2017 Conversations > July 2017, Races Not of This World, Jeannette & Roger
July 2017, Races Not of This World, Jeannette & Roger

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Much climate change is in the natural order of things - although the activities of humankind have certainly hurried things along. In time to come, there will be other ways and situations where off-worlders may assist. / The idea of chemtrails is not important at all. / Where we go and what we do while we sleep. The astral plane is very close to this waking dimensional reality, and we often play there while sleeping. But we also go far beyond this dimensional reality... Exploring our awareness of astral travel. Our 3D consciousness may see memories or stories in our dreams as quite outrageous happenings, as it tries to make sense of what does not fit in this box of reality. /Simultaneous incarnations.



The current culture of humanity is just now beginning to get used to the idea of star-peoples as fact - this is a very important step. There will be quite an upheaval, globally, when the star-peoples 'arrive' in a way that nobody can deny. It will have an impact upon our ideas of who we are, our governments, wars, dictators who feel they have the freedom to keep people enslaved... Many of us are having interactions with star-peoples without consciously knowing it - this knowing shall be ignited when the time is right. This is a Heart Adventure - to have interaction with peoples beyond this plane fulfills an emptiness known to humankind since the star-peoples left us. / Humans in space right now? / Who was responsible for cattle mutilations? / Exploring the idea of hypnoregression not only to satisfy curiosity, but as a way to enrich the knowing of who we are.



Was the god of Moses one of the Sumerian gods? The Sumerian gods were star-people. Different names for them. We are all star-seeded, regardless of race or genetic markers. / Homosexuality: the truth is we are all bi-sexual, in our raw state, so to speak, and it is neither here nor there. This fascination or judgment about sexuality is quite extraordinary. /Connecting with Nature. Physicality is of the Goddess. The Goddess is here for us, however we may find her. We are part of the Goddess who is here to nurture and support us, if we can allow it. / Restructuring of our economic systems - will it be disruption, or a huge relief,  as we create it to be... / What would P'taah like us to know? Beyond all our exciting stories of star-peoples or anything else, there is only love and it is for us to find our way into that place, that frequency, of love and to love, honor and respect ourselves and all around us, human or non-human.

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