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Universal Light Workers Conference, Palm Beach

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What it is that keeps you separate from knowing the truth of you. Whatever you invalidate, you empower. Enlightenment is the natural result of loving every facet of you. No one is going to do it for you. It is for you to come into your own power - to realize your sovereignty and free dominion. You are as perfect now as you are ever going to be. You are angels, you are the Light Beings. Unfold into the allowance of the gift that you are - it is a choice. There is nothing outside of you but that which reflects back to you that which you are. The advantages of living in the Now. Formula for when you have feelings of negative judgement. The four keys to Transformation. Recipe for handling the fear that runs your life. For as long as you are in negative judgement about anything that is exterior to you, you haven't got it. The more you choose love, the more everything changes. Why affirmations may not work.

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