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Vancouver Interview

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P’taah explains how he speaks through Jani. He tells us he is from every where and every when and talks about UFO’s and the Grand Federation. How to transform the heart and the Earth. Why there is crime. Why enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally. The choice of love or fear. Discussion of death as an illusion and losing the fear of death. How we are moving toward the time when there will be no more secrets, including government secrets. Why we don’t use telempathy now. Why you cannot transform any facet of you that you will not own. Crop circles as a trigger and deciphering their messages. A formula for creating whatever you desire. Why you are all riveted by the stories, and why they won’t change your life. Curing our own diseases, giving gratitude and enlightening our food. What the name P’taah means. Christ/Krishna/ Buddha/and Moses consciousness. Discussion of the Second Coming.

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