Conversations Archives 2009 - 2011 > April 2011-Divorce / Cosmic Game Plans, Gwen & Chris-
April 2011-Divorce / Cosmic Game Plans, Gwen & Chris-

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Divorce, Cosmic Game Plans, Soul Mates & More

Much of this discussion centered on moving through the pain of having a 40 year marriage end in divorce. P'taah points out that always, always, no matter how dire the circumstances, there are no victims and there is always a gift in what is occurring. He talked more about several popular concepts like soul mates and twin souls and how our decisions can create alternate realities.  

T1-Surviving Divorce

T2-Happiness, Soul Mates, Twin Souls


T3-P'taah's Soul Group / Alternate selves


T4-Words, Thoughts, and Feelings

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