2016 Conversations > February 2016, Panic Attacks & the Magic of Your Inner Room, Mickey & Nelly
February 2016, Panic Attacks & the Magic of Your Inner Room, Mickey & Nelly

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What is a panic attack? Being far off one's centerpoint, & totally focussed on the fear - fear created from a false premise. A build-up of terror. Also a form of after-shock. What is the story, the fears? Identifying trigger-thoughts which promote the first explosion of panic, the explosion of the energy of fear. The experience of being powerless when within a full-blown panic attack. Feeling unable to change any situation, either as it is, or as we fear it may develop. A wondrous illustration of the powerful workings of the mental/emotional embodiment. Reminding ourselves of the greater truths of who we are.
Amazing health results from utilizing her 'inner room'. Direct communication with her higher Goddess self. Talks about how we can ask for a crystalline elixir representing the blueprint for the perfect body, and for our higher self to tell our body everything it yearns/needs to hear. This is a beautiful & gentle way to assist anyone, not just for healing or for attaining one's ideal weight, but also for maintaining strength & well being. The benefits of looking at what we believe about our body & aging - & how we think the body 'should' be at different stages of life. Becoming set in our ways of thinking & doing is a kind of atrophy. 

A reminder of the kind of magic children can know, being in their bodies, being in the world. The blueprint of our perfection being physical, spiritual, mental & emotional all together - no differentiation. Recognizing our perfection in every now.  Holding on to one's own peace & tranquility by taking a step back, & honoring everybody's divine right to their great drama. Maintaining one's own integrity. Allaying fears of not being enough, doubts in oneself. Trusting in timing

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