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February 2018 - Steve & Jay

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Our inner life, the rich and wondrous landscape within each individual: intellect, heart, imagination, all our experiences, and all that we hide. How we may develop/expand this interior landscape. / Removing blockages to do with using our Room, and Crystalline door adventures. / The story of being human. / When one feels "up to the eyeballs, “ stopping to breathe. /  The resonance of love spreads across our planet like filaments of light, changing the frequency of our planet. There are many who are not consciously on the path to expansion; however, our current timeline is of the resonance of expansion. There are grand cycles of the history of our planet & species, with different resonances. / Our unlimited, and as yet unfulfilled, genetic potential for unfoldment - part of the consciousness of unfolding.



Frustration at the world? Stop focussing on things we have no power to change. How we are in ourselves is what makes the difference. Frustration is also caused by not being Now but projecting somewhere else, such as the future. / Grieving another's death: understanding that our loved one is closer to us than ever before. Be still, allow the feeling of non-separation. Stop trying. / Source cannot be defined. It simply is in everything. And we just say thank you for the miracle, mmm? Infinite expansion of the multiverses. / Does data collection pose a threat? / Learning discernment - what feels true? If there is anything which is fear-based, that is not your truth./ Assistance from the universe./ The greatest medicine of all, and being sensible. / The layers of multi-dimensional dreaming. / No need for fear of technology - it is developing in ways we might not imagine!

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