Golden Light Essences



P'taah worked with Patti Staines and her late husband to create the Golden Light Essences.  

There is an essence for each of the four misperceptions or fears:

  • I am unworthy - Jade Vine

  • I am powerless to change anything – Star Gardenia

  • Love equals pain - Golden Ginger

  • My world is not a safe place - Pink Powder Puff

Plus there are four other essences that support the transformational process: 


  • Connecting essence - for the connection to everything and everyone
  • Calming the waters - for balancing the emotions
  • Dolphin and Whale - for lightheartedness
  • Frangipani - for seeing the gift in every situation, and honest ownership


The final essence - Lotus - the Goddess  connects  all the other essences together and is for the total embracement.

These are available as a boxed set of 9 stock essences (plus an empty bottle so you can make up your own dosage bottle) or individually.

Five Combination Essences are at dosage strength and can be taken straight from the bottle:


  • The Gift of Confidence
  • The Gift of Change
  • The Gift of Love
  • The Gift of Freedom
  • The Gift of Calm

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