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November 2018 - Ella

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TRACK 1 - Introducing Nelly / Ceasing the moaning. 

When feeling stressed, worried about doing something ‘right,’  just be in the moment and allow it to be fun. If it does not turn out as we wish, it shall next tIme. Harmonious unfolding. / How to stop complaining.  When we feel affected in a negatIve way, remind ourself that it is our choice how we deal with it. Not feeling heard. Compassion and understanding our own child within gives us more compassion for others. IdentIfying the story, assuaging the wounded heart, and changing it all.


TRACK 2 - Bad news is not the only news 

Although sometImes it seems there is ongoing bad news and nothing is changing, the truth is that it is all unfolding in the perfect ripeness of tIme. When it seems the world is sliding into darkness, remember, it is not the truth. The 'media' is not interested in how consciousness is expanding, and how in fact the world is following its path into the light. Don't get hooked into the stories of destructIon and do not add to them. When we look at our personal, day-to-day lives - it is a different story altogether.


TRACK 3 - Trust vs. Knowing / Being abundance

Trust is where we don't know the truth. It is P'taah's desire for us that we know the truth in the deepest part of us about reality, about who we are.  How we create the flow by being the abundance in every moment and saying 'Thank you'. The more we are in that resonance of abundance, the more the Universe supports that vibratIon. How it happens is not our business, it is the Universe's business. Being aware of the abundance as it occurs in any way at all. It is about everything - food, friends, events, a view from a window, nature. All that brings joy, all that fills our heart. This is the abundance. We are the abundance.


TRACK 4 - Mass consciousness and individual choice

Buying into the 'reality' of mass events, mass consciousness - or not. What we are taught about our history follows the same pattern as current-day media - excessive interest in only reportIng the bad news. What we do not hear about are is the people who did not buy into the mass consciousness story. If we buy into the bad news, we partIcipate in it. PlastIc waste on our planet, and finding solutIons for it. We create the reality we focus upon. There is not one earth, but many earths. Not one self, many selves. Not one future, many futures. Which will we choose? Which do we desire? Will we be able to distInguish real UFOs from fakes?

Being alive.

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