So my dear ones, this evening of your time we are to discuss that which be sovereignty. Since we know that you have talked about being victims, we shall discuss that also, but what is far more important than that which be termed 'victim' is your sovereignty. When you truly understand how you create your reality, then you will truly understand who you are and there can be no question of victimization.

So we say to you that when you consider life as you know it in this dimension of reality, it is very easy to become so involved in the dramas and stories of your life, so enfolded into these stories, that you forget the basic truth of you.

The truth of you is that in every now, every moment, you indeed are a perfect, eternal expression of Creation. There is no exception to this. You are grand multidimensional spiritual beings playing out this wonderful game called 'human life now'.

The truth of it is you create every part of life absolutely. You create it by your thoughts and your beliefs, that is, your idea-constructs, many of which are held universally and are the agreed-upon reality. You create it through your joint desires and indeed your fears.

When you can see that it is thus, then you realize how the mythology of victimization and the mythology of the stories of how you exist in your life are perpetrated; how you are born into a family and that family indeed has ideas, has its own mythology.

You are brought up within the idea-constructs of this. In doing so you are creating another, if you like, paradigm, another idea-construct. You may say that your ideas and beliefs about reality are the house that you dwell within. So you may say that reality is created from your ideas about who you are and your ideas about what should be reality, the agreed-upon reality.

These ideas are only energy forms - your thoughts are energy forms - and what gives the power to these thought forms is your emotion, whether that emotion is love and joy or whether it is fear. We remind you that whatever is not love is fear-based. So if you would agree to this hypothesis that we put forth to you, you can see that if you create it all, how can you possibly be a victim?

Now we hear you say,"If you create it all, why would I ever create the mayhem, the tragedy, the drama of my life? Or why would I choose to birth myself in a place of war and starvation, in a place of abuse, torture? Indeed, why would I birth myself in the usual dysfunction of this now-perceived reality?"

Well, again we say, look at the larger view of it. You do not have one life, you have thousands of lifetimes. Outside of this time-space continuum these lifetimes are all occurring at the same time - simultaneous reality - and you as powerful spiritual beings come forth into the vibrancy of life, time after time.

We say to you that one of the reasons that you do keep coming forth is because of the intensity of the frequency termed e-motion, energy in motion. The greater part of who you are does not judge good emotion or bad emotion. It simply is an experience. So consider that in this moment of your time, you are experiencing not only this perceived focus of reality, but indeed simultaneously you are experiencing human life in hundreds of other focuses, if you like.

We should say also that you exist in all of the dimensions of reality simultaneously. You exist in all realms unto the Void of Creation. That is how grand and that is how powerful, that is how wondrous you truly are. You are not and never have been victim. You are not alone and have never been alone. You are in every now a perfect, eternal expression of that which is the mind of Creation or God/Goddess, All-That-Is. That is who you are, that is the truth of you. What powerful, powerful creative beings!

When you consider what you create in every moment, mostly unconsciously, you can imagine how it will be when you are fully conscious of how and what and why you create what you do. It is most exciting indeed!

We say to you also that there is much given forth about forgiveness. Well, in the most unlimited form, forgiveness in itself is really most limiting because if you will take responsibility for your own creations, there is nothing to forgive.

We say rather, if you are talking about forgiveness at all, then you should look at how you would desire to forgive yourself. Again, that is a limited concept because when you have guilt for your behavior, it is where you are not understanding and not allowing the sovereignty of all peoples and certainly the sovereignty of your co-creators in your day-to-days.

Whatever you are creating with other people in your life, they are there for their own experience. We say that when you are choosing that which be parents, when you are choosing that which be your siblings, etc., etc., even when you are choosing your own genetics, your own genetic heritage as it were, you do so mindful of the probability within that choice, mindful of the probability about relationships. See?

We know that there is for all of you in your lives some guilt about some behavior or another to somebody you have loved, do love, should have loved and did not.

We say to you that guilt indeed is simply the lesson not learned and the lesson is that you co-create it all. You are not to be the judge of somebody else's journey, somebody else's desires, modalities of life or experience, somebody else's choices.

When you can truly come to honor who you are, when you can honor every facet of you, when you can honor your divine choice, then indeed, automatically you will honor everybody else's choices, too, and will not assume responsibility for the choices of others.

There are some who assume the responsibility and say that, "It is only child, a babe. How can it be that I cannot have responsibility for the babe?"

