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February 2019 - Shoshanah

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The expansion of consciousness is also the expansion of intellectual knowledge and that, coupled with the expansion of spiritual understanding of who we are and how we are, is the important thing.  / Genocide in our time - humankind decimating another tribe of humankind for power, money, land, etc.../ The connection between gold and grain. Grain came from the Star Peoples and the Star Peoples came for gold. One may say it was Star Peoples who began the mining the gold on our planet. In our own search for minerals we may uncover new archaeological finds. / There was enslavement of humans, but this was only one segment of the populations of other civilizations. / One cannot really say "Oh yes, the Star Peoples" because we are actually speaking of innumerable other civilizations also through time. / The power-brokers of our planet may, unbeknownst to themselves, be working for the highest good. Every action has its own time, and things are unfolding perfectly. It is what it is, whether any of us know it or not. / Our medical profession. Its uses and limitations. The repression of public discussion. Transform the consciousness and transform the discussion. How do we assist people in validating and focusing on root causes? By living our Truth! / Tips on healing. / Sound energy of insects. There is much to learn. And beauty and wonderment to behold if we would allow ourselves to hear and observe. / Discoveries some people are making, playing with the sound, and spectrum of the sound, made by insects... The sound of insects assists the planet in its rhythms. Without insects there is no planet Some people hear sound in association with the Northern Lights. Every color has a vibrational frequency and sound, if we can hear it.

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