Conversations Archives 2009 - 2011
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December 2011-Preview of the New Age, Mickey
The speeding up of time and events on a planetary level is indicative of change and transformation. It's a time of choice between harmony and respect for ourselves and our planet and the world of power-brokers, discordance, and terror. Being aware of our actions and taking responsibility for our experience, including the natural disasters, is a co-creation and contains a gift for us if we will look inside, not outside. 
What we’re in for is an opportunity to grow effortlessly, coming into an understanding that we don't have to struggle to be worthy. We are worthy of every wondrousness simply because we exist. Our highest truth is that each of us is a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Source and everything is always perfect. What keeps us separate from knowing this are the beliefs we have been taught about reality. 
Metaphorically we are awakening. We already exist in what we call our future lifetimes, including many life experiences that are not human and not physical occurring beyond the wheel of time as we understand it. We are only here for the experience since we are already the 'enlightened beings' we are all trying to be. 
When we’re older. we can look back at major choice points in life and imagine how things would have been different with different choices. We are here to make the most fulfilling choices, but we are not required to be sacrificial lambs. Why changing the rules of an abusive victim/victimizer relationship makes that relationship no longer viable. 
Not getting swirled into the ocean of negativity in the daily news. Knowing that to fulfill our highest, grandest possibility all we need do is hold to the truth that love is who we truly are. A reminder to be in thanks and gratitude to the universal consciousness because gratitude is the connection to our soul energy, to the greater part of who we are. No matter how dire the appearances, there is always something to be thankful for..

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November 2011-The Coming Shift, Chris
Mind as the link between spirit and our world. Spirit or soul as infinite, eternal and the Perfect Eternal Expression of Source. The mind analyzes and interprets personal history. We are each a channel for the Unified Field of Consciousness. Having preferences rather than judgments. The mind as a bridge between dimensions and a facet of Divine Intelligence in this reality. / Everything has a consciousness and it’s power. Each of us is a Thought in the Mind of Creation. We are Creation having an experience. Other parts of us exist knowing non-separation. / Coming into this time frame to experience this cycle of history. Experiencing our lives in exploration of our powers of manifestation. Being aware of how we create and how our thoughts and beliefs keep us from the recognition of who we are. Aligning the flow by coming into the thanks and gratitude. The dichotomy of ‘Be still and move forward!’
What P’taah meant when he said that the possibility of an ‘instant transformation’ has passed. Collective choices as they affect the manner in which the Shift can occur. Now it will be a more gentle, flowing and gradual change. We do not need to suffer to come into an expanded awareness. The whole Shift is about love and non-separation. / Sex in the 5th dimension. An analogy comparing the dimensions to a complex musical score and its conductor. / How we create from our strongest belief and our reaction to that belief. The Universe listens to our whole self, not just the random thoughts. It listens to the music of is and it is we who do the creating. The power is ours. Embracing the fear and identifying that which keeps us from what we consciously want. The collective idea about money, and what we believe about ourself and our world. Sometimes what we think we want isn’t what we really want at all, and most of the time, we don’t think we deserve it anyway.
We tap into mass consciousness, but we will respond. We are stronger than mass consciousness. Learning how to be kind to ourselves, how to have compassion, and giving nurturing help where we can. Politics/activism/ecology within our own neighborhood. Pouring our love and gratitude into the earth. Hating war and the powerbrokers does not create peace - that comes from loving peace, prosperity, and justice. 

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October 2011-Moving beyond feeling powerless, Nelly
Embracing our biggest fears, such as the tax man. Looking behind the fear to see how we co-create situations to bring these fears into our awareness. Accepting that fear is not our enemy but a valid part of what we are. How to embrace and 'evaporate' fear. Discussion of going deeper than the story because it’s not about the outside story at all. How to change our perception and change the emotional scenario around the story to produce a different result. 
Feeling our weight is out of control relates to fear of powerlessness. The judgments and society’s collective beliefs about weight. The part that social consciousness plays in how we regard ourselves. Looking at how our focus creates situations in our lives. Recognizing which is stronger - the focus on what we desire or our fear of not being enough?
Judgment vs. discernment. Not being attached to the story, but looking at preferences. Changing our beliefs around our stories, and learning to pay attention. Boredom and how often we become ‘bored’ because we’re not paying attention. Learning to become totally involved. How not attaching judgments can make it easier to complete difficult tasks. 
We do not catch diseases in the way we might catch a stray dog. We have certain beliefs about ourselves and our world, but instead of listening to the body, we don’t deal with what’s occurring physically and emotionally. The body may then attract a virus, which makes us rest. If we simply paid attention, the virus wouldn’t be attracted to us.  Dealing with the 'fear of failure' and realizing that every outcome is a gift. Knowing when we’ve done 'enough'. Being in an alpha state and programming the brain (computer) to remember.  Acknowledging, allowing and embracing to create change. 

