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November 2017, Life of Ric, Nelly


Gone on to his new grand adventure and grand home-coming. The body returns to earth, the soul essence to Its knowingness of non-separation. Our dearest are still available to us in the heart if we will be still and listen. Some of us may have a deeper connection after a person has passed…there are no longer barriers to absolute connectedness.



There is no real benefit from chemotherapy. Any medicine's power lies solely in our belief that it works. The contemplation of death may lead individuals to a deeper understanding of themselves and whatever issues created their dis-easement in the first place. When they can heal that mental/emotional dis-easement, the body then can heal itself. Also, we need to remember that this, our perceived human lifetime, is only one portion of a much greater reality. It is very difficult to know with third dimensional consciousness the agendas of the greater consciousness. We cannot know the deeper whys, such as why someone would choose to leave a wonderful life.



Great fear, combined with a certain belief structure, can often create that which is feared most. The lead-up to one's passing does not need to be painful or involve loss of physical or mental control functions. / What is a person's consciousness doing when they are in a coma? / Alien visitation seen by another patient while Ric was in hospital. / Examining one person's loss of feeling in the body's extremities. The inside & outside story. Being in joyous movement.



Is there love in one's relationship, or is there not love? Is there fulfillment? Can one transform it? Can it be the more? Really, there can always be more love - it is a matter of whether or not we desire that relationship. And each of us has a knowing about this. / Politics and an individual's feeling of discontent. To look at how we are being in our own day-to-day, moment-by-moment life. Politics may be beyond our personal control, but we have a choice as to how we will be, whatever the situation. We have the power to find happiness & fulfillment wherever we are - and if we wish to change our lives, we also have the power to do that. / Transgender peoples do not have to hide their confusion now - so it is more apparent than before. And as a species, we are moving towards a transformation of beingness, where our rigid ideas of gender and sexuality are expanding. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us.



To say one soul is young or old shows the limitations of who we think we are. As far as our soul essence is concerned, ... the soul is a soul, experiencing itself in infinite dimensional realities! /  The crystalline structure of the inner ear can pick up on the electromagnetic energy around us which, particularly if we are relaxed. We can feel the vibration of within our body. There is a resonance of electrical currents, the Earth's own vibrational frequency, people's electromagnetic frequency, the resonance of forests and great vegetation. Sometimes, because of the crystalline structure of the inner ear, people can pick up on these transmissions. It is not harmful. / Using a drum to harmonize one with earth frequencies. / When will this time of unrest calm down? While tomorrow would be nice, we, humankind, create our reality. It is up to us. The more of us who walk our talk, the quicker the transformation will come. Transformation, in a global sense, will only reflect the transformation of each one of us.

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October 2017, Do Not Give Up!

October 2017 - Do Not Give Up!

Burning Questions



We are not alone, even if we’re feeling disconnected. We are here to learn to become connected with the greater part of who we are, the part who knows all of our eons of consciousness adventures. Falling in love with not only who we are, but how we interact and merge with everything around us. Easeful Beingness. Thank yous and gratitude are most important. They change our magnetic frequency. Conscious breathing: knowing that the very molecular structure of the air is Sourceness. With each in-breath we fill ourselves with light and connect with Source. With each out-breath we release our own essence into the world, to mingle and merge with everything upon our plane of reality and beyond. Using our interior private 'room' to forge a feeling of connectedness with our greater being. Paying attention to our feelings without judgment. There are no victims. Misinformation and old belief structures which have not served humankind for thousands of years have been passed down to us. We can all congratulate ourselves for the steps we have taken in expansion, in discovering our own truth. 



Lightheartedness. Not having to preserve an idea of what other people think about us. Spontaneity and the joy of life. Go for it! /

We would have no world without the wild and untamed parts of our planet, the wild forests and creatures. All are totally and utterly connected, even with the pollution and cities. In feeling connectedness, we supersede all of the negatives, the separation but it would behoove us well, as a species, to preserve what we can of our planet. / Eating: the more we are aware of our bodies, paying attention to and aligned with ourselves, the more we are aligned with the food we put in our mouths. Our bodies require a lot less, and probably a lot different than what we think. Moderation is to our advantage. Being sensible & seasonal. Joy and harmony bring well-being. Intelligent mind/body balance. / The wondrous balancing act required to both accept what is and to put forth one's deepest desires. Doing it without need.



