2017 P'taah Events


2017 German Dates

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Berlin - May 15

Mainz - May 18

Munich - May 23
Retreat on Lesbos - May 24-31


2017 Spanish Dates


Madrid Seminar - June 3, 2017


Personal Sessions - June 4 & 5, 2017


Join Jani and P’taah for a time of sun, sea

and adventure in Turkey


They are planning to return to Adrasan in June 2017 for a

P’taah retreat, relaxation and re-uniting with friends.


Saturday 17th – Tuesday 20th June 2017

Kybele Hotel, Adrasan, Turkey


4 morning sessions with P’taah plus trips during these days


We have had some great times out and about on our previous retreat enjoying the sites and trips in this fabulous area.


Ancient Lycian sites feature highly on the list of options, plus a fabulous boat trip, a spot of shopping, beach days and markets. The trips will be tailored to suit the group and payment will be required at the time.


In addition we will be making a special essence on an outing into the beautiful Toros Mountains. You will have the opportunity to take a bottle of this essence home with you.




P’taah Retreat:

The cost of the P’taah retreat is £225 payable to Golden Light Essences.


A £50 deposit will confirm your place on this special event with P’taah. For further information on the retreat please contact:

Ric & Pattie at info@goldenlightessences.co.uk

Tel +44 (0)1502478282 : Mob / Whatsapp +44 (0)7713 114619



Note: Kybele hotel is fully booked for this event. So, we are offering a selection of other hotels and B&Bs nearby in Adrasan, a list of which can be obtained from our local contact Ella email: ellamaypreece@yahoo.com. She will help you book your hotel.



The nearest airport to Adrasan is Antalya, Turkey, approximately 1 ó- 2 hrs drive north of Adrasan. Please book your own flights and ensure you arrive by Friday 16th June ready for the first P’taah session on Saturday morning.


Transfers to and from the airport by taxi:

Once you have booked your flights and hotel please contact Ella so that she can co-ordinate (where possible) shared transfers from the airport to your hotel. The cost will depend on the number of people travelling together in a shared taxi from the airport. The actual costs will be available nearer the time.



It is also possible to reach Adrasan by bus from Antalya if time is not an issue. Details of how to arrive at Adrasan by bus can be obtained from Ella ellamaypreece@yahoo.com. We would suggest that you stay for the week and have a couple of days to relax, recover and

absorb the magic of the retreat with friends before returning to your day to days. It will be possible to arrange further trips/outings during this time.




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