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Personal Session with P'taah
P'taah speaks through Australian Jani King. Jani does personal sessions by telephone on weekday mornings at 8:00 am her time in Queensland, Australia, which is the same time as Brisbane. (You can convert that to your local time at or for the vision impaired,  Availability is dependent on Jani's travel/work schedule.
A personal session is a great gift to give yourself. Imagine being immersed in the space of unconditional love that is the beautiful energy of P'taah.
Sessions are based on your questions for P'taah and can last up to an hour. During that time you can ask P'taah anything you want and you are welcome to record your session. When you have finished asking questions, P'taah will say good-bye and hang up the phone.
Since you are calling Jani's telephone, we suggest that you call using Skype. It's the least expensive international calling option and there are several programs available to record the Skype call. This makes it easy to have a lasting record of your session with P'taah.
To book a personal session, use the Contact us form or leave us a message at 1-760-364-5465. Be sure to speak clearly and include your phone number and location. You can also leave us a message for free on Skype. Our Skype name is lightsourceptaah.
You can pay for your session by credit card online by adding it to your shopping cart. We process all credit cards by hand so nothing will be charged to your card until you actually have set up the time and date for your session.
If you live in California, please note that Personal Sessions are not taxable. That charge will be deleted before your credit card is charged.



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