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September 2011-Imagination, Age of Expansion & other queries, Patricia


Imagination’s role and how we might make more use of it in our lives.  If you can imagine something, it is, although it may not yet be in your physical reality. You create your reality by thought combined emotion. Have fun with the imagination, yet be aware and pay attention to what it is that you are desiring within the realm of imagination. See how you create what you have imagined in your physical reality.

What makes this timing able to hold the expansion? What is happening that allows this expansion to occur? Thought has created these infinite possibilities for expansion. You are coming to the end of one epoch, and opening the door into another.



Using our archetypal stories to acknowledge the divine. How the limitations of some ideas may disallow expansion. The idea of ‘saving people’ comes from priests/priestesses whose knowledge may not be available to others. With our new awareness, we know that each of us is a sovereign being and that we each have, at soul level, knowledge, power and expanded consciousness. 


Since everyone is sovereign, not judging another’s journey. The ‘do it my way or die’ viewpoint and the greater truth of love. You teach best by ‘being’. Ways to catch oneself when using words that are judgmental. Paying attention to what you are thinking and what you are feeling. Looking at the fear underneath your experiences and what it means. Playing with new words, new ways of thinking, and new ways of expression.



How the planetary consciousness impacts those who behold it. Each planet has its own attributes and way of being which co-creates a reality. An example is how the sun interacts with this planet, earth, and how the sun creates the possibilities for the growth and manifestation of continuance upon our planet. Influence of the moon. All planets within a system have a job to do and cannot really be separated. They impact each other in this universal dance. Comparing the microcosm of the human body to a solar system.



Our worship of the intellect as the answer to every problem in this ‘Age of Reason’ and science. Looking at our world and seeing the result of mind without heart. The realization that expanding love is our fulfillment and our purpose. The extraordinary combined power of the mind and the driving force of emotion. ‘Light-beingness’ and Love as the embodiment of Sourceness.

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August 2011-Gateway into a New Paradigm
TRACK 1-Repercussions of 9/11:
Discussion of various reactions to the 9/11 anniversary. How the powerbrokers carefully orchestrate fear to control, manipulate, and remind people of how unsafe they are.  Yet this doesn’t have to be disruptive to us. Seeing the change of vibrational frequency as a gateway into a new paradigm. How each of us is responsible for our own well-being and keeping in balance.
TRACK 2-Bringing the body into balance:
Discussion of dis-ease such as the E. coli bacterium and high blood pressure. Response to the question of how to determine your extra-terrestrial blood line. (What you are drawn to is what you are aligned to.) The support of the Universe in your spiritual growth. Love, gratitude and being clear about what you desire. Beware the trap of believing that you are struggling towards some kind of finished perfection, because there is no such thing. How dealing with what is imbalanced within us will bring us back into the love vibration.
TRACK 3-Wheel of reincarnation
All the lifetimes are occurring simultaneously - many human, but many more not human. Getting off the wheel of reincarnation? Why would you want to when you come here to be fully in the human experience. The ‘contracts’  and ‘contacts’  that we have agreed upon and decided upon before coming into this life, and how the story of our life is actually much looser than we may imagine. Discussion of how we can heal the inner child who is wounded.
TRACK 4-Vibrational change
Many envision 5th Density as going through a concrete wall into a ‘new dimension’.  5th Density is really only a shift in perception.  It’s a tweak of consciousness, therefore how could this concept of 5th Density, which is in itself a vibration of love and non-separation, separate you from the family you love?
Your judgment about ‘how things are’ is in many ways dependent on what you believe about reality. 
There is no judgment about the violence that you do to each other, insofar as you are eternal beings. However once you discover you do not need the violence, pain and grief, you will have turned the corner that puts you in a different place.  Looking at the year 2012/2013 as a doorway into an expanded awareness.  Brief discussion of extending one’s lifetime to 900-1000 years.

