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June 2011-Harmonious Earth Changes

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T1  Harmony in Earth Changes: The Shift doesn't have to be physically calamitous. Earth is shifting and changing in order to accommodate the new frequency. Dealing with mental and emotional issues which keep us in separation, and recognizing what it might feel like to not be separate. Understanding the expanded version of reality and how this contributes to expansion in consciousness. How we impact matter or our physical reality (such as water, health, and other people/creatures/plants). Recognizing discordance so we can transform it and assist others and the earth into harmony. Moving out of our learned limitations and encouraging huge flights of imagination. Creating waves of harmonious energy by bringing our heart-singing Self into all our activities. Noticing how people are desiring their own empowerment and also free dominion from overt discordancy, hatred and violence.  Everyone wants to live in freedom, peace and harmony, without the fear of destruction.

T2  Cosmic Shift:  Earth is much more than an idea of one planet. Many earths exist simultaneously on different frequencies. In the coming times, no one shall be lost or left behind and no one will feel a sense of loss or separation. The beginning of the new epoch creates the possibility of extraordinary expansion of consciousness. Allowing the possibility that even a tree, a rock, a chair, or the engine of a car has consciousness. The Higher Being of you, the God/Goddess of you, existing in perfection.  


T3  Discerning What's Right:  Your integrity of knowing is beyond the intellect. When something doesn't feel right, it isn't so stop! Discussion of DNA as a deep patterning, and whether it can be affected by outside forces. There are beings who may try to influence others, yet as sovereign beings, we choose whether we are influenced or not. Dealing with the feelings of being powerless. There are no victims.


T4  Love, Our Natural Expression:  Love as the force of creation and the truth of who you really are. In truth, there is nothing else but love.

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