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Dennis on February 18, 2014 at 8:26 AM said:

Hi there

tree analogy is from Psalm 1 (not 2).I quote the relevant verse/s:

'1 Oh, the joys of those who do not

follow the advice of the wicked,

or stand around with sinners,

or join in with mockers.

2 But they delight in the law of the Lord,

meditating on it day and night.

3 They are like trees planted along the riverbank,

bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither,

and they prosper in all they do.'

Perhaps the analogy with the ocean is simplier. There is the ocean, now one can take to the waters whatever size container s/he likes - a thimble, a bucket, a skip, or a mega - container and fill each up with the sea water, and then go away to their separate ways, which could be countries apart. The water in the containers -no matter what size, shape or place is still part of the ocean in essence, in actual being. It varies only in proportion and quantity, but it is still the ocean in constitution and essence.
Likewise us as humanity. We each have been given/have different containers (our bodies) and we live all over this fair earth, but the spirit, the essence, the life principle and God power within the body,which is our true self, is of the one Essence which is ALL That Is.

We are of One body (humanity). I picture this as somewhat akin to being cells in a body. Each cell is an entity to itself,is essential to each other, part of a body or organ and all together part an essential part of something much greater.

So humanity is One and we could see ourselves (humanity I mean) as an organ, a tissue, a molecule or a cell of that f\greater something we will become conscious of sometime, somewhere, sometime.
Right onward, upward, forward, Godward (?)
Let the good times roll
Love Dennis
Chris Fine on February 17, 2014 at 10:23 AM said:

OK Dennis - and don't feel you have to get back to me, if there's nothing to say.

Also - I love the Jesus analogy of "I am the vine, ye are the branches." My aunt made a needlepoint picture of that, with the words, and a picture of the vine and branches. The image has stayed with me all this time. I look at it as a metaphor. In other words, Christ is One with God (the tree or vine) and all the facets (branches) are also part of that Oneness. A metaphor P'taah has used is that we are as the sunbeams to the Sun. Another metaphor is a wave to the ocean. Again, the idea of Oneness is un-understandable to us, who are only aware of the duality we've lived in so long. But these metaphors I think, help us get an idea.

The poem the girls sang is amazing and I love it. To think of a mountain 10,000 miles high, and every million years one little bird comes to sharpen its beak on it, and then when that mountain is finally worn away by that little bird's beak - that is only a day/hour/second in eternity. That starts to give us an idea of what eternity might be. Which also is a concept we in our current minds find difficult to understand.

Thanks for posting it Dennis. And I've enjoyed our discussion. Much love, Chris
Dennis on February 16, 2014 at 8:52 AM said:


Came upon this in my surfing. Apparently Girl Guides used to sing this in days of yore (but no more...)

Eternity is a long,long,long time

In the land of Odin
There stands a mountain
Ten thousand miles in the air.
Once every million years,
A little bird comes winging,
Sharpens his beak then quickly disappears.
And when that mountain,
It wears away
That to eternity will be one single day.

Of course eternity has no time but it paints a picture of all the grandeur that is before us.
To add further mystique to this change the last line to 'will be one single hour' or
'will be one single minute' or
'will be one single second' or
'will be one single nanosecond' (one billioneth of a second)

Yes eternity is ..well eternal
And we will be there! Always! for Life cannot end and guess what? We are life.
Cheers Dennis
Dennis on February 16, 2014 at 8:11 AM said:

Thank you for your response. My tree analogy came form Jesus and Psalms(Ps 2 )Jesus 'I am the vine, you are the branches...'etc ( In John somewhere)

I will ponder over what you have said and get back. OK

Love Dennis
Chris Fine on February 15, 2014 at 11:46 AM said:

Greetings Dennis!

Here is your question:

"But if God is ALL That Is, then we, or anything else cannot be separate can we??"

My understanding is that we are not separate, and never have been, but there is an aspect of us which BELIEVES we're separate.

In the physical world, and in bodies, we see proof of separation. You have a different body than me. A rock is separate from the tree, etc. Everything is separate. The physical world PROVES our separation.

And yet, P'taah has told us over and over that the world and all the physical universe is an illusion, is simply a dream that is being dreamed, and in truth, is not reality.

