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August 2018 - Burning Questions - Earth & Emotions

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Managing waste in our day to day lives - living with honor, respect and kindness in our relationship with our planet and its resources. Mindfulness and conservation. / Our goddess Earth does not need 'saving' - however, our physicality is absolutely linked with our planet. It is important on so many levels that we do what we can to be of benefit to our planet, rather than to its detriment. / To give the love and gratitude to all creatures, flora, mountains, oceans - the whole planet - is of grand assistance. To not separate one thing from another, but to look at our totality of physicality on our plane of reality. / Our changing technology and fuel situation. / "What's all the fuss about Antarctica?" / Changes coming, situations which can no longer remain hidden - pay attention and see how these revelations come forth!



How, generally, within our society, we do not have a healthy relationship with our own sexuality. It is not open. It is not fun. It is hidden. It is to our benefit to explore our sexuality in an open and free way. To have absolutely honest communication in our relationships. / Examining the beliefs we have which keep us trapped. / The healing powers of laughter - in the relaxation of the now, when the heart is full, the body rebalances itself. / The paradox of being an individual in non-separation from anything in existence. /  Understanding the nature of reality and how to manipulate matter. Miracles are natural. 

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