The balance of masculine and feminine energies. Not getting caught up in other peoples judgment of how things should be. Sexuality is part of being human. There is nothing to 'overcome,’ That is nonsense. And there is no such thing as 'normal' really - none of us know what goes on inside another person. Marriage & personal growth. Acknowledging change in relationships, and ensuring children's emotional well being. / Pornography is likened unto drug use. It is not healthy. / The individual's awareness of dying. / Use of terrorism by governments to create fear and to gain more control over the population. / There are many kinds of freedom, but putting one's self in a quiet space may certainly help one to feel harmony & connectedness. / 



Magical three - just do it! / How we may assist changes on our earthly plane - by being happy! / Inner earth beings of a different dimensional frequency to us, working to create bridges of harmony throughout our earth. / Are governments as bad as they seem? / What is addiction? / Singing the morning song to lift one's spirits. / Emotional pain, anguish - coming from the idea of separation from source, separation from one's own god-self. And the fear of simply not being enough. Embracing with love that part of ourselves, the wounded child within who has forgotten the truth - that we are Perfect, Eternal Expressions of Source. 

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September 2017, Tools for When the Wheels Fall Off, Diganta

TRACK 1 - Abundance & Intention

Effortless manifestation and the magnetic frequency of thinking. Abundance and the idea construct of money. Getting clear about what we really believe and know. How old beliefs become 'knowing' for us, because we have heard them since we were children. Creating more and more abundance in all sorts of wondrous ways. Changing the fear of lack. How we can open up to the limitless possibilities and synchronicities - with or without money. Putting forth intention. Know what you want - be it - and be in the allowance.
TRACK 2 -  Gods & Goddesses Do Not Need Anything
Need is fear-based, the fear of lack. The more we are in the abundance, the more we are without need. The place of being without need is a very light and creative frequency. Projecting one's ideas and desires from a place of gratitude in the Now. Stating our desires - with no buts! Our lives are proof of our beliefs. Writing down our beliefs as an aid to clarity. Tools for when the wheels fall off. The understanding in our physics that consciousness controls matter. Applying what we have learned and becoming outrageously creative creators.


TRACK 3 -  Fear & Sadness
Feelings of fear and sadness from not following one's heart. Also from the collective consciousness - of this game, the human story. When we are able to step away from the story & understand that everything is always perfect, there is no sadness. The great fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field recently. Feeling loss of energy? Being weighed down by duty and 'should' is tiring. Joy and fun give energy. Doing what makes your heart sing, never mind enlightenment! We call forth P'taah for this reason, to enrich our lives. Bringing ourselves back to our connectedness. Be still. Listen to the silence.


TRACK 4 - Children / Curiosity
The cutting of the umbilical cord./ Vaccination - makes no sense if one understands we do not "catch" illnesses, rather we manifest them to show ourselves something. If one believes in vaccination, it will work - to the extent that manifestations of unresolved issues will take other forms. But be sensible - do not overload a baby or child with vaccinations all at once: allow the body to assimilate the chemicals over a period of time./ Baptism - creating one's own ceremony of welcome for one's child./ "Flower of life" geometry - encapsulating the idea of dimensional realities and universal magnetic frequencies. Other geometrical shapes represent the same thing./ Everything has sound & color./ The city of Assisi. Vibration of place. Mindfully and joyfully imbuing our own living spaces with a beautiful frequency.

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August 2017, Keeping It Light, Nelly


Feeling a gulf opening between ones' self & loved ones who are not of the same thinking - Focus on the love; Keep it light-hearted; Your way of being is what shows others who & where you are./

Reflections in nature. Talking to the Squirrel Oversoul about sharing fruit./

Solar eclipse, & the promotion of social hysteria.



