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Guide for the Journey Home booklet

This great little reference booklet contains 13 short, easy-to-read chapters in a concise, easy-to-read printed format:

All Is One / The Lie / Creating Your Reality / The Now / Fear / Transformation (including the 4 Fears, the 4 Keys for transforming fear to love and the 4 Steps to Transformation, also  known as the Baby Me tool) / Judgment / Abundance / Relationships / Physicality / Sexuality / Death


Guide for the Journey Home e-book

Available as an e-book on Kindle from Amazon.com at this link:


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Sale: $4.99

The Gift


P'taah's message is presented in a series of powerful expressions which apply to every aspect of our lives. This is the kind of book that you pick up and open to a page that answers the very question you've been pondering. It's magical!



Act of Faith

Conversations with P'taah, Part 1

In Act of Faith, P'taah opens your heart to outrageous new possibilities with his love, wisdom and humor. This wide-ranging book covers where we came from, the earth changes we are now experiencing, relationships and sexuality, our belief structures, and much more. P'taah explains how we create our reality absolutely and how we can apply his little recipes to create the 'ultimate alchemy of the soul' -- transmuting our pain and fear into ecstasy. Includes an interview with Jani describing how she met P'taah.


Transformation of the Species

Conversations with P'taah, Part 2

Transformation of the Species continues the conversation with P'taah of what it means to truly be human and the awesome power that we have forgotten we possess. He takes our hearts step-by-step to a new vision of reality, a new vision of ourselves. As we embrace every part of ourselves, we transform our lives and create miracles. P'taah reminds us that we are worth loving. We are worthy of all wondrousness. Whether we cower in fear or dance in the light is our choice in every moment.



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