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March 2018 - Ravenna & Shoshanah

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TRACK 1 Ravenna - A question about feeling a lack of energy is answered with a question – how much do I love my life? What would make my heart sing?  / Fun = Joy = Energy. How to find out what would make our hearts sing. Transmuting the energy. / As we find more joy in our lives, so we will attract to us more of like frequency. / Dreams of Flying: a Remembering.  There is the possibility inherent within the human form for us to nullify gravitational force and also to translocate. Each of us is a flying machine, quite different from the out-of-body experience. / Feeling vulnerable? A reminder of the Thank You Song. From when we wake, we can be aware of all the wondrousness & miracles we have to be thankful for. Transforming our frequency with gratitude. Looking at a fear of unworthiness in response to receiving a kindness. There is no fear attached to vulnerability. / Changing the pattern of doing unto others the unkindness done to me. / Be in the very real understanding that each of us, no matter what the outward face, have the same 4 basic issues: The frightened little child inside who is afraid that it is not enough; feels powerless; is scared that love = pain; and is afraid the world is not a safe place. Recognizing it in one’s self and others and in Compassion, changing the frequency. / Blue gods such as Indian Krishna and Egyptian Ptah - the significance of their color? The Unified Field Of Consciousness, & light beings.


TRACK 2 - Shoshanah - Stories of the Rainbow Serpent/ Rainbow Bridge that are at the root of many cultures are humanity’s memory of playing with energy directly, which we are actually doing all the time in every microsecond. We are energy. / If we could see ourselves beyond physicality, we would see we are a dancing body of multi-colored light - a rainbow, to be sure. Energy = consciousness, consciousness = energy.  Expanding our knowledge of energy and how we manipulate it. Looking at who we are and how we are - delving deeper into our own psyches. / Seeing through the apparent solidity, becoming more aware of the electromagnetic frequencies. /  When we embrace locked nodules of energy, we transform the frequency. The more we are in the frequency of Love, the more we open ourselves to Universal Knowledge – fulfilling our limitless potential, and Flowering. /  Trapped in the idea of time. Although time is a spiral aspect of relativity, we only have Now. / Lewis Carroll’s creatures’ question: “Will you join the dance?” / Picture the idea that each of us is a light being who sends forth wondrously beautiful strands of energy and consciousness through multitudinous realms, simply for the experience of it… The greater part of us likes to experience itself as a body of emotion.  In every moment we are dancing. We can choose to participate consciously in the dance…or not. / Throwing off the strictures of social consciousness as we perceive the More. This is our game. / The human body was conceived of as a 5-pointed star. Each of us holds unimaginable power. That is our potential. The 5-pointed star, in a way, represents the unrealized potential within each of us.  In our history, the misuse of this power has diminished our capability to access it. This, our present consensus of reality, is an opportunity to transform that diminishment into the flowering already spoken of. Each act of love, kindness, compassion has the possibility of bringing forth the Golden Age. Fulfilling the next stage of human evolution. / Tuning in – opening the channels of our own sentient crystal radio, Gaia.

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