quite content in the life they are leading. So, when there is discontent, crisis, a deep sense of guilt, it is only to do with you. And first, let us make it very clear that in relationship you are not responsible for how somebody else feels.  And as you can take responsibility for yourself and your own feelings and your own thoughts and don't expect somebody else to fulfill you, then indeed, with this expectation gone, you can allow your partner, also, to be a sovereign being. That allows each to make their own choices and to do what is fulfilling for them. 


Light Source P'taah, January 28, 2018

You ask about desire. You would have no life here if you did not have desire, you know.  Desire is part of your experience. That is one of the fun games about being human and being on this plane of reality. You know there is nothing wrong with desire. Without it, you have no world as you understand it to be, hmm? Desire, in a way, is only that you may be more of who you really are. 


Light Source P'taah, January 21, 2018

When we speak of meditation, we are speaking of any method you use to find that still place within. Sometimes it can be a walk on a beautiful beach or putting your body in the water. Whatever you find that leaves your mind to its own devices so you are experiencing the touch of that Unified Field of Consciousness, the greater beingness of you. 


Light Source P'taah, January 14, 2018

You know, beloveds, your monkey mind and the stillness are not as separate as you may think, although much of the time it does feel very separate indeed. Your chitter-chatter, what you call the monkey mind, is part of the experience of external focus, hmmm?  So you may say it is not to try to turn it off, but simply to understand that that is the experience of your external life, whereas the stillness, that connected feeling, is your internal life.  And there are many methodologies to let the monkey mind continue its chitter-chatter and to drop beneath that activity to touch that place within and, of course, one of the ways you may do this is with meditation.


Light Source P'taah, January 07, 2018

You are now moving out of a patriarchal society, patriarchal influence, however our desire for you is not that you would move into matriarchal, but rather you would move into the balance of masculine/feminine principle. You see, whenever you have the pendulum swinging one way, then indeed it must swing to the other side. What is more desirable is where you have a balance of male/female principle that may be totally supporting and cooperative. Then you may, indeed, learn to fly on the two wings of the dove that you are. And of course, this is also for you as individuals as well as for you as a society or, indeed, species.


Light Source P'taah, December 31, 2017

Everybody experiences those cycles, although not necessarily at the same time. You may look at the world, but you see the part of the world that you look at, really, is quite narrow when you are looking at civilizations and you are looking at patriarchal cycles, matriarchal cycles. But indeed, it does come in cycles.


Light Source P'taah, December 24, 2017

We are often asked about astrology. That which you call astrology is a kind of map to show you where you think you are. And certainly there are planetary cycles and because you are not separate from the cycles, you are co-creators within this idea of movements of planets and of the significance you place within it. So you may say, in a way, that planetary cycles describe to you, for you, that which are the cycles of experience in what you call your human history.


Light Source P'taah, December 17, 2017

For as long as there is negative judgment, always the negative judgment begins with you and always the negative judgment stems from this idea of lack. When we say you can be filled with the abundance of who you are and what you have created thus far, then indeed there is no fear of lack and indeed there is no need to criticize. When you are criticizing something outside of you, know it is because there is a little something inside of you that has not been addressed. Because the grander truth is that there is nothing outside of you, just a mirror to remind you of who you think you are, to remind you of what you believe.


Light Source P'taah, December 10, 2017

Happiness is absolutely a choice. And you find that where life is based on the fear of lack, then the fear of lack overrides everything else. How often you do hear, “Oh, I will be happy when I have this,” or “I will be happy when I do that.” But you see, the truth is that happiness is a choice and, in a way has nothing to do with that which is exterior to you. So, to choose to see the gifts of your day-to-day life and choose to say thank you and to be in appreciation of all the wondrousness that you be co-creating in your day-to-day life, this brings forth happiness and joy, hmm?


Light Source P'taah, December 3, 2017

When we are asked about successful relationships, we would start off with the idea of honor, of respect, of truth, being truthful, of being who you really are. Also, to remember that you do not own anybody. You come together initially to share that which is the greater part of who you are – love, really and it is wondrous when you allow that always to be the basis for your relationship. And you may find that the more that you honor and respect and love who you are, then indeed, you cannot but allow that to be in your external relationships, hmm?  

