2017 Conversations > Mar 2017, Only You Can Heal the Wounded Heart, Burning Questions
Mar 2017, Only You Can Heal the Wounded Heart, Burning Questions

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Illness - cancer is the physical manifestation of some issue not being dealt with in the non-physical. Transforming it in the non-physical indeed may allow it to transform in the physicality. If the gift is that it brings us back to the path of expansion, indeed that is wondrous. Thank the body, don’t punish it for manifesting dis-easement. / Forgiving our harsh judgements of ourselves. Getting a sense of when one is really transforming one's issues. Intellectually understanding an illness. Transforming emotional baggage with love. / Curses have no power over us unless we give them power. Bless those who lash out from a fear of powerlessness. Understanding this is all just a story./ Talking about this stuff to others is not necessary. Always the key is how we are Being, not what we are doing.



Being who we are and doing what reflects our own power and our own requirements. "This is what I desire." Others are not mind readers. Speaking out of love creates the space for another to be in that frequency and allows them to also flower./ Competition is a construct of our society - some societies are not at all competitive. The innate urge to be the best we can be, to grow to our full potential in any part of life, is not innately competitive. Belief in winners and losers builds great fear of not being enough.



The soul wants what we want. It is already complete and it is not human. It puts forth the energy called 'human' which is just one facet of its essence, for the emotional experience. Whether we gain wisdom from it or not is neither here nor there - we are already where we are trying to get to.  We have created ourselves in this era of extraordinary change for the entire planet to have the experience. / All of us can allow ourselves to feel our own expanded awareness. The excitement of becoming aware of the consciousness of all things that surround us. As we pay attention to the flora around us and give thanks, suddenly we become more aware of our symbiosis, especially attached to all the green in our lives.



Only we can heal our our own heart. Loving who we are. Understanding that we co-create in order to know more about love; about infinite possibilities. Loving our planet as an extension of ourselves. There is nothing which is not Goddess/Godness. Every cell in our body is lit with this light of creation - else there would be no existence. Being in the joy of this life until the last breath - without fear of moving on./ Ptah as a title. Star-people as part of human history.  What we call ancient times are really quite modern. Playing a game within our Room to visit other civilizations of other times, past or future. We are only confined by our willingness to go beyond. When we enter the crystalline door, we are completely safe and can return to the present simply by the thought.

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