Seeing crafts or reflected lights? You can tell by the movement. / Resonating to the frequency of the Pleiades. / Visitation of star-beings in our near future - it will be different from other visits in living memory. It will be for our mutual benefit. Humanoid races, & a confederation of sorts.



The Star-beings who will visit us. What we strive for on our path of expansion, is where some of those civilizations are already. Growing into love & compassion by example. / Our history of visits from many different kinds of star-peoples, some of whom just left; some who got more involved. Mixed DNA. Misconceptions about the Annunaki. / Dancing under the moon: moon is to Earth, as intuition is to consciousness./ Using light/color & sound to enhance healing & focus intent. Color has resonance./ The end of the Earth is NOT imminent.

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July 2017, Races Not of This World, Jeannette & Roger


Much climate change is in the natural order of things - although the activities of humankind have certainly hurried things along. In time to come, there will be other ways and situations where off-worlders may assist. / The idea of chemtrails is not important at all. / Where we go and what we do while we sleep. The astral plane is very close to this waking dimensional reality, and we often play there while sleeping. But we also go far beyond this dimensional reality... Exploring our awareness of astral travel. Our 3D consciousness may see memories or stories in our dreams as quite outrageous happenings, as it tries to make sense of what does not fit in this box of reality. /Simultaneous incarnations.



The current culture of humanity is just now beginning to get used to the idea of star-peoples as fact - this is a very important step. There will be quite an upheaval, globally, when the star-peoples 'arrive' in a way that nobody can deny. It will have an impact upon our ideas of who we are, our governments, wars, dictators who feel they have the freedom to keep people enslaved... Many of us are having interactions with star-peoples without consciously knowing it - this knowing shall be ignited when the time is right. This is a Heart Adventure - to have interaction with peoples beyond this plane fulfills an emptiness known to humankind since the star-peoples left us. / Humans in space right now? / Who was responsible for cattle mutilations? / Exploring the idea of hypnoregression not only to satisfy curiosity, but as a way to enrich the knowing of who we are.



Was the god of Moses one of the Sumerian gods? The Sumerian gods were star-people. Different names for them. We are all star-seeded, regardless of race or genetic markers. / Homosexuality: the truth is we are all bi-sexual, in our raw state, so to speak, and it is neither here nor there. This fascination or judgment about sexuality is quite extraordinary. /Connecting with Nature. Physicality is of the Goddess. The Goddess is here for us, however we may find her. We are part of the Goddess who is here to nurture and support us, if we can allow it. / Restructuring of our economic systems - will it be disruption, or a huge relief,  as we create it to be... / What would P'taah like us to know? Beyond all our exciting stories of star-peoples or anything else, there is only love and it is for us to find our way into that place, that frequency, of love and to love, honor and respect ourselves and all around us, human or non-human.

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June 2017, Playing Mind Games, Anne


Feeling resentment, but wishing to feel otherwise...As wondrous as it is to be in the bigness - the littleness is valid. Not to resent the resentment. We are Humans Growing. Kindness for ourselves. The grace is in looking at the littleness, & loving it for what it is./

Having an uncontrollable stream of thought & analysis: not trying to stop it, rather changing its direction. Getting out of our heads, & into our hearts./ Irrational fears. To breathe & just BE. 



Stop trying to see around corners. Go with the feeling, rather than the story. A situation which seems negative - if given the benefit of hindsight - often becomes something beneficial, something new. If we cannot make sense of a situation, just to be in the Now of it, knowing that it will unfold to our greatest benefit. 



Feeling the presence of a loved one after they have 'passed.' / Accessing one's own 'bigness' and understanding how that links with everyone else's 'bigness.' How the strands of energy and consciousness weave themselves, from the Void of Creation, through universes and light beings, to individuals.



The transformation of our frequency is about energy and consciousness. Being able to absorb and understand new ideas. Humanity is undergoing tangible changes, but the change will not be understood except in retrospect. / The frequency of our endeavors shapes their results. 