Light Source P'taah, November 12, 2017
There are many techniques to get you back to feeling and of course intuition is part of that. Intuition is that instinctive, we would say, knowing. Sometimes it is even a remembering. So it is good when you are involved in many techniques in your day-to-day life to remind yourself how to pay attention. Just be aware of how it feels. Intuition is just a kind of feeling, really. Sometimes, of course, it can be words that float into the mind and then it is to pay attention. How does it feel? You know, your intuition is never wrong. Intuition is always right.
Light Source P'taah, November 5, 2017
Pay attention. That is the bottom line, really. You know, you are not divorced from your intuition, you are not divorced from your greater knowing, you are not divorced from your connectedness to the Unified Field that you call Creator or Source. However you are not taught to maintain what you knew instinctively as babyas child. You have unlearned, hmm? You have unlearned how to pay attention. You have unlearned how to be in the feeling rather than in your head.
Light Source P'taah, October 29, 2017
How is that for a power tool? Except, you cannot do it. You may only allow it to occur because, in truth, this is the greatest example of what is called Goddess energy. To be vulnerable, to surrender to who you truly are. You may only allow it to occur. We will remind you, beloved peoples, as you are struggling and trying to transmute the pain and getting into the judgment because you cannot – stop. Simply stop and give up.
Light Source P'taah, October 22, 2017
Number three: Be still and feel the feeling. Be still. Do you know what is quite extraordinary? Having taken responsibility, having aligned the judgment, you are then left with what is called a “neutral energy.” As you can be still and as you simply feel it, the cork has been dissolved and that energy is now free to whirl within you – through your heart, through your crown – and in that moment, beloved peoples, you will know, truly, the ecstasy of non-separation. You will know your own God/Goddessness. As you do so, your physical body changes – down to the DNA. Your Earth changes; the consciousness of humanity changes and the multiverses ring with it.
Light Source P'taah, October 15, 2017
Number 2 on the to-do list: Align the judgment. If you are New Age, you would probably also have to align the judgment of the judgment! You see, we eavesdrop and know what you are talking about! You align the judgment simply by the acknowledgment that judgment is divine. If it were not, it would not exist in your reality. Also, the judgment is your key to eternal life. Love it; embrace it and give forth thanks, indeed.
Light Source P'taah, October 8, 2017
So what do you do when you are in pain? Here is number 1 on your to-to list: Take responsibility. There is nothing in your life that you have not co-created – nothing. Own every experience you have ever had. It is yours. You created it. When your lover walks off with your best friend and it feels like a mule has kicked you in the belly, we will tell you there is a lot of judgment going on there. Remember, you have created it. So, number one on the recipe is, take responsibility. Why have you created it? Beloved peoples, you have created every moment of anguish so that you may know you are God.
Light Source P'taah, October 1, 2017
When you are in joy and when you are laughing, the energies swirl within you – through your heart, through your crown. And as you are laughing and being joyous, your cellular body rings with this. When you are laughing, you are in the present, in the Now moment – no past, no future. In joy! When you are in pain, that judgment is like an iron claw, or like a cork in a bottle that holds that energy labeled ‘pain’ within you, within your belly. It has no place to go. It is locked - changing your structure.

Light Source P'taah, September 24, 2017

It is necessary that you feel. Emotion is what creates your reality – imagination and emotion. The pain itself is created by judgment; that is all. Pain is a label that you have for energy. That is all emotion is; indeed, it is energy.


Light Source P'taah, September 17, 2017
We have said to you that the humanities are dying of a broken heart. That is the truth. Pain is cumulative. It starts at your birthing and from that time on, you build your shields over your heart so that you will not be hurt. But it does not matter how big your shields are or how thick, you still get hurt. You are so terrified of feeling, that you will do anything to escape. That is one of the reasons you are all so busy – anything so that you do not have to 'feel' – anything so that you do not have to notice that you are dying. 
Light Source P'taah, September 10, 2017
This is your reality. Recall when there was much fear about the Earth changes to come and many people thought there was a flotilla of spacecraft out there ready to whisk them off to save them. There was not because you do not need to be saved. Is that not simple? You do not need to be saved. Who you are are Gods. Gods do not need saving; Gods do not need anything. All you have to do is give up.
Light Source P'taah, September 4, 2017
As you live in love and honor and integrity of self and you look out into your world, creating wondrousness, exciting adventure, living in the moment in joy, everything is yours. You are the grand creative Masters here. You can create your reality exactly as you would desire.
Light Source P'taah, August 27, 2017
The channels are open to you – that which is called the knowing of the grander self – the knowing, indeed, you are the conduit of universal energy, of all wisdom. It is called freedom – free dominion. It is called grand and wondrous sovereignty.
Light Source P'taah, August 20, 2017

As you can embrace the judgment within so that you may truly come to love who you are, love who you are because you are a reflection of Divinity now, perfection unto infinity, and as you come into that embracement and transmute the pain, the anguish that lives within your breast, so it is that all of the knowing is simply there.