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June 2011-Harmonious Earth Changes

T1  Harmony in Earth Changes: The Shift doesn't have to be physically calamitous. Earth is shifting and changing in order to accommodate the new frequency. Dealing with mental and emotional issues which keep us in separation, and recognizing what it might feel like to not be separate. Understanding the expanded version of reality and how this contributes to expansion in consciousness. How we impact matter or our physical reality (such as water, health, and other people/creatures/plants). Recognizing discordance so we can transform it and assist others and the earth into harmony. Moving out of our learned limitations and encouraging huge flights of imagination. Creating waves of harmonious energy by bringing our heart-singing Self into all our activities. Noticing how people are desiring their own empowerment and also free dominion from overt discordancy, hatred and violence.  Everyone wants to live in freedom, peace and harmony, without the fear of destruction.

T2  Cosmic Shift:  Earth is much more than an idea of one planet. Many earths exist simultaneously on different frequencies. In the coming times, no one shall be lost or left behind and no one will feel a sense of loss or separation. The beginning of the new epoch creates the possibility of extraordinary expansion of consciousness. Allowing the possibility that even a tree, a rock, a chair, or the engine of a car has consciousness. The Higher Being of you, the God/Goddess of you, existing in perfection.  


T3  Discerning What's Right:  Your integrity of knowing is beyond the intellect. When something doesn't feel right, it isn't so stop! Discussion of DNA as a deep patterning, and whether it can be affected by outside forces. There are beings who may try to influence others, yet as sovereign beings, we choose whether we are influenced or not. Dealing with the feelings of being powerless. There are no victims.


T4  Love, Our Natural Expression:  Love as the force of creation and the truth of who you really are. In truth, there is nothing else but love.

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April 2011-Divorce / Cosmic Game Plans, Gwen & Chris-

Divorce, Cosmic Games Plans, Soul Mates & More

Much of this discussion centered on moving through the pain of having a 40 year marriage end in divorce. P'taah points out that always, always, no matter how dire the circumstances, there are no victims and there is always a gift in what is occurring. He talked more about several popular concepts like soul mates and twin souls and how our decisions can create alternate realities.  

T1-Surviving Divorce

T2-Happiness, Soul Mates, Twin Souls


T3-P'taah's Soul Group / Alternate selves


T4-Words, Thoughts, and Feelings

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March 2011 - Joanna & Mickey-Moving into a New Epoch

Moving into a New Epoch

In this Conversation, Joanna and I talked with P'taah about how we are moving out of the old paradigms and how what we term disasters are a part of this shift. The opportunity is for us to see things like the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan with compassionate detachment -- doing what we can to assist those who are suffering without buying into the fear story.


T2-Compassionate Detachment


T3-Take Home Message


T4-Fear of Our Own Mortality

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February 2011-Peter, Joachim, & Kent

T1-Peter: Contacting our future and past selves as well as other aspects of ourself; exploring new healthcare technologies; practicing discernment about other teachings.

T2-Joachim: Methodologies for dealing with fear; water and how to enhance our increasingly poluted drinking water; pyramids and their power; the meaning of a trance experience.


T3-Kent: Broken-heartedness and the pain caused by the misperception of being separate from All That Is.

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January 2011 - Lil, Pattie & Reese

T1-Heart knowledge. How we can suddenly hear something that P'taah has said many, many times and understand it as if for the first time. Knowing in the depth of your being that all of your life is evolving for your benefit.

T2-Following our hearts, and allowing others to follow theirs. How do we know when we are co-creating with another person if we are fulfilling what we agreed to do before coming here? This is especially difficult when interacting with our adult children. It is hard not to interfere when it seems that nothing good is happening. How do we allow them their own adventures and still support them? Can we create peace and harmony by being thankful and saying 'thank you'? The power, and relief, of 'backing off' and allowing others their sovereignty.


T3-Unified Field of Consciousness.  When we feel our loved ones who have passed on contacting us, does that come from the Unified Field of Consciousness? Do they feel what we are feeling, for example our pain? Can they influence our lives, or we theirs, by sending love? 


T4-Mothers, Pre-birth Agreements, Board of Directors.  If mother has died, can we still heal our relationship with her? How do pre-birth agreements affect our life now? Is it possible that the very wise people we've known who have passed on are now part of the 'Board of Directors' that P'taah talks about?


T5-Unconditional love - what it is and is not

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December 2010-Robbie & Chris

T1 - Suicide - are there moral consequences to choosing it? P'taah replies that while there is no judgment about suicide, he points out the many reasons why it's actually very selfish. He also talks about why we came here and why suicide is not the best choice.

T2 - Can we find love again? Since love is the truth of who we are, P'taah reminds us that it is not small. There is no limit to the amount of love we can have in our lives. The heart has no edges. 


