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October 2017, Do Not Give Up! Burning Questions

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We are not alone, even if we’re feeling disconnected. We are here to learn to become connected with the greater part of who we are, the part who knows all of our eons of consciousness adventures. Falling in love with not only who we are, but how we interact and merge with everything around us. Easeful Beingness. Thank yous and gratitude are most important. They change our magnetic frequency. Conscious breathing: knowing that the very molecular structure of the air is Sourceness. With each in-breath we fill ourselves with light and connect with Source. With each out-breath we release our own essence into the world, to mingle and merge with everything upon our plane of reality and beyond. Using our interior private 'room' to forge a feeling of connectedness with our greater being. Paying attention to our feelings without judgment. There are no victims. Misinformation and old belief structures which have not served humankind for thousands of years have been passed down to us. We can all congratulate ourselves for the steps we have taken in expansion, in discovering our own truth. 



Lightheartedness. Not having to preserve an idea of what other people think about us. Spontaneity and the joy of life. Go for it! /

We would have no world without the wild and untamed parts of our planet, the wild forests and creatures. All are totally and utterly connected, even with the pollution and cities. In feeling connectedness, we supersede all of the negatives, the separation but it would behoove us well, as a species, to preserve what we can of our planet. / Eating: the more we are aware of our bodies, paying attention to and aligned with ourselves, the more we are aligned with the food we put in our mouths. Our bodies require a lot less, and probably a lot different than what we think. Moderation is to our advantage. Being sensible & seasonal. Joy and harmony bring well-being. Intelligent mind/body balance. / The wondrous balancing act required to both accept what is and to put forth one's deepest desires. Doing it without need.



The balance of masculine and feminine energies. Not getting caught up in other peoples judgment of how things should be. Sexuality is part of being human. There is nothing to 'overcome,’ That is nonsense. And there is no such thing as 'normal' really - none of us know what goes on inside another person. Marriage & personal growth. Acknowledging change in relationships, and ensuring children's emotional well being. / Pornography is likened unto drug use. It is not healthy. / The individual's awareness of dying. / Use of terrorism by governments to create fear and to gain more control over the population. / There are many kinds of freedom, but putting one's self in a quiet space may certainly help one to feel harmony & connectedness. / 



Magical three - just do it! / How we may assist changes on our earthly plane - by being happy! / Inner earth beings of a different dimensional frequency to us, working to create bridges of harmony throughout our earth. / Are governments as bad as they seem? / What is addiction? / Singing the morning song to lift one's spirits. / Emotional pain, anguish - coming from the idea of separation from source, separation from one's own god-self. And the fear of simply not being enough. Embracing with love that part of ourselves, the wounded child within who has forgotten the truth - that we are Perfect, Eternal Expressions of Source. 

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