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September 2012-Recognizing the Gift, John

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After struggling for months, John finally made the decision to close part of his business and could not believe the huge weight that took off his shoulders. P’taah makes two points - one that John showed great fortitude in doing the right thing for others and for the planet. The other is that he surrendered to what he perceived to be the better option. That created a space for him to become more creative and cleared away that which has been holding him back. Now it’s important that he pay attention to how it’s feeling instead of always being focused on the future so he can feel what would be the correct action for the present. Soon he'll see and feel the “pearl” of the experience.
Hindsight often shows us how valuable experiences have been and then we can fervently say thank you for the deepening knowledge of who ‘I am’. Remember that we really do bank at the Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance and focus on the adventure of creating. Humans are outrageously creative because we create reality as we understand it to be. Look at the business and be in awe of how creative and successful it has been. The challenge has only been about the money, not about the product. So focus and give forth thanks for your own outrageous creativity and know that you are totally supported at all times. Also it’s about maintaining a balance - with our relationships, with our focus, with looking after our own well-beingness, etc. Understand that the importance of what we do is only as we will create it to be. There is nothing that in and of itself has significance, apart from the significance that we place upon it. What we are impassioned about affects our world. We can be as passionate about chocolate as saving the planet. It’s the passion, the feeling, that is important. 
The support is always there when we allow it. When we are so intensely focused we cannot even allow the idea of another way of being, we may be excluding the support. This is also what is meant by balance. When we are in balance we are creating a space to be able to make an impartial decision or choice. When the balance is tipped, we feel there is nowhere to go and that we have no choice. When we make the appropriate choice for the situation, we usually find that things just flow and unfold without effort. We are surrounded by creativity. We are surrounded by success. Success is who we are. It’s simply a matter of stopping and breathing into that feeling. Also remember that even if it doesn’t work, that’s all right too. It is a window to a new adventure and new opportunity. We can say to ourselves, “How could I doubt the universe that supports me 100%…100% of the time, if only I will allow it?” 

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