We say to you that whether it is a soul wrapped up in a baby's body or in the body of one who is elderly and infirmed, the soul age is the same. There are no young souls or old souls. Outside of the limitation of experience and knowing, you acknowledge the divinity of all. We say to you it is only to love absolutely, to support absolutely in the honoring of that knowing that there are no victims, only volunteers for an experience.

P'taah: All right, my beloved ones, time for query.

Q: Okay. I would like you to give us examples of how we know we are taking absolute responsibility in our lives?

P'taah: When you are not blaming somebody else for what is occurring.

Q: But how do you know that you are not doing that still on unconscious level?

P'taah: Oh, beloved, we say to you that you certainly know when you are blaming somebody else for what is occurring. You certainly know. There you are certainly not taking responsibility.

We remind you that there are no accidents, no coincidences. So, certainly, you do react very often to blame other people. We say to you that when you put forth blame, it does not really sit comfortably with you. There is rather a hollow feeling to it in your belly, even if you have created something and you have not known at the time.

When you are looking at your life, your past incidences in your life, and you look at things which have caused you pain and things where you have laid blame at somebody else's feet, you knew no other way but to give forth blame at that timing. It is that you all live very much in your past. Most of you are driven by your past incidences, past emotion, past pain and the fear.

However, we say to you that you cannot un-know something, you cannot unlearn it. You can disregard it for a little while, but you find that when you know that you are not a victim and you still continue to put the blame outside of you, you get rather bored with the feeling of discomfort that you create.

Once you can take responsibility and align the judgment that you have about yourself for the creation of that incident or can look at incidences that you have co-created with somebody else and it created pain, once you can align the judgment and give forth the thanks and the blessings from the God/Goddess of your being and give forth the thanks and blessings for this opportunity to grow, for the opportunity to know, to become ‘the more’, to fulfill the greatest potential of Who I Am, you see, when you are in your own doing, your own power, that is a very comfortable feeling. That is a very powerful feeling because you are now indeed taking charge. You are indeed in that place of surrender to who you are. You are in the most powerful place in the universe. It is your own power, allowing the Goddess energy to unfold. Does that answer your query, beloved?

Q: Yes, Thank you.

P'taah: Indeed.

Q: If you are in a group of others who all feel like victims from the same source, does that collective energy that goes into feeling like a victim have any affect on all of those people being together? If there was only one person feeling like a victim, would that be easier to dispel or is it collective feelings that make it harder?

P'taah: Always collective feelings are very powerful. That is why when you look at your world, your collective consciousness, the idea-construct about how your world should be and what you think it is, is like concrete. Because you all agree, so of course it is very strong. However, no matter how strong is the collective, your free will and your sovereignty is the most powerful because you are the central sun of your universe. So although you may be surrounded by people who are tapping into victim consciousness, the very fact that you do not tap into that is very powerful. You understand?

Q: So you go by your inner voice?

P'taah: Indeed, absolutely. Because you are the central sun of your universe. You create it absolutely. Now, should you add your voice to that which be the victim consciousness, then that is all right. There is no judgment about that. It is a very easy role to slip into. Look at your country, hmm? But you have the power absolutely and it is simply choice, because part of your sovereign beingness, part of your power, is that you have choice at every moment. Even if you find yourself slipping into old habitude, when you catch yourself you can say, "Ah ha! This is not it!" And it is simply to change the focus or bring yourself back to center, back to who you truly are.

Q: Does that come fully when there is no pain in the stomach, in the solar plexus? When you are in an uncomfortable situation and you feel a little bit of anxiety or discomfort and you feel it in the stomach, that means that you are still involved?

P'taah: It does simply mean that you are afraid of doing something wrong. You remember what we have spoken to you? We say that you have never done anything wrong in your life and you have never made wrong choice. You see? Not ever!

Q: So, should we ignore that feeling?

P'taah: Oh, absolutely not! Acknowledge the fear. It is only that baby one inside you, you see, who is afraid that he or she will do something wrong, that he or she is not worthy of love, or indeed afraid to cause pain. Does it make sense to you, beloved?

Q: Yes!

Q: Is sometimes empathy for a victim that you are dealing with being strong?

P'taah: Very often. It does not have one face any more than love has one face. It has many faces and you will feel what is appropriate because you will follow your heart, always.

