2014 Conversations > October 2014, A Potpourri of Questions, Anna, Brenda, Marian
October 2014, A Potpourri of Questions, Anna, Brenda, Marian

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TRACK 1 - ANNA        
Reacting to anger in others, understanding that anger is fear of powerlessness. Even if someone is angry with us, the emotion of the anger is not our business. We are allowed to fulfill our most outrageous dreams and by being all that we can be, we help change the vibrational frequency of the consciousness of our planet. The drama of 'the news'.  Dealing with irrational fears. Transformation of feeling. Breath stabilizes us.
Self-fulfillment. Following our heart's desire.  When we follow our excitement, passion, fascination, when we are in our essence of gratitude for the miracle that we are, then indeed we feel ‘full’. Every soul has its place. Every kind thought is the most wonderful gift we can give our reality. The consciousness of all humanity is linked. Death is only going on to the next adventure, going home. 
Opening one's life to companionship. Honest communication within relationships. Throwing away 'crutches’. P'taah is not a cult or a religion. He simply teaches us the gratitude of being who we are. Examining the non-physical roots of dis-ease-ment and the roles of doctors. Bullying and  abuse. Elephants, Cetacea, humans beings are sentient species of differing vibrational frequencies & focus. The great seeming disparity between peace & violence in our world but something is coming ‘soon’ to change humanity's whole attitude. Everything is in its order. "In the eye of the storm, everything is always perfect in the eye of thought."

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