Light Source P'taah, August 13, 2017
As you can be in non-judgment of self, as you can embrace what you regard to be bad, the negative, etcetera, etcetera, as you can come truly into the knowing that who you are at this moment in time absolutely is a wondrous facet of Creation, you are, indeed, God smelling the rose. You are Creation experiencing itself in this dimension of reality. Beloved peoples, at this moment without the changes, without the struggling to overcome, that is who you are Now.
Light Source P'taah, August 6, 2017
This plane of reality is a plane of polarity - good/bad, black/white, positive/negative, etc. What is to occur in your coming time is that the polarities will become embraced and that will result in what you may call a faster vibrational frequency. So it is that you are to embrace it all within you because you, indeed, exemplify what is called the ultimate polarity.
Light Source P'taah, July 30, 2017

You may say that the fear is a babe and the babe is you because that fear, indeed, has begun at your birthing and it has stayed like a babe within you. Tell me, beloved peoples, what would you do with a babe? Would you push it away, squash it down, get rid of it? Indeed not; you would pick up the babe and you would hold it to your breast and you would say, “It is all right. I am here. You are safe.” In that instant of embracement, the fear itself is swirled within the God Light of you and becomes love. You see, it is not so much of a struggle.


Light Source P'taah, July 16, 2017

In this world of polarity, it is always, always, always the opposite, so you may remind yourself of this. As you try to squash down the fear, as you try to push it away, as you try to release it – you get more! The universe, who loves you absolutely - who is absolutely without judgment - will say, “Ah, this is wonderful. Look at all that energy; we will simply give you more.”


Light Source P'taah, July 9, 2017

So, as you are in the fear of lack – no money – what do you think occurs? The universe is very good. There is your belief structure telling you that there is not enough money and you are terrified because, "How am I going to pay my bills?" That fear is powerful, powerful energy. The universe says, “Wonderful – have some more!”


Light Source P'taah, June 25, 2017

Let us speak for one moment about the good/bad. Nowadays, in this society, it is called positive/negative. We  do eavesdrop, you know! We hear you say, “Oh, it was such negative energy, I had to do this and this and thus and thus to get rid of it.” You cannot get rid of anything, even though in these days of non-judgment, you are very busy trying to push away all the fear, all the negativity. Well, you know, it does not work.


Light Source P'taah, June 18, 2017

The only judgment is within you and that is how you may know who you are. Look outside of who you are. Every time you make a judgment – good/bad, right/wrong – you know you haven’t gotten there yet, because it is simply a reflection to you of how it is that you judge yourself. It is simply that.


Light Source P'taah, June 11, 2017

Surrender to the heart, to allow intuition, to allow the nurturing – the nurturing of you because you are worthy. You are worthy else you would not be here. Look at the judgment you have about yourself. You know, outside of this space-time continuum, there is no judgment. There is no God sitting up there with a very large book, writing down every time you think something that you feel to be wrong or do something that you feel to be wrong. You have never done anything wrong. You have never made a wrong decision – not ever, ever.

