2017 Conversations > September 2017, Tools for When the Wheels Fall Off, Diganta
September 2017, Tools for When the Wheels Fall Off, Diganta

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TRACK 1 - Abundance & Intention

Effortless manifestation and the magnetic frequency of thinking. Abundance and the idea construct of money. Getting clear about what we really believe and know. How old beliefs become 'knowing' for us, because we have heard them since we were children. Creating more and more abundance in all sorts of wondrous ways. Changing the fear of lack. How we can open up to the limitless possibilities and synchronicities - with or without money. Putting forth intention. Know what you want - be it - and be in the allowance.
TRACK 2 -  Gods & Goddesses Do Not Need Anything
Need is fear-based, the fear of lack. The more we are in the abundance, the more we are without need. The place of being without need is a very light and creative frequency. Projecting one's ideas and desires from a place of gratitude in the Now. Stating our desires - with no buts! Our lives are proof of our beliefs. Writing down our beliefs as an aid to clarity. Tools for when the wheels fall off. The understanding in our physics that consciousness controls matter. Applying what we have learned and becoming outrageously creative creators.


TRACK 3 -  Fear & Sadness
Feelings of fear and sadness from not following one's heart. Also from the collective consciousness - of this game, the human story. When we are able to step away from the story & understand that everything is always perfect, there is no sadness. The great fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field recently. Feeling loss of energy? Being weighed down by duty and 'should' is tiring. Joy and fun give energy. Doing what makes your heart sing, never mind enlightenment! We call forth P'taah for this reason, to enrich our lives. Bringing ourselves back to our connectedness. Be still. Listen to the silence.


TRACK 4 - Children / Curiosity
The cutting of the umbilical cord./ Vaccination - makes no sense if one understands we do not "catch" illnesses, rather we manifest them to show ourselves something. If one believes in vaccination, it will work - to the extent that manifestations of unresolved issues will take other forms. But be sensible - do not overload a baby or child with vaccinations all at once: allow the body to assimilate the chemicals over a period of time./ Baptism - creating one's own ceremony of welcome for one's child./ "Flower of life" geometry - encapsulating the idea of dimensional realities and universal magnetic frequencies. Other geometrical shapes represent the same thing./ Everything has sound & color./ The city of Assisi. Vibration of place. Mindfully and joyfully imbuing our own living spaces with a beautiful frequency.

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