No Escape

Beloved ones! We ask you to think of this. Is your quest for enlightenment that which is the joy and excitement of unfolding into the more of who you really are, or is it a quest to escape the fear, pain and anguish of day-to-day living in your realm? We suggest you contemplate this.

You see, my dear ones, there is no escape. For as long as you are attempting to get rid of, overcome, release, push away, or let go of the fear, pain and anguish, that energy which you expend in pushing away will simply draw to you that which you are attempting to get away from. What you resist will absolutely persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

What you are, indeed, is a grand embodiment of electromagnetic energy. That is, every facet of you, your physical body, your consciousness, your thoughts and beliefs and your emotional beingness are all entwined to create a body of energy which is likened unto a magnet. This energy has a resonance, a vibrational frequency, which draws to itself that which matches its own frequency.

Thusly, as you go about your day-to-day life, you create in your perceived reality those situations which reflect back to you your own beliefs about who you are and how the universe is. The frequencies or resonances match. So, if you desire to bring about change in your day-to-day life, the simple fact is that you must change the frequency that you are.

We have said to you many times that enlightenment, or the ability to exist in that state termed fourth or fifth density as you call it, is the natural result of loving every facet of you unconditionally. In other words, by that unconditional love you change the frequency. This is not required to be a struggle. It is simple a choice in every now. There are no magic pills or potions, no magic words, incantations or rituals. There is only love or fear. Which do you choose in any now?

Of course your frequency changes and fluctuates moment by moment. When you are in a very loving and allowing space, you perceive your outward reality from that framework. Those of you who have experienced your epiphanies or great ah-ha's have wondered why the experience has not been repeated more often, or indeed why, since you have experienced it once, can you not be in that place all of the time. Well, my dearest ones, it is because that frequency does not match who you are most of the time.

The two powerful components, if you like, of your magnetic beingness are your beliefs about yourself and the emotions attached to and underlying those beliefs. Emotions are the seat of your creative power. Where you are operating in your day to days from the fear-based emotions based on the belief that you are not worthy, not enough, powerless, love equals pain, and the universe you inhabit is a dangerous and doomed place, (any or all of the above) then your day-to-day creations will reflect this.

However, because you are powerful, wondrous beings, you change your resonance to create whatever you desire. It all starts and ends with you. Remind yourself of your grandest truth. You are in every moment, no matter the apparency, a perfect, eternal expression of Creation. You are gods and goddesses playing a wondrous game called ‘human life now’.

The facet of you which forgets that truth, the facet which believes and feels all of that fear-based stuff, is just a little person, a tiny child who lives inside of you. One who, in spite of forgetting the grand truth, loves the totality of you absolutely; one who has struggled every day of your life to ensure that you survived; one who has always done the best possible in every circumstance. It is this little facet of you that is requiring the fullest attention, requiring your compassion and unconditional love.

We would remind you of the keys to transformation:

1. You can only transform what you own. If there is any facet of you that you do not own, any situation that you do not own your share of, then how can you transform it?

2. You can only transform in the now. You cannot transform in your past and you cannot transform in your future. You can only transform in your now moment and the paradox of course is that when you choose transformation in your now moment, you automatically transform your past and your future.

3. You can only transform whilst you are in the emotion of the fear or pain, because that is where your power lies. If you would doubt this, then I would draw your attention to the fact that whilst you usually make your day-to-day decisions based on logic and experience, when you are in the grip of very strong emotion, your logic almost always flies out the window!

4. You can only create transformation by total embracement, that is embrace the child within who has created the undesired reality you are experiencing. Embrace the situation and the co-creators and look for the gift within this situation. If you have trouble finding the gift, remind yourself that no matter what the situation is, it is an opportunity to be the more of who you really are!

We ask you to contemplate the fact that all of your fears are based on perceived lack. The grand truth is that there is no lack. However, as this is your belief and your fear, this is what you create in your life, whether it is lack of love or money or creature comforts or simply ease and flow in your life. Many of you rush about in your outside world with great effort and struggle to try to change this situation and wonder why nothing changes at all, really.

The fear of lack is a resonance. The knowing of absolute abundance in every facet of your life is also a resonance. To change the resonance, we suggest you would give forth joyful thanks to the universe at least once each day for the abundance in your life.

Sit down and write out all the things in your life, in every area, to be thankful for. Each day as you would sing forth your thanks, feel the joy of this abundance and richness in your life. Whilst you are engaged in this activity you are in the isness, the now, of no lack.

As you go about your day you will carry this resonance with you. During your day, when you see something which pleases you or brings you joy, give forth the thanks. Then stand back and be ready for change!

So you see, my dears, there is no escape. There is only you, and by your own awesome power you may create that which you desire -- heaven on earth and you, the gods and goddesses, realized in the full potential called human.

I love you absolutely in your god and goddess games! Namaste.

Copyright Jani King 2001

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