P'taah tells us that he is a band of energy that exists in every where and every when. He says that we have called him forth from the yearning within our hearts to know the more of who we are. He comes to assist us in our journey home and says that he has always been with us. His message is one of love and of creating more of what we want by giving thanks for what we have. While we can mentally communicate with P'taah at any time, he talks with us physically through Jani King.

Jani and P'taah have been writing books, recording sessions, and doing seminars, workshops and personal sessions throughout the world since 1989. Jani resides in Queensland, Australia.

Our meditations are the Meditation for Abundance and the Meditation for Relaxation & Well-being, the newly re-edited Meditation for Wellness, as well as the Exploring beyond the Crystalline DoorJourney of Connectedness and Meeting with Your Soul. These sessions will calm you, heal you, energize you and leave you centered and ready for the next great adventure.

Another powerful tool is the Morning Song. To jump-start your life, begin your day by singing this simple song of thanks in the bath or shower. You'll find the Song in twelve languages--English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Sanskrit, Spanish & Turkish, plus laminated versions that are waterproof and perfect for your bath or shower.

You can subscribe to Conversations with P'taah, our monthly international conference call with P'taah, in several formats. We offer it on CD, as an MP3 download, or as a written PDF, or as a combination MP3/PDF subscription. You can also purchase individual sessions and those are listed by year. We welcome your Burning Questions for P'taah as well. If we use yours during one of the Conversations, we will send you a free MP3 file of that session with P'taah's answer.

We offer special prices on the P'taah books. We also carry CDs and MP3s of past P'taah workshops.

You can also purchase the P'taah DVD, Outrageous Dreams...Outrageous Reality, through Amazon.com.

The Weekly Quote is posted every Sunday and people tell us that it can be amazingly accurate when it comes to giving clarity to current issues in their lives. And do register for the free email newsletter. Past newsletters are in the archive. We also have a Message Board which is a great way to share your thoughts. 

If you want to talk with P'taah yourself, you can arrange a Personal Session by telephone. Once it's scheduled, you call Jani at the appointed time and then you can ask P'taah anything you want. It's easiest to call via Skype. Not only are calls relatively inexpensive but there are programs available so they can easily be recorded.

Enjoy your visit here.

Our photos were taken in California along Route 1 in Big Sur, in Point Lobos State Reserve and inside the Monterey Aquarium. It's a privilege to share them with you.

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