Light Source P'taah, June 4, 2017
In your society you are slaves to your logical mind and the heart is hidden, shielded, indeed. So, it is a Goddess and it is called surrender. Is that not a terrifying word? You have struggled all your life not to surrender, not to give up and you know it is the only answer. However, it is not to surrender TO anybody or anything, but simply to surrender to your own Goddessness.
Light Source P'taah, May 28, 2017
You have struggled long enough – eons of time, I’m sure. It is now time for you to learn to be human BEINGs and all that that means – to change from being “human DOING.” That is what you are now. It is called masculine energy. It is called power/control/direction/warrior and for all of you – woman and man – masculine energy. It is time for the balance. It is time for the Goddess energy of life within you to create balance. To allow what is called “operating from the heart,” using your logical mind as your servant, as it should be. The logical mind is there to implement that which is called the desire of the heart.
Light Source P'taah, May 21, 2017
You do not have to spend the rest of your days driven by fear and an emotional reaction to that which is the pain and terror and anguish that you hold within your heart. Now is the time. It is simply a choice and it is to know, indeed, that there is no struggle involved.
Light Source P'taah, April 30, 2017
Everything that you perceive outside of yourself is a reflection to you, to show you who you are. So, when you are in a place of grandeur and beauty, what does it say to you? It is a grand mirror, beloved people, to show you your grandeur, your awesome beauty, your awesome power and that is who you are – grand spiritual Masters. You have created it all. Now it is the time for you to come into the knowing of who you really are.
Light Source P'taah, April 23, 2017
Do you not come from the Source? Are you not a facet of God/Goddess-All-That-Is? Apparently you do not think so. All of you feel you are not worthy. All of you hide behind what is called ‘social consciousness.’  All of you hide the little nasty bits because you know that if anybody else knew that you have them, you certainly would not be worthy of loving.
Light Source P'taah, April 16, 2017
You know, forgetting that you are Source is quite illogical. Look about you. Look about your Earth. It is wondrous abundance; it is glorious beauty – breathtaking. Where does this all come from? It comes from the Source, Creation, God/Goddess All-That-Is.” There is nothing in your universe which does not come from the Source. Are you any different?
Light Source P'taah, April 9, 2017
To be of the greatest possible assistance to yourselves, to be of the greatest possible assistance to humanity and to be of the greatest possible assistance to your Goddess called Earth, it is incumbent upon you to know that you are God. Everybody else knows it. You simply have forgotten.


Light Source P'taah, April 2, 2017

This time of change is a magical one. It is synchronistic and it is, indeed, that you, the humanities, and the grand Goddess called Earth will be moving forth into what is called the next dimension of reality together. To do so is a choice you have made already, so beloved peoples, you may as well give up the struggle. You will not miss the boat! You will not be doing a wrong thing which means that you will be left behind!


Light Source P'taah, March 26, 2017

In all of the incarnations that you have had, in all of the lifetimes in what you perceive to be your past—for eons of time throughout your known history and indeed before—you have come again and again, taking part in what you may understand to be a grand cycle. That is a natural cyclic event which is the natural cycle of the Earth and that which is the cycle of the consciousness of the humanities.


Light Source P'taah, March 19, 2017

All of you birth yourselves in this reality, in the Now, to have a mission. And it is a very grand mission and it is the only mission, no matter what else is occurring. No matter what else you are doing in your lives, you are here truly to do one thing and that is to know your own God/Goddessness. There is nothing else.


Light Source P'taah, March 12, 2017

Most of you think that life is a struggle, that that is how it must be. In fact, most of you think that if you are not struggling, you are not being productive. It is like you believe that you must work very hard for your money because it is never there when you want it. There is never enough, etc., etc. And these beliefs run your life.


Light Source P'taah, March 5, 2017

What occurs is that, within this pain, within this emotional dis-easement, you reflect whatever your beliefs are about your body. Your body is a direct mirror to you of your emotional body. So it is that in this timing of the changes coming forth, you need to deal with these issues because until you do, you are going to have a struggle.


Light Source P'taah, February 26, 2017

So it is that you build wondrous walls around yourself so that you may not be hurt again, so that you may not have to feel the pain. Indeed, for many of you, you feel that if you feel the pain, you will die! Well, you know, if you do not, you will die. That is the bottom line. Whatever the dis-easement may be, the humanities die of a broken heart. It is that simple.


Light Source P'taah, February 19, 2017

One of your bottom-line beliefs is that you are not worthy.  Many of you have done much work around this.  One of the reasons the work does not seem to be helping very much is because you are carrying within you – stored within you – all the pain and the anguish that you have carried with you from the time of your birthing.


Light Source P'taah, February 12, 2017

Your belief structures are so much part of the fabric of your persona that, most of the time, you are operating within this structure and you have no idea what it is you believe – what you believe about yourself, what you believe about your society, what you believe about abundance.  You really do not know what it is you believe.  It is so much part of you that you think it is reality.  It is not; it is merely your belief about reality.  Change the beliefs; change your reality.  The tricky bit is that you must recognize them.


