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December 2018 - Carmen

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Alzheimers / Fifth Dimension / Tunnel of Light / Jesus & Mary Magdalena / Inner Earth Beings / Pets / Communicating with Those Who Have Died / Moving on After Death

Track 1  
Alzheimer's. Observing the apparency of a disease in order to understand it. Fear. Withdrawal. Usually unconscious. / What is 5th dimension? Our quantum theorists talk about 4th & 5th dimensions in relation to spatial concepts - but in real terms, there is no point - because the dimensional realities are different for different people. Dimensional reality is really about frequency. Thoughts, dreams, imagination, out-of-body experiences - all can shift our dimensional reality. We are constantly shifting & moving around. Do not be surprised by anything! / Perception & simultaneity.
Track 2
Near-death experiences, and the Tunnel of Light. A gateway into the Universal consciousness. Meeting our loved ones in a place of non-separation. Pre-death beliefs affecting our after-death experiences. / Jesus & the Magdalena were both spiritual teachers. She was never a prostitute, but was labelled such by political orders of the day who feared women of power, & wished to maintain a system where women were treated as second-class citizens. The idea construct & religion we have associated with Jesus is not based on the truth of the person's existence.
Track 3
The Inner Earth civilisation exists in a different dimensional frequency to those of us living on the surface of the planet. Usually people make contact with them quite by accident - however, we could experiment with stepping through the crystal portal of our Inner Room... The Inner Earth People have a whole world - very beautiful. It is not like living in caves, you know. / Aliens in human form, living amongst us. Explorers.
Track 4
The physical integrity of creatures, animals. They have no judgement about their physicality, or leaving it. / What are the dearly departed doing now? They are in the fullness of being, joyfully merging into this extraordinary, expanded consciousness.
Track 5
Communicating with those who have died - no hard & fast rules. What is the wish of the being? How connected are we? We can initiate communication. / Electrical energy can interact with the dreaming state. / Re-incarnation is simply multitudinous lifetimes occurring simultaneously. It is not a line at all. The bicycle wheel analogy to help picture it. We exist in all sorts of dimensions, times, planets, universes, ways of being - remember, our soul is not human - that is just one aspect of our experience!

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