2018 Conversations > October 2018 - Our Bigger Selves/Death/ Essences/Technology/Time, Pattie
October 2018 - Our Bigger Selves/Death/ Essences/Technology/Time, Pattie

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Connecting with our larger selves and seeing the bigger picture amid the dramas and stories of our everyday lives. Divine Intelligence casts its light strands of energy that are consciousness and those in turn weave themselves into universes. Bodies of Consciousness are aware of themselves, yet know themselves as not-separate from their Source. Our Soul Essence is not human and can express itself as anything it desires, including human.
The Consciousness of which we are Expressions is vast and profound. Without this connectedness, Life would not be. We may become aware of this in our day-to-day existences by stopping and breathing and allowing ourselves simply to be, which expands our sense of ourselves. 
Furthermore, the Soul Essences are not really separate from one another. So when a person passes from physicality and joins with their grand soul energy and total consciousness beyond time and space you may still feel and sense each other, because where Love is there can be no separation.
The purpose of making group essences at different events around the world. In the latest co-creation - 'Red Moon Rising' in Turkey - it was the vibrational frequency of individual flowers, their devas and their desire to aid humans in support of what we desire to be and to identify the issues and embrace those fears which prevent us.
Aspects of Technology and its developing directions. Presently we use very little of our Divine Intelligence and potential brain power. Nothing can replace the Sourceness of this intelligence. The recognition and exploration of this is truly where we are heading. Our technology can serve this extraordinary expansion.

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