Light Source P'taah, February 5, 2017  

  At the risk of being extremely boring, we will remind you of the basics of your reality so that you can be most easy and gentle with yourselves during this time of transition. Let us remind you, beloved peoples, this is your reality. You have chosen it specifically. Most of you are busy trying to be anywhere else but where you are within yourself – what we call the ‘hustle bustle’ to get somewhere else, but you have desired to be here. You have created it. You create your reality absolutely – no ifs, no buts, no maybes – absolutely. You create your reality from your imagination, from your emotions and it is structured within your beliefs. So, if you do not like what you are creating, be still and look at what you believe.


Light Source P'taah, January 29, 2017

Most of you know that at a universal level the grandest and most unlimited truth of you is that you are in every Now, no matter how it seems, a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Source. That seems pretty straight forward does it not? A Perfect and Eternal Expression of the All-That-Is. And while most of you kind of know that, at least intellectually, most of you do not feel it. Most of you do not feel that you are perfect and most of you are simply aren’t sure that you really are eternal, mmm?


Light Source P'taah, January 22, 2017

We stress to you that there are no rules about singing the Morning Song. You may sing it whenever you want! But what we suggest is very beneficial is when you are in your bath or shower because the water itself is a crystalline energy and is grandly magnifying. And when you use your voice, especially when you sing a little song, it is likened unto toning to express your joy of being in the water. That plus the fact that the physical embodiment really does enjoy being in the deliciousness and warmth of the water. And so it is very relaxing in this comfort zone and you can really, what you could say 'Let it rip' to show the universe that you mean business and that you really are in the joy of the abundance of all wondrousness!


Light Source P'taah, January 15, 2017

Focus on what you have, beloved ones. The want indeed really comes from a place of fear, of need. And you know Gods and Goddesses do not need anything. They can have whatever they desire, simply for the joy of it! If you are coming from a place of lack, then all you are going to create is more lack! When you are focusing on the abundance of the wondrousness that you have, you are creating the space to create more of the same!


Light Source P'taah, January 08, 2016

When you are focusing on the wondrousness about you and you see a beautiful flower, whether it is in the garden or in a vase, say “Thank you! Thank you for showing me the miracle that I am for I understand that you reflect absolutely the miracle of life that I am.”  There’s nothing outside of you, beloved ones, but a reflection of who you really are.



Light Source P'taah, December 25, 2016

Because you can only create what you are, if you would only focus on the abundance of all wondrousness instead of the ‘have not’s’ that come from fear and start your day each morning by saying:


From the God/ Goddess of my being 

I give forth thanks. 

For the love that I am, 

for the love in my life and the love that surrounds me, 

thank you.

Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and 

thank you for the miracle of life I see reflected all about me.

Thank you for the gift of life that I am.

Thank you for this perfect body, my health and well-being,

 thank you.

Thank you for the abundance that I am and 

thank you for the abundance I see reflected all about me.

Thank you for the riches and the richness of my life and 

thank you for the river of money which flows to me and through me, 

thank you.

Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of wondrous possibilities 

and wondrous probabilities, 

thank you.

Thank you for the wonderment and thank you for the joy.

Thank you for the beauty and harmony.

Thank you for the peace and tranquility.

Thank you for the laughter and thank you for the play.

And thank you for the privilege of serving and sharing the gift that I am.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


Can you imagine how your life would change?


Light Source P'taah, December 18, 2016

You create your own reality absolutely! And in that fashion, you create all of your opportunities, all of your possibilities, your probabilities. You create what you perceive to be your exterior and your interior, including your tranquility, your harmony, the beauty, everything. EVERYTHING in your existence, you co-create.


Light Source P'taah, December 11, 2016

You do know about Love. You all have experienced love at some time in your lives. You know the wondrousness of being in the body and observing nature and the miracle of life growing and unfolding all around you. You create your own reality absolutely and when you look at the abundance of nature, the abundance of the wondrousness of this world, it is important to understand that you, like nature, are infinitely abundant.


Light Source P'taah, December 4, 2016

So it is simply to go about your day-to-days being all that you can be in every Now without any expectation of how it ‘should’ be. And as you find out the grander piece of wisdom there, beloveds, you are not trying to do anything. Allow that to be the most wondrous, felicitous learning for you. No struggle.