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May 2017, Dealing with Today, Patricia
Grace, as a way of being, is about allowance. The idea of 'the grace of God'. Maintaining one's own integrity while allowing a certain fluidity and integrity of other people's beingness. Poor inter-race relations and caste systems as products of both the idea of superiority and the fear of being overcome, overtaken, annihilated. Defining others as a way of separating us from them and implying superiority.
More and more, people are looking beyond the limited terms of race, religion and culture, and seeing only human. As the strife, separation and barriers become more defined, so humanity will find that the only way through all of this is to become citizens of our world. Each of us has been every race, colour, strata of society. Being confronted by races not of this world... /
A detailed description of how we do, and how we can, respond to something occurring on the other side of the world, when we are hearing about it but not physically involved in it. Guarding against re-actions of fear. Standing with compassion, and standing in our integrity.
Discussion of changes in the calendar and modes of time-keeping; changes in frequency; seasonal time and natural cycles, lunar and solar calendars; being ruled by hours and minutes. / The amazing history of our ancient planet, lost to our current memory - yet nothing is lost. / Humanity's expansion of consciousness - stretching - and what that expansion leads to.

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April 2017, Our Self-fulfilling Prophecies, Jeannette
Transposing the word 'fear' for 'ego" gives us a better idea of what it is really about. Regarding something as a 'problem' to be overcome is not conducive to expansion. And unless you imagine wonderful things for yourself, how do you create them? Wanting more to fill the empty space.


We are self-fulfilling prophecies. Chanting and the power of a group. Five Tibetan rites and the matter of what we believe.


The purpose of yawns. Climate change and humanity's contribution to the imbalance. Stop raping the planet!


Guides and angels and our higher self. Connecting to your Greater Beingness. Don't put yourself in a box of limitations. Singing the Morning Song as a reminder of your absolute abundance.

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Mar 2017, Only You Can Heal the Wounded Heart, Burning Questions


Illness - cancer is the physical manifestation of some issue not being dealt with in the non-physical. Transforming it in the non-physical indeed may allow it to transform in the physicality. If the gift is that it brings us back to the path of expansion, indeed that is wondrous. Thank the body, don’t punish it for manifesting dis-easement. / Forgiving our harsh judgements of ourselves. Getting a sense of when one is really transforming one's issues. Intellectually understanding an illness. Transforming emotional baggage with love. / Curses have no power over us unless we give them power. Bless those who lash out from a fear of powerlessness. Understanding this is all just a story./ Talking about this stuff to others is not necessary. Always the key is how we are Being, not what we are doing.



Being who we are and doing what reflects our own power and our own requirements. "This is what I desire." Others are not mind readers. Speaking out of love creates the space for another to be in that frequency and allows them to also flower./ Competition is a construct of our society - some societies are not at all competitive. The innate urge to be the best we can be, to grow to our full potential in any part of life, is not innately competitive. Belief in winners and losers builds great fear of not being enough.



The soul wants what we want. It is already complete and it is not human. It puts forth the energy called 'human' which is just one facet of its essence, for the emotional experience. Whether we gain wisdom from it or not is neither here nor there - we are already where we are trying to get to.  We have created ourselves in this era of extraordinary change for the entire planet to have the experience. / All of us can allow ourselves to feel our own expanded awareness. The excitement of becoming aware of the consciousness of all things that surround us. As we pay attention to the flora around us and give thanks, suddenly we become more aware of our symbiosis, especially attached to all the green in our lives.



Only we can heal our our own heart. Loving who we are. Understanding that we co-create in order to know more about love; about infinite possibilities. Loving our planet as an extension of ourselves. There is nothing which is not Goddess/Godness. Every cell in our body is lit with this light of creation - else there would be no existence. Being in the joy of this life until the last breath - without fear of moving on./ Ptah as a title. Star-people as part of human history.  What we call ancient times are really quite modern. Playing a game within our Room to visit other civilizations of other times, past or future. We are only confined by our willingness to go beyond. When we enter the crystalline door, we are completely safe and can return to the present simply by the thought.