Q: I have some friends who have had abduction experiences and they have come to a point where they understand that this may have been a co-creation for them earlier in this linear time frame that they are in or before they were born or something like that. But they're having trouble. They are feeling like victims now because they can't change the situation. In other words, they had that agreement then, but they want to change the agreement. How would someone change an agreement like that.

P'taah: All right. First it is to say that the reason that they want to change the agreement is because of the fear. When it is loving communion, why would they want to change it? When you change the fear, you change the reality. When you are totally driven by fear, that is all you see. That is the reflection you are given. When you change the perception and when you are coming from that place of love and allowance and surrender to the truth of you, which is that in every now you are a perfect, eternal sovereign expression of creation, then you are safe enough to come from that place of love and allowance and the whole experience changes to one of love and allowance. Does that make sense to you?

Q: Oh, absolutely!

Q: The holocaust. Was that something that grew in consciousness of all of the people that got involved in it or was it meant to be by the souls before they came? How could something that atrocious happen?

P'taah: That was a probability. It was also generations in the making. It did not happen suddenly. You see, fear begets fear begets fear. We say to you that this timing has been quite extraordinary because it held the last part of the cycle before the transformation. You know in the history of your peoples there has been that which has been worse in this very day upon your planet. There is exactly same occurring.

Q: Can you talk more about that?

P'taah: The humanities are very slow learners upon your planet on this very day.

Q: In Bosnia or...

P'taah: And in your Africa. Okay? Nothing changes and yet everything changes.

Q: But that's neither good nor bad.

P'taah: It is not good or bad. It has been quite an experience whereby there has been much learning about sovereignty.

Q: Would you define sovereignty?

P'taah: Free dominion. Choice. Sovereignty is being in the knowing that you create it all absolutely. To have that which is termed extermination on such a scale and which has become so public in your civilized area of your world, has been very, very shocking and has changed the life of generations of peoples. You see?

Q: So are you saying that fear is synonymous with victims and once we recognize the fact that we're co-creators that both will disappear simultaneously?

P'taah: In a way. We say it is not necessary. You can be absolutely driven by fear without being a victim. All of those who are the power brokers of your world live in fear of being powerless. Those who take what is not theirs are in terror of lack. Those who are the abusers have been abused. That is all fear.

Whatever is not love is fear. When you can own that fear, when you can come to the bottom line of fear and when whatever expression the fear has -- whether it is anger, whether it is lusting after power, whether it is taking what does not belong to you, whether it is war-mongering, whatever it is -- the individual has one primal fear, and that is that he or she is not worthy of love or loving. Everything stems from that.

You may say that that is rather a trite and glib way to put it. But we say it to you in our very deep and intimate experience of the humanities. When you can own all the facets of who you are, when you can come to love those facets of you that have thus far been unembraceable, and when you can look at the baby boy or girl that lives within you who is in terror that he or she is not worthy of love or loving, then indeed, beloved, that is when you do come into the sovereignty and power. That is the unleashing of the Goddess energy. That is when you come into balance, to open your consciousness to your world and see that that which is the enlightenment or that which is any of these seemingly unattainable goals is simply the natural result of loving who you are absolutely. Is that clear to you?

Q: Yes. So then loving all experiences and surrendering to the now is it, and appreciating the love that is gained from that surrendering process is in the co-creation of every aspect of our life?

P'taah: Absolutely.

Q: I mean every aspect of our lives.

P'taah: Absolutely. You see, when you are acknowledging your sovereignty, that is acknowledging that it is your creation absolutely, every part of your life. It is when you are no longer hanging on to that which is your past, when you are in the habitude of dealing in the now with whatever is occurring, and you know what is occurring because of ‘how does it feel?’ You see?

When you will simply be still and go to the pain or go to the fear and take responsibility, align the judgment and absolutely embrace that which you are and embrace that which is the feeling. It is to simply allow it. It is surrender. It is to let go and to say, "Here I am," you see? Once you can allow this to occur -- and this is not doing. You cannot do it really. It is simply an allowance again. That is Goddess energy, surrender, hmm? -- automatically you bring yourself back into your center point, ready for the next now in love, peace, joy, harmony, appreciating the now and the beauty, in the play, and so the now flows.

You are creating joyously. You are allowing spontaneity. You are allowing outrageous creativity without effort, without struggle, without doing anything except that which makes your heart sing. When you go forth in your nows to do that which makes your heart sing, everything that you desire simply falls into place.

