2012 Conversations > March 2012-Separation & Being in the Now, Wayne & Donna, Savona & Carmel
March 2012-Separation & Being in the Now, Wayne & Donna, Savona & Carmel

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The simultaneous, multitudinous expressions of Oversoul, including our different races, genders, relationships, and time frames as well as the new aspects of self that we create every time we choose a different pathway. Our opportunity to explore all aspects of ourself, and the recognition of our own potential and connection with Source. The truth is that we are never not connected, however many of our choices and fears can keep us feeling separate.  Healing others through our own inner work, remembering that everyone has a sovereign right to their own experiences. How we can trigger illness when certain things are not addressed.  


Helping the world by following our heart and being all we can possibly be. Paying attention to what we are feeling and expressing that feeling without any pressure on how it 'should' be. Resistance is an opportunity for change, for fulfilling our fervent desire to be our own potential. The four steps to transforming fear: 1) take responsibility, 2) in the now, 3) while we are feeling it, 4) by the complete embracing. When resistance comes up, use these steps as resistance is about fear. Emphasis on the fact that the fear is not our enemy. It's only that little part of us that has lost its way home.  


We use the word 'abundance', but 'money' we put in a different box. The truth is that we are absolutely abundant and our days could be filled with gratitude for the richness of our lives. If not, it has nothing to do with money. We might look at our ideas about money and how we keep ourselves separate from it. Money is the same energy as anything else we create in our lives. It is our ideas that keep us away from it. Imagining that we have an infinite bank account in the Unified Field of Consciousness and focusing on what we want rather than the reasons why we cannot have it. Lack is another word for fear, the fear of being without. Living our lives knowing that what we want already exists, and that it will come forth in the ripeness of time.  


Truly there is no separation. If we were not meant to be here, we would not be here. We are an intrinsic part of the pattern and we come forth as part of this wonderful, multiversal patterning with great potential for joy, playfulness and creativity. All that is required to sense this is to listen to our hearts. Even our little one, that part of ourselves who is fearful, is part of the whole. There are no wrong choices. If we miss an opportunity today, we will create another opportunity tomorrow. What love would do is to be kind to who we are. The reason P'taah comes to us is because we have called him and he loves us.   


When we feel in separation, be still and breathe. Deep, conscious breathing. The breath is a physical reflection of our connectedness and the air we breathe is energy. When we are still and consciously breathing, we are reconnecting to our own Oversoul. We can feel it. It is a stillness. Within that place is every answer. When we stop and breathe, it brings us to our center point. Getting involved with the busyness and chaos of life knocks us off balance, which creates more of a feeling of separation. So in the midst of the chaos, if we can stop and breathe ourselves back to stillness, we will be centered and ready to make our next choice.

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