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December 2010-Robbie & Chris

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T1 - Suicide - are there moral consequences to choosing it? P'taah replies that while there is no judgment about suicide, he points out the many reasons why it's actually very selfish. He also talks about why we came here and why suicide is not the best choice.

T2 - Can we find love again? Since love is the truth of who we are, P'taah reminds us that it is not small. There is no limit to the amount of love we can have in our lives. The heart has no edges. 


T3 - Are all spiritual teachers on the Cosmic Board of Directors? It's important that we use our discretion to determine the truth of 'teachers' and their messages. P'taah gives some pointers on what to look for in any spiritual teaching.


T4 - How do we get out of our own way and allow our Godself to dance? As part of his answer, P'taah says that the heart knows...the human heart really does know if we will just take the time to listen.


T5 - What is the best way to connect with 'Holy Spirit'?  P'taah reminds us that Holy Spirit is just another name for our Higher Self and that we are never really separate.

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