When you are in that place of lack, when you are in the place of victim, when you are in the place of struggle and effort and doing, doing, doing -- doing boring things because you think that if you do not do them day-by-day, then there will be no food and you will not pay the rent and you will not do thus and thus and thus, you see? -- so you make life very boring because that is what you believe. That is exactly how it is, hmm?

So very often it is a leap of faith to say, "I know who I am. I know that who I am in every moment is a perfect, eternal extension of creation." And when you change it in here, (points to heart) you change it out there. It is automatic. It can be no other way because you create it all absolutely! You create it from your ideas, from your beliefs, from your intent, your desires, your expectancies. It is all yours.

Q: It seems so hard when you know what is right for you and you find that place of joy and you go to share it. The consciousness of everyone else you come in contact with and everywhere else your mind can even go to see, is so different than your reality that it is hard to stay centered in that place of knowing.

P'taah: Beloved, you know how we say to you that as you are all rushing about looking for a relationship to fill up the empty places within you, so it is when you find your joy, your bliss, your ecstasy. So very often you are so in the habitude of desiring or only being fulfilled when you see that ecstasy being mirrored back to you and you forget sometimes that you are the central sun of your universe. However, we say to you, when you can share the bliss and the excitement without being in this desire to have a return on it, then indeed it will go much easier for you and will be of less disappointment.

For those of you who are reaching for your bliss and who are finding yourselves day by day being more in the joy and the harmony and in the excitement of your creation, when you come forth to share your truth and somebody else says, "What! Are you mad?" look around you. Look at the reality, hmm? Then… ah, beloved, did that ring a few bells? So indeed, it is that you have to take a little practice to be in the containment of that and share the essence of it without being attached to the feedback.

Q: I think my heart just yearns for a warm celebration with other people in certain ways.

P'taah: All right, and so be it! If that is what you desire, beloved, you shall create it. You shall create it. Be not in the expectation of how it shall occur but be in the expectancy that it already is. When you are in the allowance, you see that reflection and so it will be.

Q: If there is someone you love and therefore you have deep emotional feelings about them because they are going through some difficult stuff, it is difficult to be around them because it is so painful. Should one put themselves in that position many times and try to transmute the pain as they're in it. It's definitely more intense than being away from the person.

P'taah: Beloved, why do you think you create relationships? You know the real truth about relationships is to share the bliss of you. But we say to you that it is termed relation-shit rather than relation-ship many times because you come together really first to fill up the empty spaces. You come together in the expectation of an ideal. When it is not fulfilled, you are disappointed. Also the relationship is a mirror right in your face. You must come face-to-face with issues that are not aligned.

So we say to you, if you run away from pain or fear you will find it right around the corner. Then you will be there in loving support. Again we say it is not necessary to buy into the story but to be there in loving support and deal with your own feelings as they come forth. Where you are feeling pain, take responsibility, align the judgment and feel the feeling.

Q: Even if it takes many, many, many times and much effort, you have to keep doing that and going through it until there is no more?

P'taah: Stop trying to do it. Let me remind you it is like peeling an onion. You have had all of this lifetime, and indeed all of the lifetimes, to build up these layers that you have put around your heart. It is possible to do it all at once, you know. That is the truth. It is possible to do it all at once, indeed. But also be aware that you are all very attached to the drama. You love the stories. Each time you have choice, and what you do not align one time we promise you will come around again for you.

Q: It is our choice? We can do it now?

P'taah: Indeed.

Q: Or we can prolong it for a while.

P'taah: Indeed.

Q: And it doesn't make any difference if we do. It is only our choice.

P'taah: Absolutely. This is your ballgame, every part of it. You are the ball player, you are the umpire, and you make the rules as you go along. There certainly is no judgment except from you, the umpire, and that is the most savage judgment of all, of course. No God would ever, ever treat you as harshly as you do treat yourselves.

Q: You were talking in the beginning about simultaneous lifetimes. Are there lifetimes where it appears to be more joyful in the places that we are? Are we here in this reality now to see the lessons?

P'taah: You are not here for lessons. You are here for experiences. That you may gain wisdom from the experiences is wondrous indeed.