T3 - Are all spiritual teachers on the Cosmic Board of Directors? It's important that we use our discretion to determine the truth of 'teachers' and their messages. P'taah gives some pointers on what to look for in any spiritual teaching.


T4 - How do we get out of our own way and allow our Godself to dance? As part of his answer, P'taah says that the heart knows...the human heart really does know if we will just take the time to listen.


T5 - What is the best way to connect with 'Holy Spirit'?  P'taah reminds us that Holy Spirit is just another name for our Higher Self and that we are never really separate.

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November 2010-Burning Questions with Nelly

T1-Working with other people's higher selves to resolve issues or conflicts / Creating our realities

T2-Death as teacher / Do we really just dream this life?

T3-Is it all okay?

T4-Our fascination with interdimensional entities

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October 2010-Business Survival, John

T1 - Business survival in hard times

T2 - Identifying & changing core beliefs


T3 - How to embrace our fears and open ourselves to the flow

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September 2010-Chris

T1-Anger and our fear of powerlessness

T2-Is this life only a dream and what would that mean? / Intensity of being in the body


T3-Do human emotions survive the death experience? / If we want to know where our 'blinders' are, look at life as the mirror of our beliefs


T4-Forms that energy surges can take and how we can work with them / A cosmic pep talk


T5-Using discernment in evaluating new teachings / Is ego there so we can experience polarity?

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August 2010-Ann & April

T1-Living with memory loss and/or dementia

T2-Caregiving a loved one who has dementia


T3-Raising teenagers


T4-Translating intellectual knowledge of P'taah principles into knowing at the emotional level


T5-Tips on how to take off our head (get out of our intellect) and feel our feelings

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July 2010-Burning Questions, Nelly

T1-Resonating with Your Spiritual Teacher


T2-Reconciling P'taah's Teachings with a Muslim or other heritage


T3-Power of Pyramids /  Building with Sound

T4-"Take me away. I hate being here on this planet." P'taah explains why our being here at this time is so important both to us and to our planet 

T5-When we move to 5th density, will we no longer experience ego? / 'Fragmented' consciousness & Shamanic healing  / Time traveling to visit a loved one who has passed away


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June 2010 - Christine Calder & Susan Mackintosh CD

T1 - Cyber Communications / Information Overload / Keeping a Balance

T2 - The Millions of Earths / Infinite Dimensions / Population, Earth’s Resources, & Human Responsibility


T3 - Purpose of the Nazca Lines in Peru / Autistic Children / The Gift in Disasters


T4 - Physical Pain, Illness & Honoring the Body / Emotions / How Do Organ Transplants Affect the Recipient?


T5 - String Theory / People and Their Stories / Creating Your Heaven on Earth

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May 2010 - Burning Questions 10 with Chris Fine CD

T1-Encouraging Imagination


T2-Do We Remember This Life after Death? / How Soon Do We Reincarnate? / Subconscious Mind Clearing Techniques / Asking the Body for Feedback


T3-Transmuting the Power Brokers' Influence


T4-TimeTravel / Can a Soul Be Damaged? / Intuition


T5-Learning To Go Within / Were We Once in 5th Density and Demoted? / Where Are the Bees?

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April 2010-Burning Questions 9 with Nelly

T1-Fertility and Infertility

T2-Fascination with forbidden foods / Abortion / Tough issues of living with a partner


T3-Knowing that we are abundant / How does one create with their word


T4-Bringing about our desires

T5-Keep it simple, beloved

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March 2010 - Burning Questions 8 with Nelly Cartier CD

 T1-Transformation as a covert operation on the masculine gameboard / Women role models / New Age bandwagons

T2-Incarnation-Reincarnation / Our biological origins / Source Point 

T3-Much ado about Star Peoples / No peace on planet until we realize we are not separate from anything or anyone / Pleiadians here to compensate for actions in the past?

T4-Helping someone move on / Moving forward on the path to expansion

T5-Is P'taah's message too simple??

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February 2010-Robbie & Chris

T1-The eternalness of love / the illusion of death

T2-How we experience the moment of death

T3-Nature of soul mates

T4-Comforting others / The message of back pain

T5-Being a Human Being, not a Human Doing

T6-Allowing life to unfold with grace and joy

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January 2010-Lil & Pattie

T1-Bringing the stuff we don't want to look at into the light of embracement / The relationship between a lack of money now and being birthed into a condition of lack / Insomnia & sleep / Regrets and what if the situations we embrace don't change?

