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January 2019 - Your Greater Truth, Jeni

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Your Greater Truth - no matter what the question, the answer is love!

For those of us who wonder why these conversations cover a lot of 'old' ground... covering it in different ways, with new people and fresh perspectives can be most helpful! And anyway, P'taah has been really saying only the one thing for the last 30 years - Love is the question, and Love is the answer!
How do we relate all these wonderful & sensible sounding teachings back to our own internal dialogue and behavioral patterns?  / When we stop and breathe deeply, we are in the allowance of life - and life is the All That Is. As we do it more, it becomes easier. The secret of all this, this expansion, is knowing ourselves. Catching ourselves in moments of repetitive patterning, and saying, "No, that is not my greater truth". No judgment. Gratitude is being in the now. Fear of change. No but's. 
Change really isn't something you do. Rather it is a state of being. Almost like flicking a switch from "I can't" to "I am". / How our human lifetimes inter-relate with and affect each other. / Past-life regression - is it helpful to us? / To embrace the fear is to be the love.

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