We say to you, we remind you, that not only are you focused in many other human lifetimes of this dimension, you are also experiencing other focuses of reality outside of the space-time continuum, outside of this universe, and indeed unto the void of creation itself. As we have just said to you, unto the angelic realms. You are all part of that.

You are not separate from anything. So, of course, you are experiencing that which is eternal bliss and when you sleep, when you go forth in your dream time, you go forth to many dimensions to play, to restore yourselves, to garner wisdom, to remind yourself of grander truths.

Q: Are we learning about the victim mode in other simultaneous lifetimes as well?

P'taah: Oh, you have been a victim many times, beloved, yes.

Q: Simultaneously?

P'taah: They are all occurring now, and you have all been grand victims. You are all grand victims elsewhere. But as you change your here and now, you are changing all of the lifetimes, what you term your past times and what you term your future.

Q: It's not just on the earth plane?

P'taah: It is not at all. It is not just of this dimension of reality. It is not of third density. It is of that which be fourth and fifth density, but we say these numbers mean nothing to you. You do not even know about this density let alone any other. What is to occur here will certainly have an effect in other realities.

Q: You mentioned that this was the final act of this particular play and, in a sense, that we are going to be moving on.

P'taah: That is correct.

Q: Okay. So when we move on, what will that be like? Are we going to move to a perspective that is going to a eliminate some of the things like fear and pain?

P'taah: Absolutely.

Q: That is going to go by the wayside. Okay, so is this going to be a process that is going to be slow?

P'taah: It is actually not very slow. The timing of it is quite rapid and it will appear to come more and more rapid and, for a time, it will seem that the polarities become stronger and stronger. The timing, the probability for this timing is your year 2012-2013. You may say that it will be likened unto a roller coaster. It has already occurred in the time shift out of the time-space continuum. In a way, everything is becoming faster and faster.

The growth is exponential. The change in consciousness will be very, very rapid. But for some time it will appear that that which is the force of fear is much stronger. That is not so. It is just simply showing the polarities. What will occur is that love will simply engulf the fear and that will be in the blink of an eye, really.

Although we say that it will be a blink of an eye on your global level, however in this timing there are more and more people who are coming to experience glimpses of the transition. This is not anywhere you are going to go to. It is simply a state of being. That frequency in that state of being is simultaneous with the whole change of frequency of your planet and every thing upon it and within it.

There are people now who are having this experience of oneness, this experience of fourth density. At this timing it is likened unto a flashing in and out and it may last a few moments while it seems like an eternity. It may continue even for days at a time and then it is gone. People are saying, "I do not know. I did not do anything to provoke this extraordinary change."

What is to occur is that more and more people will have this experience and more and more people will have this experience for longer and longer time. Then when the shift actually occurs, it will be almost as if you have forgotten there was any other way. It is that knowledge of non-separation, of absolute oneness. It is that state in which you know your own truth. You are also capable of seeing universal patterning.

You see, at this timing, it is on an emotional level rather than an intellectual level. You are now feeling that knowing, rather than it being an intellectual pattern. Of course, it will come when you will use your intellect very grandly at the point of focus and that is really coming into a whole new technology where you will have your grand awareness using powers like thought. Indeed, that is how the craft that you are all so fascinated by moves into high space. That is the force, the e-motion.

So we say to you that what is important now also is to realize that the power, the power-sourceness of your thought, is your e-motion. When that emotion is fear, you see what you create. When you can embrace the fear and put forth those thoughts empowered by love, by excitement, by joy, and by the knowing that whatever it is you desire already is, and in the excitement of the Isness of it, so indeed, the universe supports that absolutely. And that, my beloved ones, is sovereignty, indeed. It is wonderful, full of wonder to be sure.

Q: Thank you for being with us tonight.

P'taah: Ah, my beloved, it is always a joy and indeed such an honor to be with you to share your essence and to speak in this fashion. Come and play with us again, hmm? The secret of it is not to get through to the head. It is to get through to the heart. That is why we say, "Take off your head and put it under your arm and let your heart get on with the work," hmm? Allow the brain a holiday.

You know the intellect was only designed to be a servant of the heart, you see. But it became rather uppity in its desire to take over the world, eh?

All right, my beloved ones, we issue forth Namaste indeed, and we say farewell until the next now. Go forth in joy and play a lot, all right? And do not forget to state forth your desires, your intent, and your expectancy that it already is each day and give forth the thanks for the miracle that you are.

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