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January 2011 - Lil, Pattie & Reese

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T1-Heart knowledge. How we can suddenly hear something that P'taah has said many, many times and understand it as if for the first time. Knowing in the depth of your being that all of your life is evolving for your benefit.

T2-Following our hearts, and allowing others to follow theirs. How do we know when we are co-creating with another person if we are fulfilling what we agreed to do before coming here? This is especially difficult when interacting with our adult children. It is hard not to interfere when it seems that nothing good is happening. How do we allow them their own adventures and still support them? Can we create peace and harmony by being thankful and saying 'thank you'? The power, and relief, of 'backing off' and allowing others their sovereignty.


T3-Unified Field of Consciousness.  When we feel our loved ones who have passed on contacting us, does that come from the Unified Field of Consciousness? Do they feel what we are feeling, for example our pain? Can they influence our lives, or we theirs, by sending love? 


T4-Mothers, Pre-birth Agreements, Board of Directors.  If mother has died, can we still heal our relationship with her? How do pre-birth agreements affect our life now? Is it possible that the very wise people we've known who have passed on are now part of the 'Board of Directors' that P'taah talks about?


T5-Unconditional love - what it is and is not

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