If this is so, then who we are is not really a body. Who we really are is spirit united as one with God, not separate in any way. And God is the only reality.

If God is the only reality and is all One, then what we think "exists" here on this world, since it's demonstrating separation constantly, cannot be true.

You cannot have Oneness be true, and separation or duality also be true. Just as there is no light in darkness, just as fear cannot abide where love is. They are mutually exclusive.

So when you talk of branches of the tree, or of races of humanity, you are talking still of the illusion, and not of Truth.

God IS all that is, however this world is not part of what is. It's all made up - an illusion in the mind of the dreamer.

So your poem is very appropriate. As you go within - not within the body, but within the mind - there you find the soul of you, the mind of you, joined in oneness and in Truth, or in the Promised Land as you say. We have never left the Promised Land, or the realm of God, but a tiny aspect of us has just BELIEVED we have, and made up an entire world of separation, just to prove it.

Much love, Chris
Dennis on February 15, 2014 at 5:11 AM said:

Chris thanks for your post You say:

'P'taah has always said, in answer to such questions as "Why did we choose separation from God?", that it is "For the experience Beloved." '

Doesn't tell us much does it?? My thoughts:

But if God is ALL That Is, then we, or anything else cannot be separate can we??

I read somewhere an analogy.

Think of a tree, with it's many branches,leaves and fruits/flowers.
Now God / All That Is is the tree in this analogy.
The branches are the root races or even perhaps all the people in existence not just humanity – which could be 1 branch or 5 branches if you take the so called root races into consideration.

The other branches could be ALL the other nonhuman-- ities that there are.

Now when we (the branches) are totally connected and in alignment with the energy that is ALL That Is then we flourish and bring forth green luscious leaves and mouthwatering fruit.

When we are out of alignment then we slowly perish and die.

Well there must be SOME tuth in that, surely.
Love and blessings Dennis
Dennis on February 15, 2014 at 4:46 AM said:

Hey guys A little truth
To search... to find

My Search

I searched long and wide to find
my very soul; why would it hide??
I looked far and near and in between
Alas! no soul was found nor seen!!

Then at last… I looked within…
And there my Soul, said with a grin
“Welcome at last!…and…come on in.”

Now… together… united… hand in hand
We drink 'honeyed milk' in The Promised Land.

So no matter what may be, I go forth triumphantly!

Chris Fine on February 13, 2014 at 8:55 AM said:

Very beautifully written Dennis, thank you.

P'taah has always said, in answer to such questions as "Why did we choose separation from God?", that it is "For the experience Beloved."

That is always what he says. It's the only answer to that question that has made some sort of sense to me in all my years of philosophical study. Somehow I think there may be more to it than that, which we just can't understand yet, but P'taah in his wisdom, gives us something we can find acceptable for now....

Love you lots Dennis, Chris
Dennis on February 12, 2014 at 2:39 PM said:

Thank you for your quick reply.
As usual you get to the thick of things quickly.Upon further thought and meditation/contemplation on the CwG passage I feel I should elaborate.

Even though I said it answers most of my questions, I was a bit too eager to agree. At first it seemed 'right', but then it bought up quite a few questionings and you hit the main one on the head.

God/All That Is being All That Is is, by definition, complete in Itself. How then can Incompleteness even be contemplated by this Complete All Isness?

Or as you succinctly put it:

'It may well be the case that All That Is wanted to experience Itself as separate, so that It could experience Itself as whole, but It would seem that It was already experiencing Itself as whole, so why would It want to separate?'
NDW (Neale Donald Walsch) would say to experience Its own magnificence, but it was /is doing that just by Being All That Is. If It is All That Is well there is nothing more...

So CwG resonated with me, but raised more, deeper questions.
perhaps you are right when you say we can't understand at our own level

'Also in my understanding, it is impossible for us, as separated egos, who believe we are separate from God, to understand the Oneness of God or of Heaven, or whatever you may call it. To try to understand how an aspect of God could imagine itself as lacking, can't make sense to us in our current understanding'

I was surprised when you wrote 'I can't say exactly if this would be in agreement with P'taah's teachings' What does P'Taah say about this?? Can't say I have come across any of his wisdom along these lines, but then you and others have been studying his teachings/sayings longer than I have.

