2018 Conversations > January 2018 - All That Is Not Love Is Fear - Pete & Jose Luis
January 2018 - All That Is Not Love Is Fear - Pete & Jose Luis

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Becoming aware of living with low level fear. First, simply try and be more present, more aware. Being in the allowance of however it is, is the first step to embracement. Fear is not your enemy - just a little portion of you that has forgotten the grander truth. / Who is waiting for whom? Are Offworlders waiting for the ripeness of time to be public? / With a world of "information" at one's fingertips - how to learn discernment. Information bias. One can always find material to confirm one's beliefs, no matter what they are. / Who is the pope working for? Historically, the idea of religion is not the most wondrous thing for humanity. /  Shifts of dimensional realities are innumerable with no concrete walls between them. Each of us shifts between realities in every passing moment. When we stop and dream or imagine or focus on one thing , we are in a different reality while other realities are going on around us. Choosing our focus. Nothing has more significance than another until we put significance on it. / Structuring a love-based society. / Exploration of themes or common threads running through simultaneous lifetimes. / Planning our next adventure, our next life? There is choosing involved, but not in time. Time is only of physicality. Everything is simultaneous. There is truly no separation, the grandest idea of all for us to grasp. Not between lifetimes, not between physicality and soul essence. It is a matter of focus.



All that is not love, is fear. People in reaction, in fear, may result in catastrophic reality, disasters, death, destruction. No  one needs to experience this kind of suffering. / Why would we come from the Source of love to experience a lack of it? We may understand better if we regard it all as a bit of a game. Nothing is too serious, even the pain and anguish. When we are in our expanded state, it is a different story. In a way, we are re-writing the idea of how it may be for humankind. / Subjectivity. We co-create our reality, and the reflection is only about our emotional reaction to this co-creation. /All religion is part of the collective consciousness, no matter which culture. Many people have been convinced the gods have spoken to them, whether Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh, etc.,  it is part of an idea-construct made by collective consciousness. / The modern Mary apparitions. Messages being filtered through the fear in the human psyche. The truth is always about love, it is always expanded, and this is where we need discernment.  No matter where it comes from, is it our truth or is it not our truth? Truth is where we may see it, feel it, find it. / Artificial intelligence, discernment, jobs, & heart. / Pleiadian interest in us - much of the star seeding of this planet has been of Pleiadian energy. / Developing technologies which are not mechanical, plastic, metal... / Not feeding the fear... Changing focus. Using the Baby Me tool... seeing our greater being, our God/Goddess self reaching forth to the child within who is truly afraid, to remind the child that who we are is perfect, eternal, this is but a game and nothing can really harm us. / Viewing everything in our physicality as an expression of Source.

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