Light Source P'taah, November 27, 2016

You all get so caught up in the stories and you know there are many peoples out there in your world who are desperate for Enlightenment. They do not even really know what Enlightenment is, so what do they really want? They want to escape life. They want to do away with fear, which is perfectly valid, but you see, Enlightenment is not ‘out there.’ Enlightenment is in your heart. Enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely.


Light Source P'taah, November 20, 2016

So it is not what you are doing. It does not matter what you DO in your life. It does not matter what you do. What matters is how you are BEING in the doing, whatever it is. Whether you are cleaning the garage, sweeping your floor, digging in the garden, whatever it is, the only importance is how you are being whilst you are doing.


Light Source P'taah, November 13, 2016

You know, all of you wondrous Gods and Goddesses create yourselves here into this reality to be in this reality, not to be somewhere in some other dimension or frequency but to really and truly be here. And to be here with grace and wondrousness and the joy and the passion and excitement of Love.


Light Source P'taah, November 6, 2016

So you see, it is simply to unfold into that knowing that there is no separation whatsoever, that love truly is the truth of you and love is Goddess/God All-That-Is! Love is the light-beingness. Love is wholeness. And remember, beloveds, you create it all exactly as it fits in with your knowningness.


Light Source P'taah, October 30, 2016

You are not separate from Love. You are not separate from God. How on earth could this be possible? You could not exist if you were separate. And so when you are looking at that which are therapies and methodologies which say to you, “Oh this is how you connect to your light body,” it makes it sound as if you could be possibly separate. You cannot be separate. You could not live if you were separate.


Light Source P'taah, October 23, 2016

Indeed, the truth of it is, there is no separation whatsoever. That the humanities, not one of you is alone. Not one of you has ever been alone. It is simply the ideas, the beliefs and the fear that keep you in this feeling of separation.


Light Source P'taah. October 16, 2016

Love is the glue that holds the universes together. It is the building block of existence. It is the truth of existence. It is the truth of YOU!  And it is simply that you as humanities are unfolding into this truth. As you step into the inner dimensions, the further in you go, the more knowing of that truth you become until it becomes simply a light embodiment of love, of consciousness, of energy. That is what it is.


Light Source P'taah, October 9, 2016

Imagine that every human, including you, has a golden thread connecting it to a body of energy. And this body of energy receives not only the golden thread of you Now but all of your pasts and all of your futures. And you may call this body of energy an Oversoul. And this Oversoul is connected by a golden thread to an even larger body of energy existing in yet a faster frequency dimension. So you may say that these bands of energies exist, not as individuals but as light-beingness. They also may express themselves however they desire and indeed may choose to assist the humanities as P’taah, as the Ramtha, as Lazarus. The name does not matter. What does matter is that this energy is simply the energy of light, of love, of nurturing, of Goddess/God in the knowing of itself. You see, beloveds, what is love after all? Love is just another name for Goddess/God All-That-Is.


Light Source P'taah, October 2, 2016

That which is the idea or the feeling of separation is simply brought forth from fear. In other words, it is learned.  When you birth yourself, you know absolutely that you are not separate, mmm? You may say that the fear is a learned response. Our desire for you all is to learn how to transform that energy called fear into the energy called Love, called wholeness, called non-separation.


Light Source P'taah, September 25, 2016

Now certainly, there is nothing which is invalid. It is not invalid to call on Yeshua Ben Joseph or Buddha or Krishna or Valhalla. It does not matter. We simply point out to you that you are evolving into Gods and Goddesses realized. That is the nature of the transformation which you are stepping toward that you are coming more and more to know that you are not separate. Not in any moment are you separate from the grander beingness of yourself.


Light Source P'taah, September 18, 2016

It is wondrous to acknowledge the beloved ones who are come forth to remind you who you are. It is not that they are more than you. It is simply that they are in their knowing and you are unfolding into that knowing. The truth is there is no one more or less than anybody else because each one of you, no matter what, no matter how it seems, is indeed a Perfect and Eternal Expression of the Mind of Creation or Goddess/God, All That Is. The more you give your power away to an idea of something greater than you, the less you are in your power.