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Feb 2017, Resonating to P'taah, Steve


Those of us who are drawn to listen to P'taah may have in common a connectedness to Pleiades energy, a yearning in our day-to-day lives for the more - without embellishment. There are millions whose hearts resonate in this way, but who have never heard of P'taah. / The huge expansion of being able to share who we are, to reveal ourselves - a grand beginning for those of us who have grown up feeling we must hide our inner selves, our fears. Fear of power is not really being about the power, but rather other things, such as failure. But the feeling when we are in our power, when we have stepped forth and met our challenges with an open heart - when we can say, "I accomplished this" - is a wondrous feeling, is it not? The importance of acknowledging our power in our Thank-yous.



Accessing that part of ourselves which knows it is doing the choosing. Listening to our hearts. Our intellects can be manipulated, but we cannot be deceived by how it feels. When in fear of a negative outcome, be in the understanding that within whatever occurs there is a gift, no matter how strange or impossible that seems. Coming into the 'bigness' of ourselves. Choosing more love, joy, 'good stuff.’ If we can't allow it to show up in our personal lives, we cannot let it show up in the world at large. Thankfulness - living it is the threshold from which we create the next now. The excitement of expectancy without expectation.



Other entities going about their business. 'Contact' - the right time, and the right frequency. Don't be impatient! There is great excitement, something quite extraordinary, to come. Chromosomes - scientists discovering, in a way, that as a species we are unfolding towards our full potential. However, many still imagine that the information is stored in the physical body but the information is not stored in physicality. As our consciousness expands towards our full potential, the body will display this, making it manifest in physicality.



Our currently accepted theory of evolution is but a tiny, tiny fraction of the greater reality of the history of our planet. It is not as linear as we imagine and does not take into account the changes wrought by the many comings and goings of other civilizations. If we are interested, there is much information available of star-people technology, found in various places on our Earth. Even our ideas of our 'old' civilizations are limited - for example, Egyptians trading in Australia? The role of technology in the transformation of consciousness. Re-discovering how to use energy.



Being sensitive to one's body. Taking time to put oneself into a state of relaxation. Using 'free energy'. Each of us has the power to recharge body and mind. Being aware. Asking 'How does it feel?' Correcting what feels out of balance. / Cloning a woolly mammoth - is it appropriate? Restoring balance to our planet.

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Jan 2017, Stop Shoulding on Yourself, Nelly

TRACK 1 - Looking at history other than that written by the conquerers. / Proof of eternal being? It is logical / Visiting Egypt - being open to information, not only of humanoid history, but also the lost history of our planet. The matrix of crystalline vibration which is the desert acts like a receiver. Using the focus of a symbol like the ankh. 


TRACK 2 - When we are so horrified by the experience of people, especially children, remember that each lifetime is an in-breath and out-breath in our eternal beingness. Contributing to the transformation of consciousness - a time when we as a species will say "that is enough." Consciousness will lead to a time of peace, harmony and tranquility. How much more will we create before we create change? / Dementia - a combination of many ideas and beliefs. A relinquishing of the burden of responsibility.  Should's. Everything is an opportunity to grow, expand. Understanding one's children are sovereign - all we are required to give them is food in the belly and love in the heart.


TRACK 3 - Animal companions - soulmates? Source is not human. It can express itself as human. It can also express itself as animal. / Who am I? The idea of self-sabotage. How to live in outrageous creativity. / Why do we die so soon? In a way, it is because our view of reality is so limited, we get bored and tired and decide to go home. However, as our consciousness expands... / The meaning of accidents or rather, co-created incidents. The gift is in understanding what our body allows us to perceive, through feeling, sometimes through limitation, regardless of the story. / Advice on opening one's heart: our choice in every now about how we be - kindness, honor, respect. The irresistible quality of being the love.  See the light of Source in everything.

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