2017 Conversations > Jan 2017, Stop Shoulding on Yourself, Nelly
Jan 2017, Stop Shoulding on Yourself, Nelly

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TRACK 1 - Looking at history other than that written by the conquerers. / Proof of eternal being? It is logical / Visiting Egypt - being open to information, not only of humanoid history, but also the lost history of our planet. The matrix of crystalline vibration which is the desert acts like a receiver. Using the focus of a symbol like the ankh. 


TRACK 2 - When we are so horrified by the experience of people, especially children, remember that each lifetime is an in-breath and out-breath in our eternal beingness. Contributing to the transformation of consciousness - a time when we as a species will say "that is enough." Consciousness will lead to a time of peace, harmony and tranquility. How much more will we create before we create change? / Dementia - a combination of many ideas and beliefs. A relinquishing of the burden of responsibility.  Should's. Everything is an opportunity to grow, expand. Understanding one's children are sovereign - all we are required to give them is food in the belly and love in the heart.


TRACK 3 - Animal companions - soulmates? Source is not human. It can express itself as human. It can also express itself as animal. / Who am I? The idea of self-sabotage. How to live in outrageous creativity. / Why do we die so soon? In a way, it is because our view of reality is so limited, we get bored and tired and decide to go home. However, as our consciousness expands... / The meaning of accidents or rather, co-created incidents. The gift is in understanding what our body allows us to perceive, through feeling, sometimes through limitation, regardless of the story. / Advice on opening one's heart: our choice in every now about how we be - kindness, honor, respect. The irresistible quality of being the love.  See the light of Source in everything.

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