Maybe we should just stick to what we really know and put the rest on the shelf so to speak:

Life is...
Thought is...
I am...
You are...
Humanity is...
other-ity's (different life to humanity) could well be...

What is, is whatever follows is just conjecture or (informed or uninformed) opinion.

Philosophically Dennis
Chris Fine on February 12, 2014 at 12:15 PM said:

For some reason, I couldn't add any more to the post below, so I'll continue briefully here.

It may well be the case that All That Is wanted to experience Itself as separate, so that It could experience Itself as whole, but It would seem that It was already experiencing Itself as whole, so why would It want to separate? I don't believe we have an answer for this, but I do think that at some point in our evolution, we might understand it. For now, Oneness is incomprehensible to our minds which are steeped in the thought system of duality.

Thanks for sharing this unpublished aspect of Conversations with God. And I'm very happy that it answers most of your questions.

Much love, Chris
Chris Fine on February 12, 2014 at 12:10 PM said:

Hi Dennis:

First, I would say that if this answers your questions, and resonates with the Truth within you, then you have your answers and all is well.

Second, I can't say exactly if this would be in agreement with P'taah's teachings.

I can say from my perspective and understanding, that there is no lack in Truth. The idea of lack does not even exist in Truth, or using other words, in the Mind of God. Also in my understanding, it is impossible for us, as separated egos, who believe we are separate from God, to understand the Oneness of God or of Heaven, or whatever you may call it. To try to understand how an aspect of God could imagine itself as lacking, can't make sense to us in our current understanding.
In The Beginning... on February 12, 2014 at 8:16 AM said:

Found this in another forum. I felt it was something P'Taah would endorse (please correct me if I am mistaken):

From the newest CwG book, The New Theology (as yet unpublished), comes this parable:
In the beginning
All That Is was all there was,
and all there was was All That Is,
and there was nothing else,
and it was very good.

Still, All That Is yearned
to know itself in Its own experience,
for it was not enough to know Itself
as what it was. It wished to
experience Itself as That.

Yet it could not experience Itself as
What It Was
because it was All That Is,
and there was nothing that It was not.
And in the absence of that which you are not,
that which you are
is not.

Now All That Is looked far and wide
For something It was not
so that It could experience Itself
in comparison to that,
but there was nothing It was not
anywhere at all.

Finding nothing outside of Itself
with which to compare Itself,
All That Is did the next logical thing:
It looked within.
(Which is not a bad idea for any of us
who wish to experience Who We Really Are.)

There, All That Is saw itself in the
Totality of Its Magnificence, and,
wishing to experience that,
It differentiated Itself,
manifesting Itself as countless
Aspects of Itself,
and imbuing every Aspect with the
ability to evolve in consciousness
to a place where it would become
Aware of Itself
in its Individuated Form,
and thus, capable of becoming
Aware of Itself
in Its Totality.

Through this Divine Device
Has Divinity Itself
created a means by which to
experience Itself as
Who and What It Truly Is.

Me here:

Chris This poetically agrees with what I have become aware of (remembered) in this now. I feel it answers most of the queries of my earlier posts.
Any thoughts??

Peace Dennis
Poet's Corner Pt 2 on February 12, 2014 at 6:55 AM said:

Being see below becoming...

Be…Being…Becoming…Joyously Anticipating

Finding more.


Experiencing more

Time has no effect on us… we are always

Expressing more

May it be so

Love to All DennisSmile
Lightfoot on February 12, 2014 at 6:49 AM said:

We are both hearing the sound of the different drums of life a drumming! We need to be true to our truth (or perception of truth) and 'to our own self be true'.
So all the best and go for broke.

Regards Dennis
Poet's Corner on February 12, 2014 at 6:40 AM said:

Was reading about the Bee which aerodynamically should not be able to fly, but does. Shows that with God/Life force/ Life Principle all is possible and nothing is impossible. Got me thinking about Life and Being and allowing and this is my response:

Be Happy
Be free
Be all that you can … be
Be the Truth of who you are -
Not just the Bee-
but the honey in the jar!
and the Nectar Of Life
so lovingly spread
upon the nourishing Bread (Manna)
That feeds us all.
So let's heed the call…
and after all is done and said
and frivolity's been put to bed
May we all just… Be.


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