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March 2019 - Carmen Houlton

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1) Who is P'taah? P'taah describes himself as a body of energy that exists everywhere & everywhen. And he describes the true nature of human soul-essence - hint: it is not human. / What does P'taah see when looking at us? Bodies of electromagnetic energy - and a beautiful description of how a happy human really looks. Our constant interdimensional shifting - it is just a breath. / Our human experience is intense so we are able to perceive the miracle and wonderment of every aspect of every living thing upon & within our planet. If we feel disconnected & trapped, the answer is not 'escape' but to find our connection and how to do that.
2) Carrying around family stories, family suffering - and how to heal it. A reminder that there are no victims. We have a choice, and everyone else in the stories has a choice. / How to heal the situation when a person dies leaving 'unfinished business' behind. / Life's purpose - as we come into the light, so we are shedding the light for everyone on our planet. Finding our centerpoint, so we do not get caught up in the stories.
3) Humanity's evolution. Is there a shift? Are we changing? Open communication with the Star-people. Technologies to come./ Does Artificial Intelligence have a soul? The Sourceness of who we are as Humankind is not confined. Sourceness exists everywhere and everywhen. Energy is consciousness. / That old idea that some things have soul and some don't is just another cause for separation - them and us as well as wars and grasping for power. The fear that something could be not of Sourceness. Everything responds to love.
No need to fear machines. Even our idea of machines will change - hint: the word 'organic'. The future is wondrous.
4) The seeming turmoil of our planet. How to be aware, without being caught up. How to recognize when one's life is wondrous to be sure, and to send love and peace to those whose lives are not so peaceful.  
Applying 'everything responds to love'. Sending love to anything and everything that we dislike/ fear/ find upsetting. "Hating war does not stop war. Loving peace stops war."
Creating our destiny. One person's reality is not the same as another person's reality. Our frequency joins with others of like frequency to create the world we focus upon. 

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