Light Source P'taah, September 11, 2016

Who are you really? You are a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation and you exist in every dimension including that which is called angelic or light-beingness. You know, there is no need to call on anything but your own goddessness, your own light-beingness. Of course, it is all one--that which be I, that which be you. There is no separation at all. The more that you call upon your own greater beingness, the more powerful you become. Do you understand?


Light Source P'taah, September 4, 2016

Many of you ask if you should pray. What does it mean, pray? What are you doing when you pray? You see, prayer is simply the methodology wherein you can touch the still place within you which is absolutely and totally connected to the Source – the Unified Field of Consciousness, to your greater beingness or whatever you want to call. And so if you wish to use an intermediary then that is fine. In a way, it does not matter because there is nothing upon your plane or any other plane indeed which is not of Creation, not part of Goddess/God.


Light Source P'taah, August 28, 2016

Very often in your dream state you are going forth to have many wondrous journeys and adventures. And indeed you have many people with whom your only communication is in the dream. And in that dream-time, it is this reality that is the dream.


Light Source P'taah, August 21, 2016

You know, the greater part of you has no difficulty at all in grasping the concepts we give you. And if you will just allow that thought to sit, most of you will find that that is so. It is when you try to put it into a box that it is difficult. It is likened unto the soft focus where upon you may regard a person or a tree or flower and in the soft focus may see the auric field, energetic field, where as if you are looking directly with hard focus, you cannot see at all. Of course, there are many people who can see anyway.


Light Source P'taah, August 14, 2016

Remember that you, each one of you, exists in all dimensions of reality simultaneously. That not only are you in this experience called third dimensional human existence but you also exist in other timeframes. You are existing in other civilizations far beyond this planet. You are also existing in dimensional frequencies unto the Void of Creation itself.


Light Source P'taah, August 7, 2016

Now, there is at soul level a desire on the part of the most of humanities to come into a broader range of experience in this Now. To come into a transformation, to be quickened into what is called a transformational shift of your entire plane of reality. So it is that more and more people are being open to the non-physical or non-material realities that may allow the connectedness with that which is called guide or angel or whatever to come forth. Well angel is simply part of the greater part of your own beingness because it is not separate from you.


Light Source P'taah, July 31, 2016

When you birth yourselves into any incarnation you come forth with what you may call a ‘Master Game Plan’. Now, within the parameters of this Master Game Plan you have freedom of choice. Some people have chosen before birth that they desire to experience only that which is babyhood or childhood. Some people desire to go through this or that experience of giving birth, of not giving birth, of being in this kind of life or that kind of life. And indeed there is no judgment about what kind of life you create. And you remember you create, or co-create we should say, it all absolutely.


Light Source P'taah, July 24, 2016

We understand that it is very difficult for you when you are in a place of ill health to be in the Isness called vibrant health. However, we say to you, that the more you can focus on what you do have and what is the joy, what is the wondrousness in your life, the more that you vibrate to that frequency and the more your body will respond to that energy that you are.


Light Source P'taah, July 17, 2016

When you focus on the ‘have nots,’ that is the resonance that you draw to you. When you focus on “I have not good health,” then indeed that is what you experience. The more you can focus on the 'haves,' the more you resonate to that having. Whether it is health or money or love or joy or excitement, the more that you can be in the Isness of that feeling, the more it is, because health or ill-health are both equally valid. 

Light Source P'taah, July 10, 2016
Money is an idea-construct. It is so powerful because of the power you have given it. If you do not love money, how would you expect it to come to you? But the bottom line is that when you can know that you truly are abundant, that you deserve all wondrousness simply because you exist, that abundance is not something that you must go out to get, it is simply a reflection of who you are, then indeed, you can allow that flow by giving forth the thanks for the riches and richness in your life and identify with the abundance that you see reflected all about you in every Now. You see?
Light Source P'taah, July 3, 2016

Abundance, beloved ones, is not something you go out to get. Abundance is who you ARE. For as long as you look at money with need, from your fear base, for as long as you believe that money is hard to get, that you must work very hard for it, that it doesn’t grow on trees, etcetera, that will be your reality. And we say to you, it is especially for those people on the spiritual path to really look at this whole idea about money because for many of you, there is an old belief that spiritual people should not be concerned with money.

