2018 Conversations > September, 2018 - Burning Questions - Lil & Pattie
September, 2018 - Burning Questions - Lil & Pattie

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Track 1 -  Mother's Love
Recovering from the trauma of losing one's mother as an infant. The imprint every human bears of his/her experiences. Marks of character. Being deprived of love as a child does not mean one is forever excluded from love, and does not mean one cannot give love. / Love is the natural way of being. In giving love, we come to understand more & more what love is. P'taah reminds us: love is whole & complete in & of itself, and requires no return. /  Searching for what feels right, not settling until we find it. Being a maverick. Self acceptance. 
Why do I question myself? We are human, being all we can be in any Now moment. /  Remembering to have fun!
Track 2 - Questions
Fear of probable realities. If there is fear, stop & deal with it! Our power is in the Now. Probabilities & possibilities are endless, but we are not victims. We are never powerless. / Sending love to others. / When we are rushing about worrying,trying to fix things - ask ourselves: what are we really doing? / Changing our reality, by changing our perception of who we are. What is the grandest, most expanded idea of who we could possibly be?  / Perfect  Eternal Expressions of Source. /  Embracing & transforming fear. Stop - be in the allowance of that tightness in the belly. Allowance without judgement. It is just a feeling. When in that allowance, breathe into it. And perhaps picture that little one inside, who is so afraid. /  Keep it simple. Complication is caused by judgement, & the idea it must be difficult. Keep it simple.

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