Death, Grief & Separation


For some of you, this year will mean change of abode, change of your work situation, or change of relationships. Many of you will experience death and the loss of dear family or beloved friends. In fact, many of you are remarking how extraordinary it is that every time you turn around, someone else you know has either created a serious diseasement of the body or has died.

This situation of death is an interesting one. Most of you are not prepared for it and are not taught in any positive way what to do with this event, which is, for all of you, a certainty. The main fear around death is the uncertainty of what is to come after. Some of you believe fervently that there is nothing after death and this may be quite terrifying. Others of you fervently believe in a heaven of some kind and maybe a hell, and may be quite afraid in your secret heart how you may be judged to be worthy of one or the other. The other fear you may have is the separation from all you know and from your nearest and dearest, leaving behind all that you hold dear.

The other interesting situation is that of grief. For those left behind, the absence and physical separation of a beloved one may be an ongoing process of trauma and grief, sometimes lasting many, many years and taking joy and laughter from the life and the living.

We say to this, the fear of death and the mourning grief is valid, but it is all due to a misperception about the greater reality. In the greater knowing and expanding consciousness, you may change your own reality about these things and assist others to come into this new awareness.

If you have any doubts about life without the body, we ask you to look at how you leave your body in an altered state of consciousness every time you sleep. For those of you who have had after-death experiences and out-of-body experiences, you know with absolute certainty that there is no such thing as the end of life. There is only the end of this perception of life with this body you are creating in this now, moment by moment.

After you leave your body in death, you find yourself in the most wondrous lightness of beingness. Your focus, after a few moments, usually shifts from what was the physical reality to the new frequency you now find yourself in. It is glorious in its light and in this new state of being you are able to perceive yourself separate from no one and no thing in this enfolding frequency. It is truly a joy to be in that knowing, on one hand welcomed, cradled, and supported with unconditional love and on the other, to be free to dance on moonbeams.

No one, no matter what the situations are in physical reality or how you may judge how someone has lived their life, is disallowed to experience this joy, this love, this reality.

We ask you to look again at the statement of your greatest truth. You are, in every moment, no matter the circumstances, a perfect and eternal expression of the Source.

Please do note the eternal part! This is not about the body. Bless the body, indeed, for it is what you have created to be able to experience the wonders called physicality. However it is the eternal beingness of you that comes again and again to experience life in all its myriad expressions in different time locks with different gender, race, and social circumstance. You choose it all and co-create your entire life’s experience.

There is no end to life. You are not separated from your loved ones at death. In a way, you may say that with the absence of the physical body, the relationships with your loved ones are now enhanced because there is nothing standing between you, no impediment to true communications of the heart, no misunderstandings.

So now let us look at grief. Of course grief is valid. You have just lost someone who is beloved of your heart. There is now physical separation. You are here and your beloved is off having the most wondrous experience, dancing on moonbeams and perhaps, for the first time in years, feeling a body of joyous light and freedom, being bathed in love and having altogether a jolly good time. The lost ones who are children are now no longer lost, but gathered into the arms of love and very soon to come into the re-integration with their greater soul energy, into wholeness and knowing.

Can you begrudge your loved ones this experience? I don’t think so. So whom do you mourn for? For you? All right, that is valid. You are a very poor thing to have been so left behind. But do you know that you still have your beloved one available to you? Perhaps not in the same old way, but with you, nevertheless. It is up to you whether or not you make yourself available to this new way of being together.

As we have said, there is really no separation. If you will allow yourself to be open to the possibility, you may experience your beloved by the thought and the feeling. It may, of course, be much more. It is not to have expectations of how these experiences take place, but rather to be in the feelings of joy for the beloved and just to pay attention as you go about your days. You will know your beloved simply by the feeling. When you talk to the beloved, do so in the knowing that your words and feelings are instantly known.

If there has been the situation whereby you are feeling sad that you did not have time to say the words you would have said, we say to you, say them now! You will be heard. Your heart is known and if you think that there is any forgiveness required, it is only for you to be kind and compassionate to you. In the after-death, the heart is truly known and there is not anything to forgive.

We say to you that truly it is more fitting that you celebrate the passing of your people with great gusto. Celebrate their lives. Celebrate the gift they have been to you. Focus on the wondrousness that was their lives and the joy and vitality that is their now life, in the after-death. When you may do it thusly, you will find that truly the grief is replaced by a quiet contentment in the knowing that as each of you creates your birthing and life, so indeed you do, at a very deep level, create your circumstances of dying and death to come again into the all knowing, the wholeness, and new choice points in your eternal game of being the Source experiencing Itself, however, wherever, and whenever It may.

I love and honor you eternally in your eternal games.


Copyright Jani King 2001

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