T2-Why have we been drawn to P'taah's teachings after a lifetime in traditional religion? / How joy protects the body from toxins & pesticides / Explaining our new beliefs to loved ones / Serving by being an example, not preaching / How there is no need to dig for things to embrace - whatever we need to deal with will show up in our lives 


T3-Aligning our life path with our soul's purpose / Healing my life so I can heal others

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December 2009-Andrew

T1-Teaching Our Children How They Create Their Reality

T2-Conscious & Unconscious Creation

T3-Abandonment & Grief-Our Universal Feelings of Unworthiness


T4-Dimensions of Reality-Lost Objects, Inner Exploration of Other Realities, the Multiversal Tapestry

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November 2009- Nelly

T1-Fear of Dire Circumstances

T2-Remaining in the State of Allowance

T3-Where Do Fears Come From?

T4-Using the Breath for Transformation

T5-'I Am Not Enough' - Dealing with the Sense of Inadequacy

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October 2009-Alan & Julie


T2-2012 & Fourth Density

T3-Relaxing into Enlightenment

Please note that there is an annoying hum on the CD but those interested in these topics will find it worth listening to. We have discounted the price to reflect the technical problems.

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September 2009-Nelly

T1-Facing Catastrophic Financial Change

T2-Our Expectations & Finding the Gift in Change

T3-Fear of 2012 / Choosing How To Experience It

T4-Flower Essences / Working with Plant Devas / Listening with an Unafraid Heart

T5-Planes of Consciousness

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August 2009-Marianna, Des, Chris & Nelly

T1 - Marianna: Spiritual Sexuality and Monogamy in Relationships

T2 - Des: Overcoming Physical Pain like Arthritis / Getting Our Heart's Desire

T3 - Chris: Embracing Our Fear of Death / The Grandness of Our Reflection Back to P'taah

T4 - Nelly: Accessing Our Blueprint for Our Perfect Physical Body Using a 'Crystal Elixir' / Power of Crystals / Workshop Tools

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July 2009-Burning Questions 7

T1-What Paranormal Experiences Mean

T2-Fulfilling Our Life Path

T3-Cheeky Question

T4-Death & Grief, Despair & Fear of Where World Is Heading

T5-Do Fairies & Angels Exist / Shielding Ourselves / Planet X

T6-Insomnia / Health Issues / Who Are We Thanking? / Answers Within

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June 2009 - Mini-session for Frank & Alan CD

T1-Law of Attraction

T2-Aspects of Self

T3-Making Peace with the Past

T4-Tantra Yoga & Sexual Energy

T5-Transmuting Toxins

T6-Care of Self / Selfishness

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May 2009 - Chris Fine & Adam Mervyn-Jones CD

T1-Chris - Is Thought Consciousness? / Fear as a Misperception of Reality

T2-Adam - What is the Message of the Latest Flu?

T3-Adam - Earth Letting Off Steam / Solar Power

T4-Adam - Reverse Birthdays /Aging of the Body And Death

T5-Chris - Body vs Spirit / Whale and Dolphin Beachings

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April 2009-Nelly

T1-Healing Ourselves

T2-Stepping Beyond Fear Into Wellness

T3-Am I Powerful Enough to Make it Happen?

T4-Assisting Others to Reconnect & Heal

T5-Precognition & Our Awesome Powers

T6-Vibration of Sound / Cradling

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March 2009 - Lisa Wahl CD

T1-Pure Thought / Masculine-Feminine Energy / Hyperspace

T2-Heart Energy / Embracing Fear

T3-Star Craft

T4-Harmonics of Poetry & Music

T5-Deja Vu

Orig.: From $6.95
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February 2009-Mini-Session Demo, Philipp, Nelly, Carlos, Chris

T1- Philipp: Deeper Meaning of Stolen Bicycle / Decisions & Dancing on the Moving Rug /

Fear of Catastrophic Loss / Communicating with Other 'Parts' of Self

T2- Nelly: How Do I Either Accept My Weight or Change It? / Meaning of 'P'taah' / Jani's Role &
Soul Families / Value of Having a Good Time

T3- Carlos: Expanding the P'taah Message / Passion & Being in the Unified Field of Consciousness

T4- Chris: Can We Use the Media to Stay Informed without Falling into Fear? / How Do We Create
Things into Existence?

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January 2009-Bruce

T1-Being Who You Are Now / Perception

T2-Inner Critic


T4-Crop Circles / Healing Energies

T5-Healing Circle / 2012 Calendars

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