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August 2011-Gateway into a New Paradigm

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TRACK 1-Repercussions of 9/11:
Discussion of various reactions to the 9/11 anniversary. How the powerbrokers carefully orchestrate fear to control, manipulate, and remind people of how unsafe they are.  Yet this doesn’t have to be disruptive to us. Seeing the change of vibrational frequency as a gateway into a new paradigm. How each of us is responsible for our own well-being and keeping in balance.
TRACK 2-Bringing the body into balance:
Discussion of dis-ease such as the E. coli bacterium and high blood pressure. Response to the question of how to determine your extra-terrestrial blood line. (What you are drawn to is what you are aligned to.) The support of the Universe in your spiritual growth. Love, gratitude and being clear about what you desire. Beware the trap of believing that you are struggling towards some kind of finished perfection, because there is no such thing. How dealing with what is imbalanced within us will bring us back into the love vibration.
TRACK 3-Wheel of reincarnation
All the lifetimes are occurring simultaneously - many human, but many more not human. Getting off the wheel of reincarnation? Why would you want to when you come here to be fully in the human experience. The ‘contracts’  and ‘contacts’  that we have agreed upon and decided upon before coming into this life, and how the story of our life is actually much looser than we may imagine. Discussion of how we can heal the inner child who is wounded.
TRACK 4-Vibrational change
Many envision 5th Density as going through a concrete wall into a ‘new dimension’.  5th Density is really only a shift in perception.  It’s a tweak of consciousness, therefore how could this concept of 5th Density, which is in itself a vibration of love and non-separation, separate you from the family you love?
Your judgment about ‘how things are’ is in many ways dependent on what you believe about reality. 
There is no judgment about the violence that you do to each other, insofar as you are eternal beings. However once you discover you do not need the violence, pain and grief, you will have turned the corner that puts you in a different place.  Looking at the year 2012/2013 as a doorway into an expanded awareness.  Brief discussion of extending one’s lifetime to 900-1000 years.

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