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February 2012-When I Die, Nelly & Mickey

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We do not have to tap into the collective consciousness of ‘aging’. Having healthy mental and emotional bodies helps us move gracefully into this time of change without having to feel diminished. Think about the benefits, the joys of aging. There is wisdom, peace, and inner tranquility that comes with age. We can relax into ourselves. The more we give thanks and gratitude for this extraordinary dream, the more it becomes sweet, day by day. Rather than looking for or tapping into the ideas of physical illness, look at what reaffirms positive physicality and the joy of using the body in however way we wish. Being vigilant that we don’t spend too much time in our past but rather focus in the present and dream of our glorious future, whatever that might be.



We may be alone physically, but we are not alone in our consciousness. When we are in our thanks and our gratitude, we are connected. The more we are in thankfulness and gratitude, the more we are giving to our world. This is an ‘unseen value’. How thoughts can be amplified. Wisdom adding to human consciousness. When we are ‘being’ joy and contentment we are a resonance, like a tuning fork. Our resonance then goes forth and touches every part of consciousness in our universe.



Being more in touch with P’taah after we die because for P’taah and for us, the barriers will be gone. One of the beauties of great age is that we are both here and there, so to speak. When we pass on, our consciousness expands to encompass all that we are. When we’re in third density reality, our focus is so intense that there’s not so much room for anything else. As we attain great age, this focus will usually soften and broaden and become more encompassing.



Synchronicity is co-creating with someone else whose expectations fit in with what we desire. In hindsight, looking at the choices that were made and the co-created incidences tell us that really there are no accidents. Picturing ourself as a thread in a beautiful woven rug, and see how everything follows a pattern. We can get a glimpse of this when we attention. Pay attention also to the thoughts and feelings that go with these synchronicities. The more we can stay present and pay attention to these synchronicities, the more we can notice the larger pattern of it all.



With regard to a question about lifetimes all happening at once, P’taah reminds us again that “the more you require a definition, the more you acquire a limitation.” If we can, grasp the idea that we are existing in all our past and future lifetimes now.Then also realize we are existing in planes of reality beyond the physical and beyond this planet. All now. We can look at the pattern on the carpet, and see the beautiful weavings and colors, and yet it is a carpet. And there is life beyond the carpet. 

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