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October 2011-Moving beyond feeling powerless, Nelly

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Embracing our biggest fears, such as the tax man. Looking behind the fear to see how we co-create situations to bring these fears into our awareness. Accepting that fear is not our enemy but a valid part of what we are. How to embrace and 'evaporate' fear. Discussion of going deeper than the story because it’s not about the outside story at all. How to change our perception and change the emotional scenario around the story to produce a different result. 
Feeling our weight is out of control relates to fear of powerlessness. The judgments and society’s collective beliefs about weight. The part that social consciousness plays in how we regard ourselves. Looking at how our focus creates situations in our lives. Recognizing which is stronger - the focus on what we desire or our fear of not being enough?
Judgment vs. discernment. Not being attached to the story, but looking at preferences. Changing our beliefs around our stories, and learning to pay attention. Boredom and how often we become ‘bored’ because we’re not paying attention. Learning to become totally involved. How not attaching judgments can make it easier to complete difficult tasks. 
We do not catch diseases in the way we might catch a stray dog. We have certain beliefs about ourselves and our world, but instead of listening to the body, we don’t deal with what’s occurring physically and emotionally. The body may then attract a virus, which makes us rest. If we simply paid attention, the virus wouldn’t be attracted to us.  Dealing with the 'fear of failure' and realizing that every outcome is a gift. Knowing when we’ve done 'enough'. Being in an alpha state and programming the brain (computer) to remember.  Acknowledging, allowing and embracing to create change. 

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