Light Source P'taah, June 26, 2016

You may have it as exciting as you desire, beloveds. It is your choice. But we say this to you--It is your right, it is everyone’s sovereign right - to live a life of joy, of flow without struggle, of play, of laughter, of Love. That is your sovereign right simply because you exist and each of you exist as a Perfect Eternal reflection of the Source.

Light Source P'taah, June 19, 2016
You understand that happiness and joy, excitement and adventure are not something that just simply happens willy nilly. They are a choice. They are a perception. It is up to you to allow, by your attention and focus, for all of that to flow to you, through you, around you, from you. Because as you are is exactly how you perceive your world. It is exactly what reality is, that you will create for yourself in your day-to-days.
Light Source P'taah, June 12, 2016
You know you inhabit the most wondrous world - so vibrant, so vital, so intense - the colors, the flow of nature, awesome, awesome beauty - miracles of life. That is so exciting. What occurs for you all is that you in your busyness of days become disenchanted, become bored because you are not allowing that which is the wondrousness of your moments, of your Nows. You are not paying attention. You are not looking at that which is the perfection of your world and saying “From the God/Goddess of my being I indeed give forth the thanks that you show me the exciting miracle that I am.“
Light Source P'taah, June 5, 2016
In a way, beloveds, you have come to choice point in life to allow that which is the spiritual unfoldment, that which is garnering the richness of your own being, exploring the grander truth of you, learning to know who you truly are. So that that which have been the emptiness and that which have been the disappointments will fade in the excitement of new adventures. New adventures in consciousness; new adventures in learning more about who you are and how you fit into your world. Learning about what is your most unlimited potential. Now is the time to make that choice.
Light Source P'taah, May 29, 2016
When you are in laughter and joy and when you are going with the flow of life, then indeed the body shows forth health and vitality. When you are in fear and negative judgment about any areas of your life, then you may say that the energy gets blocked and your physical embodiment absorbs that energy. It is your body saying “Stop now! There is something here to look at.” When you do not stop, when you do not look, when you do not align, then indeed the symptoms of that emotional diseasement become more and more and more and more until eventually you die of them. So you may say really, it is a choice in every Now. Listen to your body or ignore it and do not honor and respect it.
Light Source P'taah, May 22, 2016
When you can look at the areas of your body in diseasement, when you can relate that diseasement with ideas, thoughts, beliefs and fears that you have in this area, then indeed you may say to your body, “I give forth my fervent thanks for drawing to my attention that which is my emotional body in need of restoration and I am looking at this now and no longer do I need to have these physical symptoms.”
Light Source P'taah, May 15, 2016
The truth is your bodies reflect who and how you are--not physically but emotionally, mentally. When you are in Joy, when you are nurturing yourself, when you are treating yourself with honor, then indeed your body shows that forth. Your body listens to every thought. It listens to every feeling and so when you do not honor your body, when you do not give forth thanks to the body for showing you what is going on in your life, then indeed the physical symptoms become the more and the more. 
Light Source P'taah, May 8, 2016
When you will go to the old baggage in your life, when you will allow it to be embraced, then indeed your physical body has no choice but to show forth that alignment. And also beloveds, it is not only that which is past but also that which is future. You do not ‘let go,’ rather you would embrace it all absolutely because you cannot really ‘get rid of’ anything. And in fact it is the invalidation and the trying to get rid of, to release, to put it behind you, that in a way keeps that energy with you. 
Light Source P'taah, May 1, 2016
You know, any physical diseasement is manifested in physicality from that which be emotional dis-easement. It would behoove you well to look at the areas of your life that show forth un-embracement, that is areas of your life that are controlled by fear. Areas that have been affected by pain, and we are speaking of emotional pain here because there is nothing brought forth in your physicality that is not simply a result of emotional trauma and fear and the judgment which has not been resolved.
Light Source P'taah, April 24, 2016  
We say to you, beloved ones, do what makes your heart sing. For as long as you are enchained in fear of stepping forth, for as long as you make your choices based on fear, then indeed you will not bring forth in your life the joy and play and excitement. Step forth grandly and do what makes your heart sing because when you are in that excitement, when you are in the joy of doing what makes your heart sing, then indeed you are totally focused in the Now. While you are in that excitement in the Now you are being all that you can be. When you are being all that you can be, all of the energetic channels are open to allow you to access the more of who you are so that you find in your day-to-day lives that your choice points come from that which is of joy, of fulfillment to bring more wondrousness into your life.

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