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Pay As You Go PDF Subsciptions - Written Transcripts

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We know that many people would love to have a new P'taah PDF transcript delivered to their Inbox every month without worrying about subscriptions and renewal dates.

Our Pay-As-You-Go service is designed just for you. Once you sign up, we send the newest Conversation with P'taah PDF to your Inbox every month.  

We are offering you this service at the low, low rate of $5 per month. Prices are shown in US dollars.There are no expiration dates and no renewals -- just excellent service for as long as you choose to subscribe. You can, of course, cancel this service at any time. 


Again, the $5 PER MONTH will be charged every month for as long as you continue receiving the PDF transcripts. We do not send a monthly receipt. 

Please note that the PDF file usually comes about 10 days after the MP3 to allow time for transcription.

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