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April 2019, Burning Questions

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If Jani retires, will there be others who speak for P'taah?
At this time, P'taah says, no. However, P'taah is with us, always - that cannot change. Knowing P'taah in other lifetimes.
Our galactic heritage? Being human is a very small portion of our soul experience. We humans also have a genetic connection to the stars.  /  Most of the fear felt by those who've had 'alien abduction' experiences is caused by the experience simply not being comprehensible to our conscious mind - especially not for adults.  /  The public coming of star peoples, a veritable "circus" - may be quite soon. When the fear will not be overwhelming.
The colors of healing are the colors of love...
P'taah talks about "stepping down" or "converting" the energetic body which we call P'taah so it can be utilized in this, our dimensional reality - by directing it through the sympathetic harmonic of the Pleiades. A bit like a power-point adaptor.
Offworlders have been visiting Earth for many aeons of time. We think of ourselves as isolated, but in fact, we're not.
Planting a Garden of Peace in one's mind as a way of focussing the love to those who need it.
Another wonderful way for us to do this - sending love through water. Water is the great conductor. Truth has a way - like water - of growing, communicating, and passing on. Nothing is ever lost.
Where does one draw a line between disrespecting our environment, and knowing that all is divine? Being sensible. Setting forth one's desire to step lightly. Giving thanks.
The vulnerability of an open heart - therein is great strength. What makes us weak is the fear of being hurt. If we were without fear, we would be standing in our power with open heart!
Old age need not be accompanied by sickness & sadness.
Is knowing my beliefs really the way to create the reality that I want? Yes. How do I find those beliefs? Look - nothing is hidden.  We all find it so easy to see what other people's issues are! When we believe we are powerless, then we are powerless.

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